Where to sleep in Casablanca: best areas and hotels where to stay

You are planning a vacation or a trip to Casablanca and you want to know which are the areas where to sleep? Your plane lands at Casablanca airport and you are looking for a hotel or accommodation for a night in the city?

Whether you just want to stay for one night, and then continue your journey to other destinations in Morocco, or if you want to stay for several days, to better enjoy this beautiful city of Morocco, here are some useful advice on the best areas to stay in Casablanca.

Located on the coast, in the west of Morocco, Casablanca is one of the main destinations and tourist destinations in the country. The city is undoubtedly the first metropolis and the industrial, commercial and economic capital of Morocco, and one of the largest man-made ports in the world.

Casablanca, with its 5 million inhabitants, it is the city that most reflects the western side of the country. Its economic and cultural dynamism is due to its rapid development during the period of the French protectorate. Its charm differs radically from that of imperial cities such as Fez or Marrakech.

Best areas to sleep in Casablanca

Where to sleep in Casablanca: best areas and hotels where to stay
The Hassan II mosque - Casablanca, Morocco - Photo from Istock

Although the city is very large, with over 20 neighborhoods, it is very easy to choose where to stay in Casablanca, regardless of preferences and economic resources.

The best neighborhoods to sleep in are the Center of Casablanca and some neighborhoods in the surrounding area. Let's see now where they are, what they offer and what are the best facilities where stay.

New Center of Casablanca: the best area ever to sleep

The New Center definitely is the best area to stay in Casablanca. It extends north and south of the main avenue Mohamed V Avenue and includes several neighborhoods, such as La Gironde, Fonciere and Liberte.

Staying in the New Center allows you to easily reach the different areas and points of interest in the city, such as its historic center, the Old Medina. There numerous cafes, shops and restaurants, and offers various leisure activities.

Le main attractions tourist attractions are the Arab League Park, located in the heart of the city, and the impressive Hassan II Grand Mosque, located on the beach bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Accommodation rates are higher than in other areas, on the other hand is the most requested area. We also recommend booking in this area, as it is certainly the best choice. In addition, the hotel offer is very wide, if you want to save you will find also cheap accommodation.

Best accommodation and hotels in the New Center of Casablanca

Odyssee Center Hotel

Jm Suites Hotel & Spa

Hotel & Spa Le Doge - Relais et Ch芒teaux - the top for quality and services

Down Town Hotel By Business & Leisure Hotels

Windsor Hotel City Center - the best economic choice

Old Medina: sleep in the historic center

Old Medina represents the historic center, the oldest area of 鈥嬧媡he city. While not comparable to the medinas of Fes and Marrakech, it can still be fascinating to stay in this labyrinth of narrow streets full of shops.

It is a good location where to stay, as it borders the square of Mohamed V and in the area there are many interesting monuments, such as the Ould el Hamra mosque, the Ettedgui synagogue and the famous Clock Tower.

I downsides are that there are not many lodgings; and although the area is very lively during the day, in the evening when the shops close it can be a less safe area for walking.

Best accommodation and hotels in the Old Medina of Casablanca

Ryad 91 - the best choice

H么tel Central 

Riad Lala Fatna

Gauthier: for looking for good quality, price and location

The district of Gauthier is a good alternative choice to stay in Casablanca. The area is very quiet and is located near the center and the main attractions of the city. In addition, there are many bars and restaurants, very similar to those in European cities.

Located east of the Arab League Park, it is also one of the most sought after areas for the quality and services it offers. For those who want a good value for money of hotels and wants to be in good location, this is the optimal choice.

Best accommodation and hotels in the Gauthier district of Casablanca

Idou Anfa Hotel & Spa 

Exe Gauthier 

Le Trianon Luxury Hotel & Spa 

Yto Hotel 

Art Palace Suites & Spa 

Maarif: the best area for young people and for nightlife

Although housing is more expensive than in other areas, it is a good choice for the young people e for those who like nightlife. It is one of the safest areas in Casablanca, especially for the evening, and there are numerous activities of various kinds.

It is a great area too for shopping lovers, is the fashionable and commercial district par excellence, where there are shops with the big brands. In the area there is also the Twin Center shopping mall, with its large twin towers.

Best accommodation and hotels in the Maarif neighborhood of Casablanca

ONOMO Hotel Casablanca City Center 

The 22 Appart'Hotel - the best economic solution

LHOSTEL in Casablanca

Golden Star Casablanca

Kenzi Tower Hotel 

When to go to Casablanca

Il best time to visit Casablanca is spring or autumn. However, being a coastal city with a decent beach tourism, if the purpose of the trip is sun, beach and sea, summer can also be a good time.

Also in summer the temperatures are not high, thanks to the presence of the sea which mitigates the climate. The few rains fall almost exclusively in the winter period. The winter it can be a good time for those looking for fares for flights and accommodations, even cheaper and fewer tourists.

La bathing season runs from June to September. There are bathing beaches both south and north of the city. The most beautiful public beaches are located in the south and can be reached via the coastal road in the direction of El-Jadida.

What to see in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

This mosque is the largest in Morocco and the seventh largest in the world. Its minaret, 200 meters high, is the tallest in the world. It is one of the two main mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims.

During the visit you can admire the splendid interiors, complete with water features, a roof that opens to the sky, a large hammam in the basement (not in use), and splendid work on the tiles.

Il admission cost is 120 dirhams.

Sidi Abderrahman shrine

Located well after the Le Corniche district, it is a very characteristic and particular sanctuary. It was built on a rock by the sea and is only accessible at low tide. Entry is forbidden to non-Muslims, who can only visit the surrounding area.

La Corniche neighborhood

Located west of the Hassan II Mosque, this neighborhood overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in Casablanca. The neighborhood is home to elegant hotels, shops of various kinds. But the best experience is relaxing in one of the many cafes overlooking the ocean.

Octagon Square

This is one of the best places to see modern Morocco. Many of the city's businessmen, or those present in the city for work, have lunch on the modern square. It is an interesting place for those who want to take good pictures.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

This old cathedral and impressive Catholic church, a legacy of the French protectorate, is now used as a cultural center.

Old Medina (historic center)

Much less ancient and much less extensive than the glorious medinas of Fes, Marrakech and other major Moroccan cities, it is still worth a visit

Habous neighborhood

Also called the 鈥渘ew medina鈥, Habous represents the medina built at the time of the French protectorate. Very clean in appearance, the neighborhood is quiet and very different from the hectic and traditional Moroccan medinas.

Casablanca museums

Il Mus茅e Abderrahman Slaoui it houses a collection of oriental decorative arts, jewelery and objects from the Moroccan colonial era

Il Moroccan Judaism Museumn is the museum of Moroccan Jewish culture

La Villa des arts exhibits works of art by contemporary artists, mainly Moroccans. The building features art deco architecture.

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