The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Which are the best waterfalls of Bali?

Bali is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, known for its beaches, for the numerous temples and for its particular spiritual atmosphere. But Bali is also a paradisiacal destination for the lovers of the wild nature, in particular, the island offers many unmissable waterfalls .

Those who come to Bali cannot stop visiting at least one of its wonderful waterfalls, some still little known and out of the most famous tourist circuits.

In this guide I will present youthe 10 best waterfalls in Bali, to help you to choose the most suitable according to your preferences! Of these waterfalls, 4 are located in the north of the island and the other 6 are all scattered in the center of Bali, also convenient for those who want to make an excursion departing from the main localities of the south, like Canggu or Kuta. .


1. Waterfall of Gitgit

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Gitgit Waterfall is a cascade in the north of Bali, located to only 10 km to the south of Singaraja, one of the most famous of the island. It is a waterfall of easy access, thanks to an asphalted road of about 15 minutes. It is also suitable for families.

The Gitgit Waterfall is a group of multiple waterfalls of different heights and natural pools, surrounded by rice fields and lush vegetation. How beautiful it is to bathe under the imposing waterfall!

It is a rather tourist route ideal for those located in the north of Bali, in particular there are several tours and excursions that leave from Lovina.

Warning: at the entrance, the children will offer you the entrance with a guide to 300.000 IDR per person. In reality, the cost of entrance to the park is of only 20,000 IDR and, as already mentioned, the way is simple and guide is not needed.

2. Munduk waterfall

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

The Munduk area is less touristy than the popular Ubud. A quiet place with unique landscapes and lots of nature. Precisely for this reason, Munduk is the perfect place to discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Bali.

In particular in Munduk there are some beautiful routes of trekking in the middle of the jungle that will take you to admire 3 waterfalls: Cascade Laangan, Cascade of Red Coral and Cascades of Golden Valley.

There are many waterfalls in Bali, the beauty of Munduk is mainly the walks to arrive to them, a trip of approximately 3 hours surrounded by vegetation and wild nature.

3.Cascate in Sekumpul

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

The waterfalls of Sekumpul are perhaps the most beautiful of Bali. To arrive to them is a little exhausting, you have to cross dirt roads and slippery steps, a little challenging but it is worth it.

For the ascent, if you really can't make it, there are some guys who take you back to the parking lot by scooter for little money.

It's actually a group of 7 waterfalls with different heights and powerful water jets, a real spectacle of nature. bring proper shoes, but especially swimsuit!

The cost is 20,000 IDR (just over 1 €), even here the guys at the entrance will try to offer themselves as guides, it is not mandatory, so if you are not interested don't accept and just pay the 20,000 IDR for the entrance fee . .

4. Aling-Aling Falls

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Aling Aling Falls, located not far from Gitgit, is located in a wonderful natural environment surrounded by lush jungle.

Although recently, given the large influx of tourists, they have become a kind of water park. In fact, there are 2 types of tickets:

  • single entrance and view of 10,000 waterfalls IDR;
  • entrance with guide to dive 150,000 IDR.

There are several points from which to make incredible dives (5-10-15 meters) but it is mandatory to have a guide.

So, if you are looking for an adrenaline-filled experience between dives and natural slides, the Aling Aling waterfall is for you.


5. Waterfalls of Nungnung

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Nungnung waterfalls are some of the best waterfalls you can visit if you are in Ubud, which is about 1 hour away.

These waterfalls are not too touristy and with few people, also because the route is quite challenging and not suitable for everyone.

In fact, to get to them you have to walk more than 500 steps and then obviously climb back up.. Of course, the spectacle compensates the effort, the view of a 50 meters high waterfall is something unique!

You can combine a visit to Nung Nung with the nearby Leke Leke.

6. Tegenungan waterfall to Ubud

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Tegenungan is the closest waterfall to Ubud, reason why also it is one of the most famous and tourist of the island of Bali.

A cascade of about 15 meters of height, powerful and with several viewpoints where to take pictures.

Unlike many other waterfalls, Tegenungan is not located in the mountains, but in spite of this, the nature that surrounds it always offers a beautiful spectacle.

However, if you are looking for an unpolluted place with few people, this is not the best waterfall. In any case, it is preferable to visit it early in the morning, when it is not yet too crowded with tourists.

On the contrary Tegenungan is the perfect place for real instagrammers, thanks also to particular objects that frame such as: a giant heart, a bamboo nest and the inevitable swing.

7. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Another unmissable stop for those departing from Ubud. Access to the waterfall is not complicated but be careful with the slippery rocks. I recommend wearing appropriate shoes.

Note that to admire the waterfall from the best point you must necessarily dive into the water. As always, the advice is to arrive early in the morning, also because the space is not large.

The entrance fee is 20,000 IDR, but lockers to leave your things are also included. You can combine the falls with a visit to the Goa Gajah temple.

8. Leke Leke Falls

Leke Leke is one of those still little known waterfalls. They are an hour's drive from Ubud and already worth the trip, with splendid views over the rice terraces.

It can also be easily reached from Canggu in about an hour. The entrance to the waterfall costs 30,000 rupiah and you will also find a restaurant where you can buy some food and water before starting the adventure to the waterfall.

The trail is surrounded by nature and is quite simple and well maintained, it also passes over a couple of bamboo bridges, the hike takes about 15 minutes.

The view of the waterfall is incredible, a narrow stream of water that falls into a natural pool where you can dive.

You can combine the visit to the waterfall with other attractions such as the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple.

9. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Tukad Cepung is without a doubt one of the most particular and wonderful waterfalls of Bali. In fact, it is located inside a canyon to 15 meters under the earth illuminated by the rays of the sun that penetrate from the opening of the cave, giving an incredible view.

The 15-minute hike is not too demanding between concrete paths, stairs and a small stream.

Just be careful that if it rains too much there may be flooding and the path may be more difficult.

In any case, nature and photography lovers can't miss this waterfall!

10. Tibumana Waterfall

The best waterfalls in Bali, not to be missed

Let's finish this list of most beautiful waterfalls in bali with Tibumana Waterfall! One of the best to take a bath in its large pool of water under the powerful jet of the waterfall.

Tibumana is located just 30 minutes from Ubud, surrounded by lush vegetation, the perfect place to listen to the sounds of nature in a quiet and uncrowded environment.

The easy path between palm trees and bamboo bridges takes about 5 minutes to walk from the parking lot.

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