In the Andaman Sea: southern Thailand

In the Andaman Sea: southern Thailand In the Andaman Sea: southern Thailand
Thailandia, Phi phi island

The Andaman Sea, located west of the Thai coast, south of Burma, including the Indian Ocean, is rich in islets and beaches. On the Thai coast, from Phuket to the islands off Satun, there is a continuous succession of white sand tongues, a rich vegetation of palm groves and mangroves, spikes of rock that emerge from the clear and warm waters, perfect for diving, snorkeling and water sports.

An ideal destination also for those seeking relaxing rhythms of life and pleasant temperatures all year round, especially during our winter when we are often looking for sun and a little tan.

The beaches and tourist centers are present in abundance all over the coast and on all the islands of the Andaman Sea. Many have reached highly commercial dimensions, while many other locations still remain wild, especially on the islands within national marine parks.

In the Andaman Sea: southern Thailand
Koh Lipe beach resort, Thailandia


It starts from Phuket, now exploited by mass tourism for decades, full of clubs and resorts still maintains its oriental charm and the fascinating colors of the most beautiful tropical beaches, between crystalline sea, rocky coasts and luxuriant vegetation.

La Krabi area it is characterized by some of the most beautiful bays in Thailand, with its stacks overlooking the sea and limestone cliffs that hide white sand beaches caressed by the rich rainforest. For example, many know Phi Phi Island and its unmistakable profile.

La Ko Lanta region, made up of about fifty islands, is characterized by corners of sand and coconut palms close to the turquoise sea where colorful tropical fish live. From Trang in Satun is a succession of marine national parks, a set of pristine islands and islands inhabited by Thais.

Among the most beautiful marine parks it is definitely worth a visit Tarutao: isolated from the rest, it has the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, overlooking spectacular coral reefs, rain plantations, waterfalls and caves, and there are also numerous specimens of turtles. One of the most beautiful islands in the marine park is Ko Lipe, although in recent years many structures have arisen that have changed the wild spirit of the island a decade ago. However, it remains one of the most extraordinary tropical paradises, with its pure white sand, the blue of the crystalline sea, the flourishing and luxuriant coconut palms. Among the resorts on the island there is the Lipe Resort, well embedded in the nature of Ko Lipe, it can be reached by sea in a simple way.

Finally, the arrival at Bangkok  of international flights, before catapulting yourself to the southern islands, will allow you to spend a few days discovering the Buddhist culture, the rich and colorful temples, floating markets, fragrant Thai food, and why not shopping inside the colossals and modern shopping malls in the city.

When to go to the islands of the Andaman Sea?

The ideal time for a trip to the paradisiacal islands of southern Thailand it is included in the months from December to March, when the dry season, before the arrival of the monsoons that are unleashed from May and especially in October, allows you to fully enjoy its pleasant climate.
With a average air temperature of 32 ° C and that of water around 30 ° C  all year round, it is the ideal destination for your tropical holidays in the name of beaches, sea and long swims in its crystal clear waters, naturally avoiding the monsoon period of Thailand.

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