Car Rental in Costa Rica

If you have chosen the Costa Rica as the next destination, you will surely be looking for the best and cheapest solution for rent a car in Costa Rica. This is because the car is certainly the best way to travel around the country independently.

Especially if you want to visit the regions of Guanacaste, Nicoya and other areas of the Pacific coast, with your car you will have more freedom in the various movements.

Before leaving for this magnificent land, I also searched among the many travel forums and the various sites of car hire in Costa Rica, also finding some good solutions, but all of them asked for a deposit of between $ 900 and $ 1500, even with full insurance.

Keep in mind that if you rent a car in Costa Rica, you will need to purchase mandatory standard insurance.

After a thousand searches I was about to surrender to the obligation of deposit, until on a forum I was recommended a local car rental: Auto Rental 4 × 4 Costa Rica.

The car rental is managed with a lot of professionalism and care towards the customer, I found myself really well.

The owner and his staff are really helpful, you can arrange with them for the collection and return of the vehicle, they come easily to the hotel where you are staying.

The main reason that convinced me to rent the car with them is that they do not ask for credit cards as a guarantee and do not require a deposit.

The cost of the rental then seemed to me very affordable 60 $ per day with full insurance for one Suzuki Vitara 4 × 4, truly a "great machine" in the true sense of the word.

Car Rental in Costa Rica

Our rented car in Costa Rica

Talking to other guys they had rented a car in Costa Rica and comparing the prices and the cars, I think we got a good deal.

Car rental in Costa Rica: some tips

  • A driving license is sufficient
  • The car rental can also rent you a satellite navigator, I honestly even if the road signs in Costa Rica are not the best, I still moved well with a road map and with few indications.
  • If you plan to go to Tortuguero I recommend hiring a car after the park tour. This will save you the cost of rental days and parking (I think $ 10 per day).
  • I recommend renting a 4 × 4 because in Costa Rica you will find unpaved road sections.
  • Keep in mind that San Jose is always very busy especially in the late afternoon, so if you can, avoid making the journey from the airport to the center.

Car Rental in Costa Rica

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