Where to sleep in Vienna: the best hotels and the best areas to stay

You are planning a trip to Austria and are looking for what are the best areas to sleep in Vienna? The Austrian capital it is not an expensive city and offers a large amount of accommodation for all needs and budgets.

Vienna is without a doubt one of the main tourist destinations in Europe for various reasons, and it deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Located on the banks of the Danube River, is considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating imperial cities on the European continent, with many monuments, museums, and things to do and see.

The city has a long history and is one of the oldest cities in Europe, as well as having long been the main center of classical music and opera. The great historic center of Vienna, full of museums and monuments, which we symbolize its glorious imperial past, is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The two most important historical figures of the city and which give greater tourist interest are: the Princess Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria) and the well-known composer Mozart, who spent most of his life in the city of Vienna. Among the main attractions of the city, there are his great museums, among the largest in the world.

The best neighborhoods to sleep in Vienna

In order to choose which are the best areas to stay in Vienna, it is good to know how the city and its neighborhoods are formed. The configuration of the Austrian capital can be schematized in a center around which there are 22 districts that form two concentric circles.

In fact, the city of Vienna is composed in total of 23 neighborhoods, each with a different size and style. The 1st district, called 'Inner City', is the historical center of Vienna and it is the best area to visit and where to stay.

Around the 1st district there are 8 districts, from the 2nd to the 9th district, which form the first circle. Even one of these 8 districts can be a good choice, based on the type of trip or tourist preference. Of these the best areas to stay are: Leopoldstadt, Wieden and Neubau.

The districts from 10th to 23rd they form the outermost circle and it is not a good choice to stay (with the exception of the 10th district, Favoriten) both because it is further away from the historic center and because in the more peripheral districts safety decreases, especially at night.

Where to sleep in Vienna: the best hotels and the best areas to stay
Map of best areas to sleep in Vienna

Innere Stadt (the center of Vienna): the most comfortable area and the best to stay

Innere Stadt represents the 1st district ed it is the historic center and the most important part of the city, where most of the monuments and attractions are located. AND the best area to sleep in Vienna, but also the most expensive. It is the favorite place for tourists both to stay and to enjoy the Austrian capital.

Il average price per night in a downtown hotel it is usually around € 100 per double room per night. However, if yes book well in advance you can find rates of 50-60 € per double room per night, not only for hotels, but also for apartments and bed & breakfast.

Best hotels in the center of Vienna

Hotel zur Wiener Staatsoper

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

Hotel Pension Residenz

Castle Hotel Roman Emperor

Leopoldstadt: for those seeking tranquility

Leopoldstadt is the second district of Vienna and is the historic Jewish area of ​​the city. It stretches from the wildest forests of the Prater to the newly built areas of the Karmeliterviertel and Augarten.

È a good place to stay in Vienna, is a much quieter area than Innere Stadt, and is well connected to the center by public transport. In addition, you can easily reach it on foot in 10 minutes, just cross one of the bridges over the Danube to enter the city center.

The accommodations are much cheaper than Innere Stadt, the center of the city. You can also find accommodation and rooms with prices of 50-60 € per double room per night. In the area, the main attraction is the Prater, the famous park which is also home to one of the most historic amusement parks in Europe and the world.

Best budget hotels near the center of Vienna

Best Western Plus Hotel Arcadia

Hotel Resonanz Vienna

Motel One Wien-Prater

Arthotel ANA Adlon Vienna

Landstrasse: for those looking for budget accommodation

The third district is the largest inland district. Among the main attractions are the Belvedere Palace, the Schwarzenberg Palace and Schwarzenbergplatz, as well as various embassies.

In this area you can find many budget accommodations and it is a good solution for those seeking tranquility where to stay. In the area you can find many cafes, restaurants, shops and shopping centers.

Best budget accommodation near the center of Vienna

Ibis budget Wien Sankt Marx

Sommerhotel Don Bosco

Goldene Spinne Hotel

Nice Private Room in Wien Center

Wieden: a good alternative choice

Wieden is the fourth district of the city and one of the best areas where to sleep in Vienna on a budget. The area starts at Karlsplatz, with the famous Karlskirche, and borders on Naschmarkt (an open-air flea market) and Vienna's small Chinatown.

This neighborhood is close to various attractions, including the Belvedere Palace, and about a 20-minute walk from Innere Stadt, the city center. You can find accommodations with rates of 40-50 € per double room per night.

Good value accommodation in Wieden

AllYouNeed Hotel Vienna4

myNext – Sommerhotel Wieden

B&B near Castle

Suite Hotel 900 m zur Oper

Neubau: for museum lovers

Neubau is the seventh district and is home to the acclaimed MuseumsQuartier, which directly links modern museums to classic downtown museums, as well as other artistic venues. It is one of the best areas to stay for art and culture lovers.

The accommodations are not very expensive, the rates of a good hotel are between 60 and 100 euros per double room per night. It is part of the most cosmopolitan city and during the evening the area offers an interesting nightlife, with many restaurants, night clubs and bars.

Best accommodations near the museum area

Hotel ViennArt am Museumsquartier

Hotel Am Brillantengrund

Pension Pharmador

Hotel Pension Alla Lenz

Alsergrund: for study trips

If your trip to Vienna is for study reasons, the Alsergrund district is the best choice. The ninth district is home to the University of Vienna and several hospitals. Known as the student neighborhood par excellence of Vienna, among its attractions the Liechtenstein Palace, which houses the Federal Museum of Modern Art and the Freud Museum.

Best accommodation for study trips in Vienna


Pension Vera

Hotel Atlanta

Hotel-Pension Astra

Favoriten: for those traveling alone or on business

One of the favorite areas for those traveling on business or alone in Vienna is the Favoriten, located south of the city. It's a very quiet and pleasant area, with lots of greenery and with many good hotels offering cheap prices. The center of Vienna is about 15 minutes away by public transport.

Best hotel for business travel in Vienna

Hotel-Pension Astra

Hotel Caroline

Hotel Schani Vienna

a & o Vienna Central Station

Sleeping in Vienna on a budget

For those looking for an economic solution where to stay, we want to offer you some choices that are valid at all times of the year. If you don't want to spend a lot, however, the first tip is to book well in advance.

Best accommodation in Vienna on a budget

Hotel Carina

Lena's West Hotel

Cozy room with double bed

Hotel Hadrigan

When to go to Vienna

In principle, the best time to visit Vienna is from early April to late September. With the arrival of the spring the days become longer, the rainy days become rare and the climate becomes mild, especially during thesummer, from June to August, when the days become pleasantly warm.

Also 'autunno andwinter they can be an interesting time to see Vienna. The city acquires a charming winter atmosphere and is a good time to visit museums or for those looking for a low cost trip or vacation in Vienna.

Where to sleep in Vienna: the best hotels and the best areas to stay
Vienna, Austria - Photo from Istock
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