Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods to stay

If you want to visit the city you are surely wondering: what are the best areas and neighborhoods to sleep in Florence? More than fair question in such a big city, whose choice it can also greatly affect the trip or vacation.

Capital of Tuscany and eighth largest city in Italy, Florence is a fascinating, romantic city, rich in history and endowed with a breathtaking cultural and gastronomic heritage. Thanks to its great artistic and cultural wealth, Florence has become the third most visited city in Europe, with 16 million visitors a year.

With its 380.000 inhabitants, the Florentine capital is divided into fifteen neighborhoods, each different from the other. The best option to stay, but also the most comfortable, is its historic center. However, other areas, such as the surrounding areas, are also good choices and especially you can find cheaper rates than in the historic center of Florence.

Another option would be to sleep outside the city, in a rural hotel or in a Tuscan villa, ideal for enjoying the calm and beauty of the Tuscan countryside. This choice should be considered, however, only if you are traveling by car.

Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods to stay
Florence, Tuscany - Photo from Istock

Florence is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy, with a significant influx of tourists throughout the year. Despite this, the prices of its hotels are lower than in other Italian tourist cities such as Rome, Milan o Venezia.

In addition to good accommodation rates, Florence has a very wide and diversified hotel offer, which ranges from budget accommodations, such as hostels or Bed & Breakfasts, a very popular modality in this city, to considerably more sumptuous ones, such as Tuscan rural mansions and villas.

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Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods

One of the great advantages of Florence is that, being small in size, it allows you to reach all the sites of tourist interest on foot. AND a small and safe city where it is difficult to use public transport.

Between the most recommended areas to sleep in Florence, there are areas close to Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria or near Santa Maria Novella. In general, all areas located in the historic center are perfect.

The most historic: the Duomo district

Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods to stay
Duomo di Firenze - Image from Pixabay

And the best area to sleep in Florence, without any doubt. Located in the heart of the historic center of Florence, this district is organized around the Duomo and its famous 114 meter high dome.

If you are passionate about historical and cultural visits, the Duomo district is a really good choice, because it encompasses much of the cultural and architectural wealth of Florence.

This is the most central district of the city and also the most visited. From here it is easy to walk to Santa Maria Novella or Santa Croce, two of the most important churches in the city, Piazza della Signoria or the Accademia Gallery to name a few significant points.

Its surroundings are characterized by narrow medieval alleys, and it is one of the main commercial areas of Florence with numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.

It is also the part of the city with the most high concentration of hotels. The Duomo district is, of course, one of the liveliest in the city, offering a wide range of accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to student hostels.

Thanks to all this architectural wealth, this area of ​​the historic heart of the city it is the most popular area to sleep in Florence, but also the most expensive. It should also be considered that the nights may not be so silent.

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The districts of San Lorenzo and San Marco

Not far from the Central Station, the district of San Lorenzo, near the main market of the city, has arelaxed atmosphere and is home to the oldest church in the city, built in 1424, the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Donatello, Lippi and Michelangelo helped build this nearly 700-year-old building.

This neighborhood, a crossroads between the station and the Duomo, is centered on the Basilica of San Lorenzo, next to the Medici Chapels, burial place of the Medici family.

The great internal market offers fresh food and many adjacent streets are home to artisan stalls selling leather goods and other souvenirs aimed primarily at tourists.

It is a colorful neighborhood where you can find numerous cheap restaurants and hotels, a good choice to stay for those looking for cheap accommodation.

even the San Marco district worth a visit. You will find the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence, the Botanical Garden and its tropical plants, or the Teatro della Pergola. This neighborhood is not very crowded and is a great place for relaxing strolls. However, staying in this area of ​​Florence can be expensive!

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Piazza della Signoria


Piazza della Signoria is one of the most touristic areas of Florence. Among the many tourist attractions here you will find the Palazzo Vecchio, the Bargello National Museum, the Uffizi Gallery and, a short distance away, the Ponte Vecchio leading to the Pitti Palace.

È one of the busiest areas and its hotels aren't exactly the best value in town. However, it is one of the most sought after areas by tourists who wish to sleep in Florence in one of the most central points and with the main tourist attractions.

Santa Croce

Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods to stay
Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence - Image from Pixabay

If you look for a more local environment without many tourists, this neighborhood is another good option for sleeping in Florence. To see in this district east of the historic center, the Basilica of the Holy Cross, which houses works by great artists such as Donatello, Giotto and Cimabue. Michelangelo and Galileo are buried here. Don't forget to visit the National Library as well.

And also one of the most recommended areas to go out for dinner and have a drink out of the tourist circuits of the other districts of the city, or stroll through its ancient streets, dotted with elegant bars and restaurants, club lounges and traditional shops of artisans and goldsmiths. Great place to sleep in Florence, not far from the historic center.

Santa Maria Novella

The area close to the Florence train station (Santa Maria Novella station) is not one of the most beautiful areas of the city, but it has the convenience of transport and for being situated a 5-10 minute walk from the historic center. It is an area with many hotels and where the offer is quite cheap.

In this area it is possible to distinguish two areas: the one surrounding the railway station, and the other, much more pleasant, which extends from the Church of Santa Maria Novella to the river. If you are looking for a hotel that is not too expensive and at the same time very close to the historic center, this can be it a good area to stay in Florence.


Where to sleep in Florence: best neighborhoods to stay
Florence -

On the southern banks of the Arno, you cannot miss the unmistakable Old Bridge. Built between 1335 and 1345, it is the oldest and most emblematic commercial center in the city. Crossing the bridge you arrive in the districts south of the Arno river, an area that has so much to offer.

You will find yourself staying near some of the most beautiful and evocative attractions of Florence such as Palazzo Pitti, the Boboli Gardens and Piazzale Michelangelo which offers a panoramic view of the city, probably the most famous sight in Florence. You will still be a few steps from the center and its museums, squares and attractions.

The main areas are Piazza Santo Spirito and the San Niccolò district, excellent choices for those who want to have fun in the evening and for young people, or San Frediano, a quieter and more residential area. The accommodation offer is not very large, but the hotel rates are good.

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