On the way to London: what to pack

    On the way to London: what to pack
    What to pack in your suitcase for London? The English capital is humid and rainy, so it is essential to bring an umbrella. Here are some precautions for luggage.

    Make the suitcase for London It is a process that requires some time and attention, since the English capital is quite unpredictable. Sudden rains and sudden cessation of precipitation are frequent, in a fairly humid climate conditioned by currents from the Atlantic. London is one of the busiest and most well-known cities in the world, so there is no shortage of stores where you can purchase any item you need if necessary. Here are the elements that simply cannot be missing when touring the Great English City.

    A good suggestion for those who want to go to London and want to know what is best to pack in their suitcase, you can start fromclothing. London is a very changing city, so it requires a varied wardrobe suitable for every eventuality. If you travel to the English capital in summer, don't forget to bring windbreakers, sweaters, fleece and thicker clothing. At the same time, a pair of comfortable shoes or boots could come in handy, both on long walks and in the rain.

    The weather in London is quite capricious and can vary from one moment to the next, understanding that rain is an almost inseparable companion of Londoners. Therefore, surely you cannot miss a suitcase for London. umbrella, preferably foldable, a k-way or a raincoat. On days when it doesn't rain it is possible to do a little jogging in one of the many parks in the city. Therefore, it is necessary to find a space in the luggage for a pair of sports shoes.

    The long wave of the phenomenon Brexit It hasn't calmed down yet and many have already hypothesized how it will affect travel. Those planning a trip to London in the short term have nothing to fear, although two conditions linked to this process are becoming increasingly important. First you have to have the passport, since the identity document will no longer be valid within two years. Secondly, remember to always carry pounds with you, as euros are not accepted. Alternatively, you can use a credit card, for which there are no problems of any kind.

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