Where to sleep in Hong Kong: best neighborhoods to stay

Hong Kong is an archipelago consisting of over two hundred islands and a small peninsula, which stretches along the southern coast of the China Sea. With over 7 million inhabitants, this Asian region ranks fourth among the most densely populated cities on the planet. Sleeping in Hong Kong is not cheap at all.

It is one of the most expensive cities in the world and the average price per night even exceeds that of New York. However, it is a city that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. In this post we tell you the best areas to sleep in Hong Kong so that everyone can find the one that best suits their needs.

Where sleeping in Honk Kong

Hong Kong is currently one of the most important financial, political and economic centers not only in Asia, but also in the world. In this Chinese city, the multiplicity of contrasts between past and future, visible in each of its corners, is surprising. Here the endless skyscrapers of the Central District coexist in perfect harmony with the ancient markets, temples and shops typical of traditional Chinese medicine.

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If you want to spend a few days there, it is best to choose a hotel or apartment in an area well located near the main attractions of the city or better yet, close to public transport so that you can move easily!

Central District of Hong Kong

Where to sleep in Hong Kong: best neighborhoods to stay
Central Hong Kong -

This district, located in the northern part of Hong Kong Island, was the first to be developed during the time when the city was a colony of the British. Today it is a business district. In fact, some of the most important companies in the world are based here, such as the Bank of China, the Bank of America or the multinational HSBC.

It is also the main urban area of ​​the city, which houses important buildings, such as City Hall, Exchange Square and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and other popular buildings such as The Center, the fifth tallest tower in the city.

Here it is also found the botanical garden and the zoo, the Harcourt Garden where it Soho Park of Hong Kong, the trendiest district, full of craft shops, restaurants and art galleries. There is also Lan Kwai Fong, the area with the liveliest nightlife in the city.

Central is very well connected with the subway, tram, bus, ferry and the legendary funicular Peak Tram, which takes you to the top of Victoria Peak. It has everything a traveler needs and is considered the most interesting area to sleep in a Hong Kong.

It allows you to walk to the island's tourist attractions, get to Kowloon easily by ferry, go out for a drink on Lan Kwai Fong, and walk closer to the Mid-Levels, an affluent residential area. The only flaw in the area is the housing price, quite high.

The accommodation offer is very wide, but it is mainly made up of luxury hotels. Even if you book in advance, it is unlikely to pay less than € 100 per night.

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Tsim Sha Tsui, the most comfortable area

Where to sleep in Hong Kong: best neighborhoods to stay
Hong Kong Bird's Eye View - Photo from Istock

This area is actually a headland, extending into the southernmost part of the Kowloon Peninsula. Not only offers a breathtaking view of the Hong Kong bay and on its skyline, but it is also home to a long list of attractions and amenities that make this area the most touristic in the city.

Tsim Sha Tsui, one of the liveliest neighborhoods of Hong Kong. Here you will find countless restaurants, shops, hotels and points of major interest. Eg, Avenue of the Stars and the famous statue of Bruce Lee, the clock tower, Kowloon Park, the Art Museum or lo Space Museum.

Tsim Sha Tsui is connected to the rest of the areas by several subway and bus lines. Also, as an added benefit, it houses the Star Ferry pier, which connects Hong Kong Island with Kowloon.

This is one of the best areas to sleep in Hong Kong as its location is very central, one step away from everything, with countless shops, bars and restaurants. In addition this area also has ahigh hotel concentration.

Among its streets, there are some of the most luxurious and well-known hotels of the main hotel chains, as well as other more discreet accommodation proposals. In other words, it is a zone suitable for all budgets.

For a price reference, the average hotel price is above € 80 per night. However, there are several options even for less than € 50. Of course, you will have to be content with sleeping in very small rooms.

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Mong Kok district

This district located in the western part of Kowloon is not alone one of the most important residential and commercial areas in Hong Kong, but also one of the most densely populated in the world.

Mong Kok is a predominantly middle-class neighborhood known to be one of the most authentic in Hong Kong e one of the liveliest in the world. Its streets are teeming with passers-by, visitors and locals who visit the many shopping malls, small boutiques, stalls, traditional restaurants and all kinds of markets.

Out of curiosity, the shops and Mong Kok's markets are grouped by products they sell. So, if you are interested in buying birds, go to the bird market; if you are looking for computer products on Sai Yeung Choi Street and if you are in need of cosmetic products, at Ladies Market.

Mong Kok is an expensive area, especially since there are few hotels and the demand is very high. While not the most central, it is the funniest area of ​​the city and everyone wants to be close to it. If you book in advance, a good hotel will cost around € 85 per night. As in the previous case, if you are satisfied with a little, you will not pay more than € 50 for a room.

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Yau Ma Tei

Where to sleep in Hong Kong: best neighborhoods to stay
Hong Kong –

Yau Ma Tei is located south of Kowloon, in the district of Yau Tsim Mong, bordered on the west by Victoria Harbor. It is a residential and commercial area. It's a lot less tourism in Tsim Sha Tsui and in it you can get to know the daily life of the inhabitants of Hong Kong.

This area offers many attractions like yours traditional markets, its many shops and its characteristic streets that at night create a very special atmosphere thanks to their bright neon lights.

The cultural offer is represented byHong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum, which exhibits mementos of pop culture and some toys, or from the teatro Yau Ma Tei. As for the religious buildings, you can see the Tin Hau temple or the Kowloon Union church.

Yau Ma Tei is a good option for sleeping in Hong Kong if you are looking to save some money. However, the hotel supply here is lower than in Tsim Sha Tsui while the demand is high, so the prices are slightly more expensive. In fact, a quality hotel in Yau Ma Tei will cost you no less than € 80.

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Jordan, located between Tsim Tsa Tsui and Yau Ma Tei, è one of the most authentic neighborhoods in Hong Kong. The area has a rich historical and cultural past.

In this popular and multicultural neighborhood, one finds oneself among temples, karaoke bars, street restaurants, ancestral buildings and traditional markets. The most popular is the Temple night market, made up of countless stalls where bargaining is an art.

Jordan, between tradition and modernity, is a good place to sleep in Hong Kong. The district is chosen by travelers who want to enter the Chinese culture and lifestyle and, at the same time, be away from mass tourism.

Choosing this neighborhood to sleep in Hong Kong guarantees a unique experience. L'the hotel's offer is extensive and you can choose between expensive accommodations starting at € 80 and more discreet accommodations for around € 50 a night.

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Wan chai

Another interesting area to sleep in Hong Kong is Wan Chai. Located northeast of Central it offers modern accommodation at very affordable prices.

It is a very important residential and commercial area of ​​the island, which in recent years has greatly expanded the number of hotels available, thus responding to the great tourist demand of the city. The offer is very varied and you can find everything from luxurious accommodation to simple rooms.

For reference, the average price exceeds € 100. However, if you book in advance you will find very good hotels for just over € 60. The location is also good: in less than 20 minutes you will arrive in Kowloon.

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Where to sleep in Hong Kong: best neighborhoods to stay
Hong Kong –
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