Where to stay in Munich

If you are looking for the best solution where to stay in Munich you have come to the right place. Munich is a city with medium-high prices and especially during Oktoberfest it is not easy to find structures at low prices.

In this article we see how to choose the best area to sleep in Munich for every need.

Where to Stay In Munich

The choice of where to stay in Munich depends on several factors: budget, type of accommodation, how long you stay in the city, etc.

First you have to decide whether to choose one central location or just outside the center.

Staying in the historic center is the most comfortable solution, especially if you have a few days available; you can walk around and visit the main attractions. Obviously the hotels in the center are on average the most expensive.

If, on the other hand, you have more days available, you can also evaluate the idea of ​​staying overnight in a neighborhood adjacent to the center but well connected by public transport, which works very well in Munich.

Staying outside the center of Munich you will have the advantage of saving both on the hotel and on the parking if you reach the city by car.

In any case, consider that the car will only serve you for excursions outside Munich, while to visit the city you can travel by public transport.

If you decide to stay outside the center, I recommend that you choose an area with a decent range of restaurants, without necessarily having to reach the heart of Munich every evening.

Now let's find out in detail the various areas to stay in Munich.

City Center

As I have already said, the great advantage of staying in the center is to be able to walk around and be close to everything: monuments, museums, shops and restaurants. Plus you will also be convenient for the airport.

The center is a lively area full of restaurants, bars, shops, so even in the evening you will have everything at hand and you will not have to take any means to move.

The most central area of ​​the city is Old town, the medieval old town of Munich. The beating heart of this area is Marienplatz, the most beautiful point in the center, much loved by tourists and city dwellers. Here is the famous Town Hall clock tower.

In general, the center is the best solution to stay in Munich for those traveling with small children and for those arriving without a car.

Station area

The central station area is certainly not one of the most beautiful in the city, especially for the people who frequent it, but it is not dangerous also because there is generally a lot of police.

It has the advantage of being very close to the center which can be reached in a few minutes on foot, it is well served by all means of transport and the costs of the hotels are lower than in other districts.

Maybe to avoid if you are traveling with small children, more recommended for a group of friends.


Schwabing is considered to be the arts district, as it was once frequented by painters, writers and musicians.

Today it is one of the most beautiful districts of the city and is perfect for those looking for an area a little outside the center (easily reachable by metro) but full of restaurants, bars, shops and clubs, ideal for young people looking for lively evenings.


Between the old town and Schwabing is the university district Maxvorstadt. It is a lively, multicultural and constantly evolving area, full of bars, restaurants and pubs.

Maxvorstadt is famous for its art galleries and houses one of the most important museums in the city, Lenbachhaus, the museum of modern art, with works by artists such as: Kandinsky, Franz Marc, August Macke, Paul Klee and Andy Warhol.


If you are looking for a residential and quiet area, but well connected by public transport to the center, you can evaluate the neighborhood Neuhausen, located in the northwestern part of Munich.

It is the best solution for those who have a few more days to dedicate to their stay in the city and for those who want a relaxing holiday.

It is an elegant and elegant neighborhood full of green areas and tree-lined streets, perfect for families with children. There is no shortage of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Ludwigsvorstadt: Where to Stay During Oktoberfest

Where to stay in Munich

Oktoberfest, one of the most famous beer festivals in the world, takes place in Theresienwiese, a public park located in the neighborhood of Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, near the historic center of Munich.

Keep in mind that the prices of any facility during Oktoberfest are very high. First of all I recommend that you book several months in advance. If you do not find anything convenient near the center, the best thing to avoid spending too much money is to stay in more peripheral areas but close to a subway station, to easily reach the center.

One thing is certain: forget the car during Oktoberfest.


In short, the options where to stay in Munich are mainly 2:

Central Areas: to get everything close and get around the city comfortably on foot

Peripheral areas: connected to the center by public transport, convenient for those traveling by car and for those who need to save a little.

Where to stay in Munich

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