12 things to do and see in Las Vegas and 3 not to do

12 things to do and see in Las Vegas and 3 not to do
Las Vegas
12 things to do and see in Las Vegas and 3 not to do

Although the city authorities prefer to define it "World capital of entertainment", the rest of the world, on the other hand, knows Las Vegas as "City of vice" ("Sin City") because of the casinos and more generally because of the libertine image built up over time. In fact, since the legalization of gambling in the 30s of the last century, the city has experienced a very long season of growth which was interrupted only in 2008 following the financial crisis that broke out in the United States. Even this setback, however, is behind us, since in a couple of years the employment levels have returned to the pre-crisis level, and above all the city has continued to innovate without abjuring its development model, that mix of fun, luck and fame that made it famous all over the world. Below, let's go and discover together the main tourist attractions of Las Vegas. Happy reading

1 Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard South, better known as the "Las Vegas Strip", is the main artery of this city in the Mojave Desert. We are talking about a road of about seven kilometers on the sides of which there are (almost) all the main attractions of the city: restaurants, shops, hotels, clubs and casinos in such a concentration that has no equal in the world. The overall vision is therefore magnetic and at the same time disorienting, with excessive heat like only contraindication. The heat of Las Vegas, in fact, suggests not to make the road on foot. Do not worry, however, there is a practical alternative and to keep in mind also for the rest of the article. We refer to the Las Vegas Monorail", The elevated monorail that crosses "Sin City". By far the fastest and most efficient way to get around the city. There are seven stops and very short waiting times: a solution so convenient that it has itself become an attraction. For more information on timetables and costs consult the place: www.lvmonorail.com.

2 Fountains of the Bellagio

"Designed to hypnotize". It is written like this ("Designed to mesmerize") on the home page of this resort in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Suffice it to say that in the year of its opening, 1998, it was the most expensive hotel in the world. To want its realization Stephen Alan Wynn, entrepreneur with a taste for art very active in the hotel and casino sectors. The name Bellagio is a tribute to the homonymous town on Lake Como. In particular, at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni where Wynn was able to stay a few years before building this luxurious resort in the Nevada desert. As is well known, the Bellagio Las Vegas has also inspired Hollywood cinema. We refer to the famous Ocean's eleven, a film with a stellar cast with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Demon and George Clooney (also the latter, like Wynn, a frequenter of Lake Como). As for the things to do and see there are really many and all very expensive, in line with the target of the structure. With one significant exception: lo free show of the fountains from the artificial lake facing the hotel. Every 30 minutes during the afternoon; every 15 in the evening, thousands of dancing fountains hypnotize the spectators to the rhythm of music, offering an ever-changing show. Not surprisingly, the idea was later taken up by the Burj Khalifa, an iconic building in Dubai. For more information on the many opportunities of the Bellagio Las Vegas (restaurants, casinos, entertainment, etc.) consult the place: bellagio.mgmresorts.com.

3 High Roller Observation Wheel

We previously suggested using the Las Vegas Monorail to get around the city easily. The advice also applies to reaching theHigh Roller Observation Wheel, the highest Ferris wheel in the world (167 meters high). There stop, Harrah's & The LINQ Station, serves the district of the same name "Link", an area of ​​about 30.000 square meters obviously equipped with hotels, casinos, restaurants, shops and a thousand other leisure opportunities. In addition to being the tallest - about thirty meters above that of London - the Las Vegas Ferris wheel is by far the most comfortable. Well 28 cabin, each with a capacity of 40 people, to live an unforgettable experience, especially in the evening, when the lights of the Strip and the Valley make Las Vegas truly a magical place. For more information on timetables, prices and solutions proposed for groups and events (weddings, birthdays, etc.): High Roller.

4 Shark Reef Aquarium

Among the unmissable stops on a trip to Las Vegas there is certainly the Mandalay Bay aquarium. We are talking about a huge structure, capable of hosting thousands of marine species, several of which are at risk of extinction. It is precisely this eventuality that requires the Shark Reef Aquarium to comply with very high safety standards in order to combine entertainment, animal welfare and scientific interest. Sharks, of course, are the masters, but the list of animals present is very long and includes piranhas, turtles, crocodiles, giant octopuses, etc.. In short, an experience to absolutely try, even more so if you are traveling with children in tow. It goes without saying, things to do and see at Mandalay Bay certainly don't end with the aquarium alone. Like all resorts in Las Vegas, the range of activities is enormous, although, it must be said, the costs are also very high. En passant we point out the Mandalay Bay Beach, gigantic beach with lots of waves and artificial lake. For more information on the aquarium and Mandalay Bay see sites: www.sharkreef.com and www.mandalaybay.com.

5 The Big Apple Coaster

After the Ferris wheel and the aquarium, they certainly couldn't be missing roller coaster. They are close to the “New York - New York Hotel & Casino”And well over one million visitors a year. Here, too, the success of the attraction is inextricably linked to the context. In other words, the appeal of these roller coasters does not only come from the more or less daring evolutions, but also from the surrounding scenery: in this specific case, the scale reproduction of the "Big Apple", with faithful miniatures of some of the New York's most iconic buildings such as Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Moreover, for some time now, it has been possible to wear special 4D glasses to live virtual experiences with a sci-fi plot in the midst of reckless descents and turns with a view of the mythical Strip. It's not over, because if we talk about roller coasters in Las Vegas there is not alone "The Big Apple Coaster" to consider. Those with enough guts can go to the “Stratosphere Casino & Hotel Tower” for an even more shocking experience than the “classic” roller coaster. We are talking about "X-Scream" super-technological catapult with just eight seats that protrudes for about ten meters on the top of this skyscraper at over 200 meters high. For more information The Big Apple Coaster and X-Scream.

6 Eiffel Tower Experience

There are the atmospheres of Lake Como; there is New York; there is Venice (see next point); certainly could not miss the Paris appeal. Paris Las Vegas manages to perfectly evoke the atmosphere of the transalpine capital. The scale reproductions of the Arc de Tionfo, Place de la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower are enjoying great tourist success, particularly among young couples and families. The most popular experience is the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. The Las Vegas Eiffel Tower viewing platform provides a spectacular image of the city. Obviously in the evening, with the neon and sparkling lights of the Strip, the view is truly breathtaking. It's not over. This platform, in fact, is among the best places to watch the Bellagio Fountains show. For more information: Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck.

7 Gondola Rides

Inaugurated respectively in 1999 and 2008, Venetian and Palazzo are two luxurious resorts inspired by the most famous lagoon city in the world: Venice. Palazzo Ducale, the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile of San Marco are reproduced so well that they leave you speechless. This is why even those who have visited the Spanish city feel no embarrassment to indulge in a gondola ride in its miniaturized reproduction. A particularly popular experience for couples who come on vacation to Las Vegas on their honeymoon or, even more numerous, who come to the city to get married. Las Vegas, in fact, is famous for its "easy wedding". Thanks to lean legislation you can get married faster than elsewhere and, above all, you can do it however you want: on the Eiffel Tower, on a roller coaster, in the presence of Elvis Presley, in a helicopter, etc. We do not know if it is possible to do so in the spa of the Venetian. What we do know, however, is that Canyon Ranch - this is its name - is another attraction that is the most popular in "Sin City". Learn more: Gondola Rides and Canyon Ranch.

8 Adventuredome Theme Park

This theme park is located within the Circus Circus, resort on the north side of the Las Vegas Strip. It goes without saying that it is also the main reason why you choose to stay in this hotel but, like everything described so far, nothing prevents you from visiting the area even from outside. This is particularly recommended if you are traveling with children in tow: we are speaking, in fact, of a indoor park with attractions for all tastes and ages: from darts to minigolf, through climbing, bungee jumping and roller skating, to video games and roller coasters. In short, fun is guaranteed and, after all, it is exactly what you expect from a vacation in Las Vegas. To try. For more information: Adventurdome.

9 Freemont Street

If Las Vegas is not just a part of a longer vacation but it is the trip you plan to take, then the visit of Freemont Street it is mandatory. It is along this road, in fact, that the first casinos, the first clubs, and the first films were made. In short, by forcing the concept a little, we can say that Freemont Street is the “historic center” of the city. And, just as happens in historical centers of a certain importance, the city authorities, in synergy with private individuals, have taken steps to revive their splendor. Meanwhile, the longest running resorts, such as the Golden Gate and Golden Nuggets (the latter famous for its shark tank) remain fixed points of the tourist offer of Las Vegas and then, next to these, a futuristic commercial area has been created, emblematically renamed, Freemont Street Experience. Entirely pedestrianized, Freemont Street Experience has a vaulted roof studded with thousands of LEDs that every hour, generally from six in the evening onwards (the times vary according to the seasons), come alive giving life to one light and sound show (Viva Vision Light) lasting about six minutes. It's not over. Among the things to do we point out SlotZilla, an experience that allows you to cross in flight like a Supeman, obviously hooked to a steel cable, Freemont Street. to know more: vegasexperience.com.

10 National Atomic Testing Museum

From the Second World War until the early 60s, the American government led its own nuclear tests in Nevada desert. Subsequently it was arranged that the experiments were carried out underground, until the definitive ban in 1993. In Las Vegas there is a museum that traces the stages of this story which, as it is easy to guess, goes far beyond the local dimension. Indeed, the purpose of the National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) is not only to tell the evolution and consequences for the environment of the tests conducted a few miles from Las Vegas, but also - above all - to provide visitors with aexhaustive historical-political overview of what these tests represented in the international arena. The reflection, however, also concerns the present and the future of humanity since the nuclear race is by no means over and continues to represent both a threat and a deterrent from a geopolitical point of view. For more information on the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, timetables, prices and ways of visiting (it is also possible to visit the Nevada National Security Site, the area where the tests were conducted) consult the place: www.nationalatomictestingmuseum.org.

11 Neon Museum

“Collect, preserve, study and exhibit the iconic signs of Las Vegas for educational, historical and artistic and cultural enrichment purposes”. This is the mission of Neon Museum about two kilometers from Freemont Street. So an exhibition that has the ambition to trace the development of Las Vegas through its neon lights and its signs. A decidedly "pop" idea but absolutely in line with the originality of the city, and above all an idea that allows you to include art and history (although there is no lack of high-level private collections) in the tourist offer of Las Vegas . For more information see the place: neonmuseum.org.

12 The surroundings of Las Vegas

At the base of the tourist success of Las Vegas there are not only the casinos, the slots, the roller coasters, the sparkling lights of the clubs and the thousand other devilry of the "city of vice". There is also the wild nature of the canyons all around, with the possibility of participating in excursions of all kinds, for all budgets and needs (from walks for adults and children to more challenging routes). The most comfortable solutions, those that, to be clear, take half a day away are: Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam e Lake Mead. On the other hand, those who have more time and budget available can reach, again from Las Vegas, perhaps by helicopter, Death Valley e Grand Canyon. On the net you will find all the information to organize these tours in detail. To do!

1 What not to forget in your suitcase

Exclusive parties, casinos, restaurants, swimming pools, excursions in the desert and a thousand other opportunities for recreation. For every moment there is the right outfit but that's not the point. The thing to keep in mind is that it is very hot and the sun beats down hard. Therefore, hat and sunscreen they are indispensable accessories. Also long sleeve shirts and light sweaters they are necessary because, precisely because of the heat, the indoor environments are all air-conditioned.

2 Pay attention to the budget

Gambling is the "business name" of Las Vegas. Eye however that money flies away quickly and without the ability to give oneself a limit - especially if it is the first time in "Sin City" - there is a serious risk of ending the holiday even before it has started. Hold on!

3 Don't pay for sex

Prostitution in Las Vegas is illegal (which does not mean absence of the phenomenon). In other Nevada counties it is tolerated. In the city of vice, however, no. Paradoxes.

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