Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay

Zurich is a city located in northeastern Switzerland. Although it is not the capital of the country, it is the largest city in the Switzerland and also its financial center. The city looks like something out of a fairytale due to the appearance of the medieval streets of its old town, nestled on the banks of a lake and with the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps in the background. But where to sleep in Zurich, which are its best areas to visit the city?

Zurich is considered one of the most important banking centers in the world and is an important commercial destination in Europe. It also hosts several international organizations and also attracts several companies of the likes of Google. This very international profile makes Zurich one of the most dynamic cities, but also one of the most expensive cities to visit in the world.

In addition to being a major business destination, Zurich is home to the Zurich-Kloten Airport, the busiest airport in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe. It is located in the community of Kloten, 12 minutes by train from the center of Zurich.

Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay
The Old Town, the best area to sleep in Zurich, Switzerland - Photo from Istock

Public transport in Zurich is very efficient and consists mainly of trams, buses and S-Bahn (fast trains). At the various stops you will find information on timetables, connections, maps and automatic ticketing. You can buy tickets for 1 hour or day tickets for various areas.

Where to sleep in Zurich

Zurich, divided in two by the Limmat River which flows into Lake Zurich, has a great variety of areas and atmospheres. The city is divided into twelve numbered districts called "kreis" and each district is divided into neighborhoods.

Altstadt, the old town, is perhaps the best of all areas because it allows you to be close to the most important attractions. The accommodation offer here is more complete and varied and can be found from the cheapest hotels in the area around the Hauptbahnhof station to the more exclusive five-star hotels in the main streets of the old town.

The rest of the downtown neighborhoods allows you to sleep in Zurich at more reasonable prices, especially if the search is done between two and three star hotels. The distances, which are not very large, are perfectly passable by buses and trams which are fast and punctual.

Old town

Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay
Altstadt area in Zurich -

If you are looking for comfort, there is nothing better than sleeping in Zurich's District 1. This district represents the historic center of the city, called Old town, and hosts most of the tourist attractions. Two areas in particular can be mentioned in the historic center of Zurich.

The most interesting is Niederdorf. It is located east of the Limmat River and is one of the liveliest parts of Zurich, with cobbled streets, numerous bars and restaurants. It is also a pedestrian zone, perfect for strolling. It is certainly one of the most picturesque areas to sleep in Zurich, but in Niederdorf, the offer is more limited compared to other parts of the historic center.

For example on the west side of the river it is Lindenhof, the other part of the old city. It is famous for its hill, which bears the same name and offers great views over the city, especially during sunset. This part is much more commercial than the previous e the hotel offer is greater.

Not to be missed in the old town is the building of the Zurich Town Hall, built in 1690, and in particular the two iconic cathedrals of the city, that of Fraumünster, the Church of Our Lady, from the medieval period; and the Grossmünster, built later in the Gothic style. In addition you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Switzerland.

The old town (Altstadt) is probably the best place to sleep in Zurich if you are visiting the city for a short stay or if you arrive in Zurich by train. Zurich main station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof) is located right in District 1, within walking distance of all the attractions of the old town.

This area is also the most expensive. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a hotel in District 1 for less than € 100 a night.

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Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay
Zurich, Switzerland -

This district is located on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich. It is a beautiful area, very busy in the summer. Staying here allows you to enjoy the nature of Zurich just a stone's throw from the city center. You can walk along the lake shore before going to sleep, or enjoy a sunset sitting on a bench ...

Seefeld is known for its green areas: don't miss the incredible Chinese garden, the China garden, a garden offered by the Chinese city of Kunming to the city of Zurich.

It is also a fairly convenient area to stay in Zurich. You can walk almost everywhere. And if that's not possible, you can take the trams at Bellevue station which take you to the central station or anywhere in the city.

The only negative is that the hotels are quite expensive in that area.

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To the south of the old town, in the western part of Lake Zurich, is District 2, which is home to the Enge district, among others. It is a residential area with a good offer of mid-range hotels, ideal for those who want to stay in Zurich on a budget.

This area adjacent to the historic center and very well connected with the rest of the city. To get around you can use the train (Enge station) and the bus.

Also in the neighborhood there is no shortage of tourist attractions. You can visit the Sihlberg Castle, a beautiful building from which you can see the city, l’Arboretum, a botanical garden, or the Synagogue in Zurich Löwenstrasse and Israelitische cultusgemeinde Zurich (ICZ), a temple and a library that are references for the Jewish community in Switzerland.

In addition, you will find numerous restaurants, cocktail bars, clothing stores and even the Google office in Zurich.

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District 5

Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay
Modern area of ​​Zurich -

District 5, known as Kreis 5, was a rather ugly and unsafe industrial zone at the turn of the century. In fact, it was uninhabitable. But now, thanks to rapid and surprising growth, it has become another attraction of the city of Zurich. The old factories have given way to offices, residential spaces, shopping malls and interesting art galleries.

So the neighborhood has completely changed. In Kreis 5 you can see the Prime Tower, the second tallest building in Switzerland e Viadukt, an interesting viaduct which has become a commercial center.

The best feature of the area is its prices. Being a bit distant from the historic center, it offers cheaper prices. But distance will never be a problem as Altstadt can be reached in about 10 minutes by tram. In Kreis 5 you will find modern accommodation with excellent value for money.

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Aussersihl, an alternative for the more revelers

West of Zurich is Aussersihl, one of the most interesting areas to sleep in Zurich. Aussersihl is a multicultural neighborhood. It was previously the best-known red light district in Switzerland, but the landscape has changed a lot over the years. The district has gained considerable popularity with the consolidation of groups of young art and fashion designers and very creative restaurant owners.

Langstrasse is the main artery of the district. It is the environment ideal for nightlife and hosts numerous bars, night clubs, fast-food restaurants open 24 hours a day. In this district there is also Platzspitz, one of the oldest green areas in the city, where you can take a walk or relax, and countless clothing shops.

If you love parties, you should take a look at the calendar of events taking place in the district. One of these is the Langstrasse Fest held every two years since 1996, or the Langstrasse Carnival.

Aside from the party, we feel it is a practical area to stay in Zurich. In about 15 minutes on foot you will arrive in the heart of the city. In addition, the neighborhood offers a wide choice of hotel at a cheaper price compared to those of the historic center.

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Wiedikon e Sihlfeld

The districts of Wiedikon and Sihlfeld lie west of central Zurich and south of Aussersihl.

Wiedikon is a district of Zurich located southwest of the city center. It is a residential neighborhood and a quiet area to stay in Zurich. The center of the neighborhood is the Buehl, a collection of streets and buildings located on the top of a small hill. At that height is the church, the Bühl Church, in neo-Gothic style, built in 1896. In the area you can also visit the interesting Rietberg museum.

The area of Sihlfeld, north of the district, is a dynamic commercial area, with shopping streets, a vibrant nightlife and numerous hotels. In the area, you can visit the Sihlfeld cemetery, which is the largest green space in the city.

Wiedikon e Sihlfeld sono very well connected by public transport. Wiedikon railway station, located north of the district, has several S-bahn lines. Further south are the stations of Giesshübel, Binz and Friesenberg.

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Zurich International Airport


Kloten Airport, Flughafen Zürich, is the reference airport facility in Zurich. It consists of a single, albeit huge, terminal. It is located in a residential area just 12 kilometers from the center. Zurich Airport is one of the most important in Europe, the main hub of Swiss Airlines and an important connecting point for flights between Central Europe and cities in Asia and North America.

In the surroundings of Kloten there is a shopping center, theGlatt shopping center, which offers various proposals for leisure and catering. While about 7 kilometers from Kloten and the airport is located it Zurich zoo, recommended for young and old.

The airport is connected to the capital by SSB trains that operate between 6:00 and 22:00 every day of the year.

The price of hotels near the airport could be cheaper. We recommend staying close to the airport if you are visiting Zurich on a long layover.

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Cheap hotels to sleep in Zurich

Homestay Zurich Center - double room around € 73 per night

Primestay apartment house Zurich Seebach - double room from 64 € per night

IQ130 Guesthouse - Monolical double bed starting from 80 €

VIADUKT Apartments - double room starting from 81 €

Where to sleep in Zurich: the best areas to stay
Zurich city center -
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