Visit Jimi Hendrix's apartment museum in London

    Visit Jimi Hendrix's apartment museum in London
    For lovers of the genre, the museum finally opens in Jimi Hendrix's apartment in London and in Handel's, at 23 and 25 on the same street.

    One of the greatest concentrations of musical genius, as defined by Alistair Stranack, president of the Handel House Trust, Jimi Hendrix's London home was also the residence of George Friderich Handel, a composer who studied between the 17th and 18th centuries in Hamburg, and He then lived most of his life in London. Jimi Hendrix's apartment in London It is located at 23 Brook Street, while Handel's is at 25 Brook Street. Today the two apartments form a single museum complex managed by the Handel House Trust.

    With tickets on sale from 2 November 2015 for an opening scheduled for 10 February 2016, this museum is set to become one of London's must-sees. Jimi Hendrix bought it in 1968, as he contemplated a possible turning point in his career. One of his most famous albums, Electric Ladyland LP, was released in the summer of that year. Jimi Hendrix lived here for two years with his girlfriend, and during this period he played at Woodstock. He felt a very strong connection with this house, your first real home, and was very interested in the works of Handel. Among the other records he purchased was a copy of Messiah performed by the English Chamber Orchestra.

    Entry can be reserved online, also choosing the time, with one visit every hour.
    The cost of a full ticket to visit both apartments is £10, while a reduced ticket for children under 16 costs £5.
    It is possible to visit just one of the two apartments, priced at £7.50 – £3 for children.
    For each purchase there is a service charge of one pound, which is payable only once, not once per ticket.

    The museum opens at 9:6 a.m. and closes at 11:17 a.m., with a visit that can be booked every hour from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.
    On Sundays the first visit is at 12.
    The museum is closed on Mondays and holidays.
    The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions and events., and on the site it is possible to stay updated on the dates and book online.

    The Handel House Trust has managed Handel's house for some years and has always used Hendrix's apartment as a studio and office, opening it only on rare occasions and from time to time. Recently the organization decided to carry out renovation works and also permanently open the house at number 23. The renewal, funded by private donors and the Heritage Lottery Fund, cost £2,4 million.
    Today we can finally recommend a new and unique destination, Jimi Hendrix's apartment in London.


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