When to go to China, Best Month, Weather, Climate, Time

When to go to China, Best Time

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China is about the size of Europe, so during a trip it is very difficult to see everything. You can rely on a tour through your trusted travel agency or organize a do-it-yourself trip by moving with trains, which are still fast and very cheap.

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What awaits you in China?

If you have decided to make a trip to China, you can not miss Beijing, modern Shanghai, the Great Wall, the many monasteries and temples, but also the Lhesan Buddha, the Yungang caves, the sacred mountain of Huangshan, the floating country of Whuzen. The natural park of Jiuzhaigo and Zhangjiajie, which will take you with your imagination to the magical world of the movie Avatar.

The tours organized by travel agencies that will take you to China offer different itineraries based on specific themes: naturalistic, spiritual, historical, culinary. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences, but at the end of the day they all have a common path that satisfies the classic stops required of travelers who want to discover everything about China.

It almost always starts from Beijing where most international flights land. From Tiananmen Square you enter the Forbidden City and the residence of the great emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties Summer Palace. We explore the historical alleys of Beijing to savor the traditions. From Beijing we reach the Great Wall of China for a walk along the winding walls. On the way back, before leaving the city, visit the many temples. From Beijing we head towards Xi'an visit the Terracotta Army millennium and delve into the famousGreat Wild Goose Pagoda. Depart with a flight to Guilin where you will get lost admiring the terraced rice fields and peasant villages. With a romantic cruise on the Li River you can reach Yangshuo

County, a naturalistic destination with fascinating views.

The last leg of the tour in China always touches Shanghai. You can't leave without seeing it. Shanghai is the China of the past, present and future concentrated in one place. You can touch the sky with a finger on the world's tallest skyscraper or sail along the canals

to discover the traditional Chinese houses, the many stone bridges that cross the navigable district and taste the typical dishes of the historical sites. The contrasts of Shanghai will win you over.

One of the ways to travel in China that has fascinated us the most and that hides an exciting and cultural journey is the 15-day tour through the natural beauties of China. Attractions that will literally take your breath away await you. Find the itinerary on this page of the sitewww.viaggio-in-cina.it.

When to go to China to enjoy all this?


Chinese spring has a mild climate, although it is possible to experience some rain even in this period. Summers are particularly hot and muggy, with rain and monsoons in the south-central part of China. Winters are very harsh especially in the north such as in the Beijing area.
To Beijing the best months for travel are April and October, however, May and September are also good, with higher temperatures. FOR Shanghai, with a longer summer, it is best to prefer April, May and October. In the south, since spring is already very rainy, it would be better to prefer the period between October and November.

In the south, perhaps avoiding the beginning of October because there is still a risk of typhoons.

October, November and most of December are also good to visit Hong Kong, during this period the skies are usually clear. From June to August, however, the heat and rain will give you no respite.
The cold northeast and the northwest desert, both hot in summer, can be visited in May and September.

Despite the vastness of the territory, we can say that it is preferable to make a trip to China in the autumn period between September and November or in the spring in May

. But it depends a lot on the areas you want to visit.

For more details on precipitation and average temperatures

please consult the following data.

Events and demonstrations

The date of the Chinese New Year, full of celebrations, changes from year to year, but always falls in the months of January or February.



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