Santa Maria di Castellabate, a marvelous Italian aldea

Some houses nestled on a dream beach, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea: here is Santa Maria di Castellabare, a place where you can breathe a magical atmosphere
Santa Maria di Castellabate, a marvelous Italian aldea
Saint Mary of Castellabate

Among the many wonderful towns found along the Campanian coast, there is one that looks like something out of a postcard and it is no coincidence that it was chosen as the setting for a famous Italian comedy. This is the small fraction of Saint Mary of Castellabate, which dominates the Tyrrhenian Sea with one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire coast of the region. Let's learn more about this magical place.

Santa Maria di Castellabate, dream panorama

We are province of Salerno, where some of the most beautiful resorts in all of Campania are located: here, perched on a small hill overlooking the sea, is the town of Castellabate. Or rather, there is its medieval town, a true gem that is worth visiting. The municipal territory is much larger and includes several villages spread mainly along the coast. One of the most suggestive is that of Saint Mary of Castellabate, a group of houses that extend to a small beach of golden sand, bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Maybe this panorama is not new to you: Castellabate and its beautiful village of Santa Maria They have been the backdrop for more than one movie, but notoriety certainly came after the filming of Benvenuti al Sud, the 2010 comedy with Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani, and the sequel Benvenuti al Nord, released in theaters just a year later. Much of the first film (and only a few wonderful scenes in the second) was filmed in the narrow streets of medieval village and on the beach of Santa Maria di Castellabate, offering us the opportunity to get to know these charming places.

What to see in Santa María de Castellabate

The splendid village of Santa Maria di Castellabate is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cilento coast, but also a very pretty town. Along its narrow streets you can admire some of the most fascinating testimonies of its rich past, such as the Shrine of St. Mary to Mare. Built in the 19th century on the ashes of a 12th century chapel, it is located two steps from the Marina Piccola beach and has a wonderful view. In its apse is kept the statue from Santa Maria a Mare, which according to legend was found in the water by some fishermen. Every August 15 it is carried in a procession through the streets of the town, during a celebration that ends with magnificent midnight fireworks at sea.

In Santa Maria di Castellabate there are also some old noble houses of great charm. One is Villa Matarazzo, belonging to a famous businessman who emigrated to Brazil. The villa dates back to the 19th century and is surrounded by a huge park that in the past even housed a vineyard. Today you can admire wonderful exhibitions among its rooms, and in summer the residence opens its doors to receive great artists from the national scene, offering shows and concerts to the public. It is no less fascinating Belmont Palace, an old hunting lodge belonging to the Granito Pignataro princes of Belmonte. In 2011, the then US Vice President Joe Biden stayed here, during a visit to Santa Maria di Castellabate.

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