What to see in a weekend in Lübeck

Visit in 1 day, what to see in Lübeck

Recently, looking for one as usual interesting destination to spend a weekend in Europe, on the Ryanair website I stumbled upon, among the various destinations of the Irish company, for my love and hate, in Hamburg-Lübeck . Being the first of a great city that certainly deserves more than two days of visit, our attention has shifted to the second city: Lübeck.

Small but absolutely elegant is this town born and raised between the blue of the water and the green of the forests, enclosed in the arms of the Haz and Wakenitz,its tributary, which is located right here, just before ending its race to the Baltic.

The city, once the capital of the Hanseatic League, still retains unchanged the beauty of its medieval historic center today, with houses with sloping roofs overlooking the cobbled streets, the soaring steeples, which soar skyward, and the stores that have. They rightfully deserve the title of UNESCO World Heritage site.
But not only the beauty of the city is worth a visit, but above all its atmosphere and the air one breathes, a magical air, with crowded streets, artists, puppeteers and actors, candy sellers.
The historic center is surrounded by a ring of water. The central part is accessed through the majestic Holstentor Gate, the most famous of the city: the center is easily accessible from there, following the crowds, with a route through narrow streets and Gothic churches, to the splendid 15th century square (Marktplatz, the Market Square), illuminated during the Christmas period by the thousands of lights of the characteristic market and dominated by the imposing St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche), the third largest in Germany.

The basilica was almost completely destroyed during the British bombing on Palm Sunday 1942. During the reconstruction, Gothic decorations were brought to light and many details destroyed by the flames were rebuilt; today the brick church looks like a modern church, but under the south tower the huge bells, fallen to the ground, partially melted by the heat of the fire, remain as evidence of the fire.

Always around the Marktplatz stretches, next to the Church of St. Mary.
one of the sides of the Lübeck City Hall (Lübeck City Hall, one of the oldest city halls in Germany).
The other overlooks Breite Straße, right in front of the famous Caffè Niederegger.

I have visited Lübeck in a very colorful period, just before winter, when the leaves on the trees are dyed bright reds, yellows and oranges and the whole city is getting ready for Christmas. On the streets the first lights begin to shine, here and there colorful candy and hot-dog stands appear, while the shop windows of Niederegger are already filled with marzipan sweets, Santa Claus cloths, packages decorated in gold and silver.

What to see in a weekend in LübeckEven if the city center is a miniature gem, it won't keep you busy for more than a day, so if, like me, you have two full days, take the opportunity to take a day trip to Travemunde, just over half an hour away by bus, it's a fishing village that will fascinate you, overlooking the Baltic, with fishing boats returning from fishing before lunch, chased by hungry seagulls, to bring fresh fish to the tables of the houses and many restaurants. built on the shore of the river.

A pleasant walk along the main road, with boat moorings on one side and beautiful boutiques on the other, will take you to the headland, where the lighthouse is located and from where a wide white sandy beach begins.

Two days in Lübeck go by very quickly, given the beauty of the city and above all its livability, and in a moment, almost without noticing the time passing, you will find yourself having to catch your return flight.

For those who wish to visit Lübeck and Travemunde and need detailed information, I highly recommend the website of the Lübeck Tourist Office.

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