Barcelona is the best city for young people's holidays

    Barcelona is the best city for young people's holidays
    The Spanish city is the European capital of nightlife and is synonymous with fun, with a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants.

    Barcelona is there nightlife city, and unbridled fun at all hours. This metropolis projected towards the future is very attentive to the interests and tastes of young people. In fact, in addition to having a reduction in the prices of public transport tickets, they can take advantage discounts at various museums, exhibitions and shows. The extensive program of theatre, cinema, music and art is enriched on the occasion of festival that the city hosts, As the Bam (Barcelona Musical Action), the Sonar (International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art) and the bac (Barcelona of Contemporary Art). TO Barcelona Culture is not incompatible with evening entertainmentIn fact, almost important museums, parks, historic gardens and shopping centers, are some of the most innovative places. Restaurants, night bars and live music venues are concentrated in the most central and important areas of the city, such as Gothic Quarter. in the neighborhood Grace There are some very picturesque bars, Porto Vecchio of the characteristic outdoor and open-air cafes Olympic port other fashionable places in the Barcelona nights.

    Barcelona also has many beaches where you can enjoy the coastal climate and practice watersports. For the most athletic, the main activities are windsurf, candle, the diving and row. For those who prefer play sports in contact with nature, the city is located near Pyrenees and to the Coastal Mountain Range, where it is possible to practice hiking, the Cycling, paragliding and Delta wing.

    I sport ports and the infrastructures created for 1992 Olympics They deserve a visit, due to the architectural quality and the activities they offer, available to tourists. Are football fans? in the stadium Barça, Camp Nou, and in the ofEspanyol, the CornellĂ -El Prat stadium, you will have the opportunity to attend unforgettable matches.

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