Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay

Finding accommodation in Frankfurt can be quite expensive. Considered one of the most pleasant cities to live in the world, Frankfurt am Main is also one of the most expensive. Important international financial center, it hosts numerous banking institutions such as the European Central Bank, the Federal Bank of Germany and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The city has a rich past and a first-rate cultural heritage. However, thanks to the numerous historical monuments and great museums that populate the city, Frankfurt has an intense cultural life and a very welcoming historical center.

Frankfurt is one of the most productive and dynamic in Germany and home to major international exhibitions, fairs and shows, such as the Frankfurt Motor Show, the largest of its kind, or the Book Fair, the most important in the world.

Thanks to its airport and low cost flights, Frankfurt is a great starting point to visit West Germany. Furthermore, in the immediate vicinity are cities such as Cologne, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, as well as the beautiful regions of the Black Forest and Alsace in France.

È one of the most important cities in Germany, cosmopolitan, avant-garde and fun, suitable for all tastes and needs. Below is a guide with the best areas to sleep in Frankfurt.

The best areas to sleep in Frankfurt

Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay
Francoforte, Germania - Photo da Istock

With regard to best areas to stay, the historic city center offers streets with medieval charm and most of Frankfurt's tourist attractions. Another neighborhood to choose for sleeping is Innenstadt, with its modern hotels and excellent views of the city from above.

The city has a excellent transport system. Although it is easy to get around on foot, there are several subway lines (U-Bahn), commuter train (S-Bahn) or regional trains. So you can choose to stay in other areas as well and reach the center in no time.

The offer of accommodation in the city is wide and with very different prices. In Frankfurt, many congresses are held every year in its fairgrounds, which means that hotel prices can vary greatly depending on the date.

In general, the areas to stay in Frankfurt can be divided into:

  • Sachsenhausen: close to the river, in a central position and with cheaper prices.
  • Old town: the historic center of Frankfurt.
  • Downtown: where the modern skyscrapers and the main shopping streets are located.
  • Bockenheim: the university area, with cheaper accommodation.
  • Bahnhofsviertel: close to the train station, with lots of entertainment and nightlife.
  • Gutleutviertel: located near the river, but with lower prices.
  • International airport: the best area to stay when stopping over in Frankfurt

Alstadt: sleep in the historic center of Frankfurt

Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay
Characteristics houses in the center of Frankfurt -

This small neighborhood corresponds to the historic center of Frankfurt, an area of ​​less than one square kilometer. It is the most touristic place in the city, where the squares, alleys and medieval buildings are located.

The heart of this area is Romerberg square, the most famous in the city and the first place to visit on a trip to Frankfurt. Today it hosts one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, as well as buildings such as the Römer, the town hall, the wooden houses of the Römerberg, the Church of St. Nicholas or the Fountain of Justice.

Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay
The characteristic Christmas Markets of Frankfurt in Germany - Photo from Istock

Beyond the square, it is advisable to visit the Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé, from the XNUMXth century and place of coronation of the emperors; there Paulskirche church; museums such as Die Schirn, history or anthropological museums, and Goethe's birthplace to the north-west.

The old town is within walking distance of the River Main and the famous ponte Eiserneg footbridge, another symbol of the city. This whole area can be explored perfectly on foot and from there it is possible to reach in a few minutes Innenstadt, the modern part of the city, and Sachsenhausen, the museum and tavern district.

Staying in the historic center of Frankfurt is more expensive than in other places, but it's worth it. Despite its antiquity, the area is well connected to the rest of the city by the metro.

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This neighborhood is a good choice where to sleep in Frankfurt. It is located south of the River Main, very close to the Innenstadt and Aldstad areas, joined to it by several bridges. In this area you will find a fascinating combination of old Frankfurt and modern Frankfurt.

Sachsenhausen hosts, mainly on the river, the most important museums in Frankfurt. For example, we can visit the prestigious Städel Museum, the Museum of Creative Arts, or the Sculpture Museum in the Villa Liebieghaus. These and others can be visited for free on Museum Night.

It is also held in this area one of the largest street markets in Frankfurt where you can find everything.

È the most dynamic area of ​​the city it is also a trendy neighborhood among tourists and local young people, as it has a wide range of shops and nightlife. In Sachsenhausen one must enter one of his traditional cider houses and try the typical Apfelwein, an apple wine very similar to cider, but less sweet.

It is a great area to sleep in Frankfurt because its accommodations have quite affordable prices. Furthermore, the neighborhood is very well connected to the rest of the city and the center can be reached in a few minutes on foot.

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Innenstadt: the financial district of Frankfurt

Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay
Alte Oper, Frankfurt -

This is the modern part of the city, located north of the River Main, right next to the old town. And the financial and commercial center of Frankfurt, where skyscrapers and modern office buildings are located. Without doubt it is the best area to sleep in Frankfurt for business trips.

Innenstadt is a perfect area too for those visiting the city for the first time, as in addition to being located in the center, it houses the main public transport stations. Furthermore, in a few steps you arrive in the medieval old town, the most touristic part of Frankfurt.

Inside Innenstadt, the first thing that catches the eye is its western area, where the famous Mainhattan is located, with its impressive skyscrapers. Of all the skyscrapers it is worth getting on Main tower, the best vantage point located 200 meters high.

In the neighborhood there is also Alte oper, one of the best opera houses in the city and to the west the Jewish Museum XNUMXth century.

For the Shopping it is advisable to visit Goethestrasse, but especially the "Golden Mile" of Frankfurt or Zeil Street with dozens of shops and the MyZeil shopping center. Innenstadt and in particular Zeil Street is an area with a lot of atmosphere at all hours of the day, with numerous restaurants, bars, shops and pubs.

The neighborhood offers accommodation and hotels with medium / high rates. The Kaiserstraße boulevard is home to modern hotels with spectacular views, while the side boulevards are home to smaller hotels and hostels with cheaper rates.

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It is the university area of ​​the city. In Bockenheim there is a large part of the Goethe-Universität, so this area is mainly inhabited by young students. It's a very lively neighborhood, full of small shops, cafes and restaurants.

Accommodation in Bockenheim is cheaper and convenient compared to the center of Frankfurt. In this area lies the important Palmengarten botanical garden, one of the places not to be missed in the city. Thanks to the underground, from Bockenheim you can easily reach the center of Frankfurt in a few minutes.

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West end

Although located near the university area, this residential neighborhood is one of the most exclusive places to sleep in Frankfurt. Filled with wide tree-lined boulevards, the Westend is a clean and quiet place, very well connected to the rest of the city.

The neighborhood is full of green corners, with many squares, parks and gardens. AND one of the most expensive areas to sleep in Frankfurt, with small luxury hotels, exclusive apartments and B & Bs.

Her main attractions they are the Goethe University Campus, in the North Westend; the Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the country, with large greenhouses and the famous Palmengarten; the huge Grüneburgpark or the Senckenberg Nature Museum.

It is also interesting to visit the part of the financial district where the is located westend tower, 208 meters high; the Messeturm, 255 meters high or le Deutsche Bank twin towers, with 155 meters each.

Also, there are other interesting places like the statue of Hammering Man, or the concert hall Festhalle Messe Frankfurt.

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This is the district where the busiest train station in Germany is located. It is considered the "red light district" of Frankfurt for its rich leisure offer and the lively nightlife.

Previously, it was an industrial and residential district until, in 2000, it began to be renovated to become a very touristic place with many bars, cafes, restaurants and with a high density of hotels and hostels at affordable prices.

Bahnhofsviertel is located relatively close to the center, west of the financial district. In it you will find a wide gastronomic and commercial offer as well the cheapest hotels to sleep in Frankfurt.

This neighborhood is an excellent option to save on accommodation, as well as being perfectly connected by public transport with other areas of the city.

If you are looking for a lively place with lots of fun and places to go out in the evening, close to the center and well connected, Bahnhofsviertel is an excellent option to sleep in Frankfurt.

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Where to sleep in Frankfurt: best neighborhoods to stay
Frankfurt night panorama -

Between the platforms of Frankfurt's central station and the River Main, west of Bahnhofsviertel there is Gutleutviertel, until recently an industrial-looking neighborhood of the working class that is gradually changing thanks to tourism.

Those who choose this area to stay in Frankfurt will find mainly 3 and 4 star hotels, and you can also pay less than € 70 for a room. It is a good area to stay as it is close to everything and slightly lower prices than the city center. Most of the accommodations are located to the east, near the entrance to the Central Station.

One of the attractions of the neighborhood is the Tower of Westhafen, 112 meters high. Next to this tower, in a small park, there is an interesting outdoor graffiti exhibition and, not far away, the Westhafen pier, where a complex was built to host events of all kinds on the river bank.

Behind this area is one of the most emblematic buildings in the neighborhood: the Gutleutkaserne, built in the 19th century and a little further west, still facing the river, is the Sommerhoofpark o Summer Park.

Right on the banks of the River Main are the best restaurants where you can enjoy authentic German dishes made from fresh products.

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Sleeping close to the Frankfurt airport

The international airport is located 10 kilometers south of the city. It is one of the largest in Europe, with hundreds of flights every day. Sleeping close to the Frankfurt airport is the ideal option for those travelers who have one long-term stopover or who have their own I fly early in the morning o they arrive late in the evening.

I connections to the city center are excellent, both by public transport and by private car.

For those wishing to stay near the airport, there are a large number of hotels various in the surroundings. Usually, they are not cheap, but it is always possible to find a deal. Conversely, in the nearby town of Kelsterbach, hotel rates are cheaper.

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