Where to sleep in Helsinki: best neighborhoods to stay

Founded in 1550 by Gustave Vasa, king of Sweden, the city of Helsinki is now populated by almost 650.000 inhabitants. Modern port metropolis, it is located in southern Finland. The city of Helsinki is home to over 130 different nationalities and is made up of an archipelago of 330 islands. It has many green spaces, forests and lakes, perfect for lovers of nature and tranquility. But where to sleep in Helsinki? Discover the best areas to stay in the capital of Finland.

With modern design, quality architecture and a state-of-the-art cultural center, Helsinki is a must-see during a stay in Finland. The best thing about the city is its taste for art and culture, which can be felt in its museums, galleries and palaces.

Compared to other countries in Europe though, this is one of the more expensive travel destinations. To spend as little as possible it is necessary to carefully choose the hotel or the neighborhood where to sleep in Helsinki and above all to book well in advance.

Where to sleep in Helsinki

Staying in Helsinki is not cheap. As in any Nordic capital, prices are much higher than in most European cities.

The advantage is that the city is on a human scale and can be explored on foot or by bicycle, which saves a few euros in transport.

Therefore, i more expensive neighborhoods where to sleep in Helsinki are the center, Punavuori, Etu-Töölö and Kaartinkaupunki. The cheaper areas sono Kluuvi, Kallio, Ullanlinna e la zona dell'aeroporto.

City center, the most comfortable area to sleep in Helsinki

Helsinki is not too big a city and most of its attractions are in or near the city center. So sleeping in this area allows you to get anywhere just by walking.

In the center of the city lies the Senate Square, the best starting point to get to know the capital of Finland. It houses emblematic monuments such as the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the main building of the University and the National Library.

And, next to this square, there is another less architectural but more lively and full of life, the Market Square, located in front of the port of Helsinki from where ferries leave for the very visited nearby islands such as Suomennlina.

Within walking distance is theEsplanadinpuisto Park, one of the largest green lungs in the city. The heart of the city also includes the main shopping streets, Aleksanterinkatu e Unioninkatu, both full of shops of all kinds, artisan shops, cafes and exclusive restaurants.

Where to sleep in Helsinki: best neighborhoods to stay
Old Town of Helsinki, Finland - Photo from Istock

Of course, one must bear in mind that it is the most expensive area where to sleep in Helsinki. The offer is wide, but most are four and five star hotels and sleeping in this area costs no less than € 120 per night.

However it is the best area to stay in Helsinki if you want to be close to the main architectural attractions of the city.

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Kluuvi, near the station

Cloves and one of the liveliest neighborhoods, because here are some of the most popular shopping centers in the city such as the Stockmann and Sokos department stores and the Kluuvi shopping center.

Here is also the campus of the University of Helsinki and the central railway station. So the area is an excellent option to sleep in Helsinki for anyone planning to visit nearby islands and even cities St. Petersburg, as there is a direct train connecting the two cities.

The cultural offer is excellently represented by theAteneum Art Museum and Kiasma museum, dedicated to contemporary art. The neighborhood is also home to the Kaisaniemi Botanical Garden.

Those looking for affordable accommodation in Helsinki and close to major points of interest should consider this neighborhood. It is the most practical neighborhood for young people. Furthermore, i prices are slightly lower with respect to the center. There are many hostels and particularly affordable accommodation.

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West of central Helsinki you will find Kamppi, one of the most interesting areas of the Finnish capital, home to many attractions. It is a trendy neighborhood with many shops, restaurants and bars. For example in Kamppi it is possible to visit the famous "Chapel of Silence", The Temppeliaukio Church carved into the rock and many museums.

This area is also home to the Kamppi shopping center, the largest in the city, the cultural and leisure center Tennispalatsi - and the Glass Palace “Lasipalatsi”. It also has a good number of museums, including the HAM o Helsinki Art Museum, which includes over 9.000 works of modern and contemporary art, and the art museum Amox Rex.

Thanks to his good location and access to facilities, it is a very comfortable area to sleep in Helsinki. We recommend this area mainly for shopping and museum lovers.

The hotel offer is very interesting, but the prices are high, even if more competitive than in the city center.

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Kallio, the cheapest area to sleep in Helsinki

Staying in Helsinki is expensive. However, this city also has economic zones such as Kallio, the best option for those looking for a good budget hotel.

Kallio is located northeast of the city and has undergone a major change over the past 20 years. Historically it has been a popular neighborhood, without too much charm but the arrival of young students has revitalized it and made it a very attractive area.

Today Kallio is the favorite place for young people and new businesses. It has a good offer of shops, bars, modern cafes and restaurants, which offer a gastronomic panorama of the most innovative. One of its biggest attractions is the Hakaniemi open air market with its endless stalls of Finnish products.

The hotel offer is not very wide but there are four-star hotels that are much cheaper than those in the center. Plus you are only 15 minutes from the heart of Helsinki.

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Punavuori, perfect for families

Southwest of the center, a 20-minute walk from the main attractions, is this district, which stands out as one of the most bohemian of the Finnish capital and one of the quietest. So it's a great area to sleep in Helsinki for family travelers.

The big draw of this area is the District Design which concentrates more than two hundred shops, workshops, designer brand galleries, antique markets, museums and theaters. In addition you can visit the church of Mikael Agrícola, the Sinebrychoff Museum of Art and Sinebrychoff Park, one of the most famous parks in Helsinki.

Furthermore, the gastronomic offer it is the most interesting in the city, as it is full of restaurants serving national and international cuisine such as Greek, Thai and Mexican.

With such characteristics, Punavuori is emerging as an excellent neighborhood to stay in Helsinki. Unfortunately the housing offer is not too large, so the prices are high.

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Where to sleep in Helsinki: best neighborhoods to stay
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