Where to Stay in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, may not be one of the best tourist destinations in the world but still offers some interesting attractions, one of them the old town (Kota Tua), but above all it is the starting point for a splendid one tour to discover Java and Indonesia.

A city probably known more for traffic and pollution than for its history; precisely for this reason, many tourists arrive in Jakarta every year with the great dilemma: stop or leave immediately?

There are those who prefer to head immediately to other destinations and those who, once arrived, decide to dedicate a few days to visiting the Indonesian metropolis, at least not to miss the points of greatest interest.

In this post we will see how to make the most of your stop in Jakarta, what is the best area to stay and all the possibilities to better enjoy the city and to optimize the times in view of a tour of Jawa.

Airport area

If you plan to stop in Jakarta for a few hours and plan to take a plane again to other destinations, such as Yogyakarta, Karimunjawa or if you plan to go directly to Bali, your best bet is to get a hotel near the airport.

In this way you will have some time to rest and regenerate, especially if you are veterans of many hours of travel. You will be ready to leave again to discover the wonders of Indonesia.

In particular, a hotel that I recommend, in which we stayed overnight before returning, is l’Hotel FM7 Resort a really beautiful structure with an excellent quality / price ratio.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service, always available at any time, even early in the morning. One thing I really appreciated was the breakfast time, as early as 4 in the morning the buffet was available.

The hotel also offers a swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and excellent restaurants where you can enjoy both local and international cuisine.

Jalan Attorney – Menteng

If, on the other hand, you plan to stay a little longer and want to visit the city, the best area to sleep in Jakarta is around Menteng, in the center. The heart of the neighborhood is Merdeka Square a huge square, full of green areas, surrounded by colonial buildings, museums and with the center the National Monument of Sukarno.

Where to Stay in Jakarta

I especially recommend the area of Road Prosecutor perfect for seeing the main attractions and proximity to the train station Gambir Station, connecting Jakarta to Yogyakarta or other locations.

Road Prosecutor it is the backpacker's district, with several restaurants, street food stalls and clubs for the evening, even if the comparison with the mythical Khao San Road in Bangkok seems a bit exaggerated to me.

We have chosen l’hotel Max One, a good, reasonably priced, clean and conveniently located property, close to Gambir station and Jalan Jaksa, perfect for a night in Jakarta. However, the area offers several low cost solutions where to stay.

Old Town (Kota)

It is the area of ​​greatest interest in Jakarta, the ancient city of Batavia, now known as Old town, once the heart of Dutch colonial rule.

Kota is the best choice for history and architecture lovers, a pedestrian area always full of people, full of historical buildings and museums, such as the Ceramics Museum, the Jakarta History Museum and the Puppet Museum.

Overlooking the pedestrian square there are some restaurants and bars, among them is the charming one Batavia coffee, a colonial-style venue, ideal for a relaxing stopover.

The area is north of the center and overall is a good choice for those wishing to stay within walking distance of the Old Town.

If you are staying in the center, the old town can be reached by taxi or public transport.

Ancol Zone – Sunda Kelapa

A few hours by boat from the city, about 45 km from the coast, rises the archipelago of the Thounsand Islands (Pulau Seribu), about 112 small islands ideal for diving and snorkeling lovers, much loved by the inhabitants of Jakarta and aimed above all at local tourism.

If you plan to visit the "thousand islands" the area around the Marina Ancol port is the right area to stay. You will also be close to the Sunda Coconut, the old port from where the Portuguese domination began.

Where to Stay in Jakarta

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