Where to sleep in Formentera: the best areas to stay

Formentera is one of the most fascinating islands of the archipelago of Balearic Islands. Despite being small, it is a highly sought-after destination, especially because home to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, small paradises with white sand and incomparable turquoise waters. If you are planning to visit it, you should know something about the best areas to sleep in Formentera.

The supply of accommodation in Formentera is as varied as in the rest of the Balearic Islands, however, given its limited size, the island has a much more modest supply in terms of quantity than its neighbors. It should be noted that given his limited hotel offer, apartments and villas are one of the most popular options where to sleep in Formentera.

Seasonality is the main factor that determines the availability and prices of accommodation. Formentera is one very popular destination, with a demand far exceeding the hotel offer available. In the high season months there are hardly any vacancies left.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Formentera this summer, you should book as soon as possible. To give you an idea, a large part of the hotel offer is already booked 6 months before the arrival of summer.

Where to sleep in Formentera

If you can't find a hotel that suits your needs, choose an apartment or villa. Also, don't have any problems staying inside the island. Coastal accommodation is expensive, and as the island is small, a short motorbike or car ride will take you to any beach.

Where to sleep in Formentera: the best areas to stay
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Es Pujols

Es Pujols is the most important tourist city of Formentera and the one that receives the largest number of tourists. In it you will find many more services than anywhere else on the island. This is where the largest number of hotels are concentrated, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, travel agencies, car rental offices, etc.

It is the destination with the most atmosphere and movement. However, don't expect a place like Magaluf in Mallorca. Unlike that, Es Pujols is a small, quiet, intimate and familiar place, as is the whole island.

Her beach is one of the busiest, not only because it is where many people choose to sleep in Formentera, but also because its beach is excellent. It is a sandy beach with a soft golden color and crystal clear waters, it has a length of just over 600 meters, a width of about 30 meters and offers excellent services.

It's a place ideal as a base camp and is highly recommended for travelers wishing to combine beach and nightlife. Furthermore, it is very central and is a good starting point for reaching nearby coves and beaches.

The offer of accommodation in Es Pujols is quite varied: this is the area of ​​the island where a greater number of hotels and establishments of all kinds are concentrated. Of course, the prices tend to be a bit higher than other places on the island.

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Migjorn beach 

Migjorn beach located in the south of the island, with its 6 km of extension is the longest of all. It is a beach of white sand and turquoise waters with areas of pine, juniper and dunes. It is shaped like a crescent and along the beach there are coves and sandy areas separated by rocks.

Although the whole beach is called Migjorn, it is so long that several sectors are known by other names such as Es Mal Pas, Ca Marí or Codol Foradat… In some places the beach is very popular and crowded, in other parts instead there are almost no bathers. Just walk a few minutes to find a quiet area to rest and enjoy the relaxation that this virgin beach offers.

Along its extension there is a wooden platform that follows the coast line, ideal for long walks. You will also find restaurants and beach bars, sun beds and umbrellas and a good offer of water activities.

This beach is one of the most popular destinations to stay in Formentera. There are some of the best hotels on the island, something that also explains why their rates are the highest that can be found in Formentera during the summer months.

Along this strip of coast you will find numerous resorts, hostels and above all apartments and villas which represent the most numerous type of accommodation in this area. If you can cope with the prices of Playa de Migjorn, this is a good area to stay in Formentera.

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Sant Francesc Xavier

Sant Francesc Xavier is the main urban center of the island. However, it is a small typically Mediterranean village that does not reach 4000 inhabitants.

Located inland, just 3 kilometers from La Savina, it is the point where the island's town hall and the largest number of direct services to the citizen are located. In addition there are many bars, restaurants, cafes and even a mall for shopping enthusiasts.

Its location, a less than ten minutes from Migjorn beach o La Savina, makes this village a good option for sleeping in Formentera.

The offer of accommodation in Sant Francesc Xavier is quite limited and is made up of some hotels and especially apartments and villas.

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La Savina

This small and quiet town is located north of Estany des Peix beach, very close to Es Pujols and Illetas. It houses the Marina of Formentera, the port that connects this island with Ibiza and that marks the character and life of this city. Around there is a good offer of bars and restaurants and a good number of travel agencies and motorcycle and car rental agencies.

  • Find a ferry to reach Formentera

Choose La Savina if you want to stay in one well connected and practical area, close to some of the most touristic places in Formentera. The offer is considerably broad, and prices can be found a little cheaper than other tourist areas on the island.

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It is CalĂł de San AgustĂ­n

Es Caló de Sant Agustín, or simply Es Caló, è a small and traditional fishing village which has managed to perfectly keep its essence without being influenced too much by mass tourism.

This mini town of small white houses and rudimentary piers that fishermen still use, is located on a part of the coast characterized by small coves and crystal clear waters. Its beach is a postcard, with a beautiful landscape of dunes and pristine waters.

If you are looking for a quiet place, with wonderful beaches and hidden corners, Es calĂł is an excellent option to sleep in Formentera. Obviously, you will find fewer amenities here and there certainly won't be a vibrant nightlife.

In addition, its small size makes it the supply of housing is rather limited, consisting of a few hotels and apartments. Prices depend a lot on the season you go.

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Cala Saona

Located on the east coast it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Formentera. It is a cove of only 150 meters in length in an environment of dunes and pine forests much appreciated by families. In addition to its excellent waters, it is characterized by fantastic sunsets, among the best on the island.

During the day you have various services such as sun beds and umbrellas, beach bar and restaurant, but at night there is practically nothing to do. For those seeking tranquility it is a good place to sleep in Formentera.

For party-goers there are better areas although given the size of the island it shouldn't be a problem to reach other cities with your own vehicle.

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La Mola

La Mola is one of the most particular areas of Formentera. It is located at the eastern end of the island. It is an elevated plateau where the Pilar de la Mola is located, a very small town, and the famous Lighthouse de la Mola.

Its main attractions are the lighthouse, its cliffs and the La Mola market, the most authentic hippy craft market in Formentera.

It is one of the most remote villages of the main tourist points of Formentera. The advantage is that i prices are slightly lower than the other parts. If you are looking to save a few euros, La Mola is a good alternative to stay in Formentera.

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Es Arenals

In the south-east of Formentera, just five kilometers from Pilar de la Mola, surrounded by pine forests, is Es Arenals. It can boast of being one of the most beautiful areas of the island.

It is the perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy the most beautiful and heavenly side of Formentera. The beach has everything you need to spend a day on the beach such as sun beds, umbrellas, beach bars etc. However, there are not many lodgings available in the area.

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Sant Ferran de Ses Roques

Sant Ferran de Ses Roques is located in the center of the island, a few kilometers from Sant Francesc, Pilar de la Mola and Pujols. It is one of the villages that has best known how to preserve the hippy essence of the whole island. It houses one of the most famous bars on the island, Found Pepe, which is said to have hosted Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan.

While it doesn't have many places of interest, with the exception of its church, its relaxed atmosphere makes it up a good alternative where to sleep in Formentera. The prices are similar to those of the rest of the island.

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Sleeping in Formentera - Cheap accommodation

Cheap accommodation and Formentera are two terms that don't go well together. Finding something cheap on this island in the summer months is a nearly impossible mission. The combination of a small supply and a large demand causes the market to present stratospheric prices in the high season.

The trick to finding cheap accommodation in Formentera is book at least six months in advance.

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For prices, as you can imagine, they vary greatly from one time of the year to the next. In high season they double, given its very high demand, and it is difficult to stay in Formentera for less than 120 € a night.

Keep in mind that the months of July and August represent the high season. In early June and from the second half of September the prices are slightly better.

Usually the best option to save is traveling in a group and renting a large villa. Apartments, houses, hostels or bungalows are the best alternative to save a few euros.

For camping lovers, remember that there is no camping on the island, nor is free camping allowed; doing so will result in a fine.

Where to sleep in Formentera: the best areas to stay
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