The theater on the sea located in the "most beautiful kilometer in Italy"

Welcome back to Reggio Calabria, between history, culture and nature. Here you will find the most evocative coastal theater in Italy
The theater on the sea located in the
Sand of the Strait of Reggio Calabria

Once a walk is enough to get you excited. All those people who have immersed themselves and lost themselves in the streets, alleys and neighborhoods of the cities and countries of the world know this well, those who reveal their wonders little by little, step by step, or who suddenly reveal themselves in front of the eyes. spectator's eyes to leave him breathless. As that theater that opens to the sea in the most beautiful kilometer in Italy every time you walk along the Lungomare FalcomatĂ  promenade.

The theater in the Strait of Messina

We're located in Reggio Calabria, in one of the most evocative cities of our beautiful country. A place that houses an immense historical, cultural and landscape heritage preserved in the Archaeological Museum, with its Riace Bronzes, in the Aspromonte National Park with its forests and numerous specimens of flora and fauna, in its history, in its traditions and in all those ancient testimonies who live and survive in every corner of the city.

Reggio Calabria is also the place that houses what is considered the most beautiful kilometer in Italy. It is an expression attributed by many to Gabriele D'Annunzio and which finds his explanation in magical and evocative panorama that can be seen along this walk.

The Lungomare FalcomatĂ  is one of the best-known and busiest streets in the city, 1,7 kilometers of wonders that wind from Piazza Indipendenza to Piazza Garibaldi and take your breath away.

On the coast of Calabria, in fact, what is called Optical phenomenon of the Fata Morgana. and that allows you to observe the Sicilian landscape while it is reflected in the water or the sky. And it is always here, on this stretch of promenade, where among the modernist street lamps that illuminate the night promenade, stands what is one of the most evocative theaters in Italy.

It is the Sand of the Strait, a contemporary construction whose shapes, features and suggestions refer to a glorious and never forgotten past.

Welcome back to Reggio Calabria, to the Arena dello Stretto

Between the sea and the suggestive promenade appears a semicircular square that extends towards the water.

An ancient amphitheater and a modern theater: this is the Arena dello Strait. Built where the Porto Salvo dock once stood, which was destroyed by the 1908 earthquake, the Arena was built according to the characteristic dictates of Ancient Greece, so when you cross it, you have the sensation of taking a long journey in time.

But it is not only its architecture that enchants, but also the magical panorama that can be seen from here. The theater, in fact, dominates the Strait and Sicily providing every hour of the day and night with a unique and extraordinary scenario that leaves everyone breathless.

In the middle of the construction, a small dock extends into the water where a car is located. marble sculpture dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele III to celebrate the arrival of the King to the city immediately after his proclamation.

Stop here and sharpen your vision. At certain times of the year it is possible to admire the Fata Morgana phenomenon that appears before your eyes. as if by magic.

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