Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with over 17.000 islands, all of which are stunning. Choose where to go to the beach in Indonesia it is not easy and even more difficult to say which is the best island.

There are the most famous islands among which we certainly find the splendid Bali, visited every year by many tourists from all over the world.

But Indonesia offers a great variety of islands suitable for any need: diving, snorkeling, surfing, trekking in nature, in short, the choice is vast.

Still unspoiled places, covered by dense tropical forest and inhabited by local tribes, postcard beaches and a unique flora and fauna in the world.

In this guide on the best islands of Indonesia we will go to the discovery of the most beautiful destinations in the country, from the most famous and touristic to remote corners to be discovered.

The Best Islands of Indonesia

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia


Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Bali, also known as "the island of the Gods" is certainly the most famous and tourist destination in Indonesia. A perfect island for any need: for surf lovers, for those who want to explore Balinese nature and culture or simply for those looking for a little relaxation.

Among the must-see places in Bali there is Ubud, a place located inland, from where to start discovering the wonders of the island, among ancient temples, volcanoes, waterfalls and the typical rice terraces.

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Gili Islands

The Gili are three islands that lie off the north west coast of Lombok. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, three wonderful islands each with its own personality.

All three, however, offer white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and wonderful backdrops where you can swim among sea turtles, colorful fish and corals, perfect for diving or snorkeling lovers.

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Gili Trawangan is the most touristic and lively, Gili Meno is the smallest and quietest, Gili Air is the middle ground between the two, quiet but with all the services and amenities.

The Gili can be reached from Bali in less than 2 hours by speedboat and from Lombok in about 15/20 minutes.

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Lombok is located near the Gili Islands, it is as big as Bali but it is wilder and more unspoiled and still not overrun by mass tourism. Ideal for beach and nature lovers.

Lombok's most touristic location is Senggigi on the west coast.

Moving south we find Kuta instead, which has nothing to do with the chaotic area of ​​Bali of the same name, it is in fact a quiet and still uncontaminated place.

Lombok is the best island in Indonesia for those looking for a destination that is still uncrowded but accessible and easy to reach.


Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Flores is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, it is one of the most beautiful seaside destinations in Indonesia. A complete island, with mountains, volcanoes, small villages, beautiful beaches and sea and an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Like Lombok, Flores has also maintained that authentic charm of an unspoiled island.

Flores as well as being a wonderful island is the starting point for excursions in the Komodo archipelago.

Reaching Flores is not complicated, there are several options: ferry, bus or plane. The latter is the best and fastest solution. There are frequent flights from the nearby islands of Bali and Lombok that land at Labudan Bass.


Komodo is known above all for being populated by large monitor lizards, which can reach 3 meters in length, the famous "Komodo dragons". The island along with Rinca and Padar is part of the Komodo National park.

It is possible to explore the archipelago with daily tours departing from Labuan Bajo, but the best thing is to participate in excursions of 2 or 3 days with overnight stay on the boat.

During these tours you will go trekking to spot the famous dragons and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. There are also mini cruises that depart from Lombok and arrive in Flores.

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Sumba Island

The island of Sumba is still a little known destination, an authentic and wild place. It is a non-tourist island with few facilities and services. It is perfect for nature lovers and for those willing to give up comfort.

It is a birdwatching paradise with several endemic species. A magical place made up of ancient primeval villages, tribes and ancestral rites.

Reaching Sumba is not difficult, there are direct flights from Bali and Lombok, a little more complicated is to explore the island, the roads are still few and bumpy.


Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Karimunjawa is an archipelago of 27 islands located between Java and Indonesian Borneo. A wonderful place ideal for lovers of the sea. You will love touring during the day among uninhabited atolls and swimming exploring unique depths.

Karimunjawa is still an uncrowded destination, with mainly local tourism. The main island still offers all the services there are several structures where to stay, some very nice.

The only drawback is that getting there is a bit long and connections are not always guaranteed.

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Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a place of unique beauty, with landscapes that seem straight out of a science fiction film: islands covered with jungle, lagoons and a sea of ​​spectacular colors.

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

The name means "the four kings" to identify the 4 main islands of the archipelago: Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati and Misool.

Raja Ampat is there Indonesia's ideal destination for those who love diving and snorkeling, the variety of underwater fauna is impressive

Reaching Raja Ampat is quite difficult and long, you have to get to Sorong (6 hours flight from Jakarta) and take a ferry to one of the 4 islands.


Sulawesi is the third largest island of Indonesia, together with Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan it is part of the great Sunda islands, it is located east of Borneo and is an ideal destination to discover the wonderful sea of ​​Indonesia and its spectacular backdrops.

If you are looking for the best islands in Indonesia, Sulawesi is the place for you. Starting with the splendid Bunaken, a diving paradise with some of the most beautiful seabeds in the world.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a remote island with dream beaches Bahuluang Island, located south of Sulawesi, it will not disappoint you with its white beaches and transparent waters.

Also not to be missed is the wonderful marine park of the islands Wakatobi, among the best places in the world for diving, and the Togian Islands, a still unspoiled place with postcard beaches, coral reefs and nature trails.

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Indonesian Borneo – Derawan

Indonesian Borneo occupies 2/3 of what is the third largest island in the world and is identified with the province of Kalimantan. The big attraction of Kalimantan is the park Tanjung Puting Nazionale where there are orangutans.

But Borneo is also an unmissable destination to discover the pristine beaches and the wonderful Indonesian islands. Among these there is a destination still unknown to mass tourism and far from the classic tourist itineraries: the islands Derawan.

An archipelago located east of Kalimantan, a real paradise with white beaches, deserted islands and depths rich in marine fauna, with a unique biodiversity in the world.

The 4 main islands of the archipelago are: Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki e Kakaban. Derawan is Indonesia's largest site where sea turtles nest.

Sumatra – Belitung

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

Sumatra is a wonder of nature, made up of tropical forests and national parks. Here is one of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia: Belitung.

The island is approximately 1 hour flight from Jakarta. It is a still little-known destination, with only local tourism and very few Westerners.

The most famous beach on the island is Tanjung Tiggi, crystal clear sea and white sand. Also not to be missed is the splendid one Tanjung Kelayangand excursions to the islands.


In this article I wanted to share some of the most beautiful Indonesian islands with you. It is important to choose based on your preferences and what you are looking for, but also evaluate according to the itinerary and the time you have available, since some islands are less accessible even if wonderful

Where to go to the beach in Indonesia

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