The best places to party in London 2016

    The best places to party in London 2016
    The best clubs in London of 2016: where to spend the best evenings with friends in the English capital, between elegant exclusive clubs and famous discos

    I best places in london of 2016 They are numerous and scattered throughout the city. London is one of the main European metropolises, so, in addition to art and culture, it cannot fail to offer a wide variety of Ads e club where you can spend evenings with friends. Most of London's clubs are located inside buildings that were once used as illegal party venues: historical buildings, factories, warehouses, theaters and even old railway stations.

    There are those who prefer to spend their afternoons in typical London pubs and taste the best beers, while others love to dance and have fun until dawn. In Piccadilly Circus, right in the center, is the adhesive, one of the best places in London to have fun in 2016. In addition to dancing to disco and techno music, it is not difficult to come across stars like Cara Delevingne or members of the Black Eyead Peas. Another place frequented by VIPs and members of the royal family is Box, in Soho. To get in without having any contacts, just leave a generous tip to the guy on the guest list.

    London is also home to one of the best nightclubs in the world, the Ministry of Sound: It is the ideal place to dance to the rhythms created by the best DJs in the world. Many Italians, however, love the Fabric, a nightclub in the Barbican district, built inside a former Victorian meat factory. It's not far from here Xoy贸: It is not well known by tourists, but it is undoubtedly the underground venue most loved by Londoners. In addition to two two-level courts, it offers excellent drinks and often hosts concerts by internationally renowned singers.

    Among the best venues in London in 2016, a few meters from the Oxford Circus tube station, is Spirit of water. Not only is it a very elegant and glamorous nightclub, but at the end of the afternoon you can enjoy excellent aperitifs on the splendid panoramic terrace on the fifth floor. Another place for style lovers is The cuckoo club, in Piccadilly Circus. To enter you must be accompanied by a club member or, alternatively, you can show up elegantly dressed and try your luck.

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