Costa Rica, the perfect destination for conscious tourism

Eco-tourism is a form of travel increasingly appreciated by travelers who love nature and local traditions. Here are some tips for conscious tourism in Costa Rica
Costa Rica, the perfect destination for conscious tourism

Il Costa Rica it is one of the most beautiful states in Central America and also one of the most appreciated, both for its landscape and political-social characteristics: the country is in fact one of the quietest so much so that, already in 1949, it decided to abolish the presence of the army.

Free from political turbulence and with the largest number of protected surfaces in the world, the Costa Rica it is undoubtedly counted among the ideal destinations not only for those who intend to visit it as a tourist, but even for those who decide to move permanently. However, its particularity makes it a place where tourism that is aware and respectful of the ecosystem is strictly necessary. Here are some tips for an eco-trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica: where it is, things to know and how to get there

In Costa Rica 26% of the territory is in fact considered nature reserve and protected asset, an element that makes it the ideal country for those who love nature and want to discover unparalleled scenic beauty but which requires responsible tourism. The capital, San Josè, has around 300 thousand inhabitants and is very characteristic with its colonial houses, some museums, a rich nightlife animated by the musical environment that can even be felt in the streets.

Even the climate is not bad at all: the high season in which the main tourist visits are concentrated, as well as the best period to visit Costa Rica, is the one from December to April, a period in which the rains are rather scarce and the climate is more pleasant and warm, while between August and October we move on to the low season with often incessant tropical rains.

get to Costa Rica of course you can take advantage of the intercontinental flights that stop at the Juan Santamaria International Airport, in the capital San Josè. To move within the country you can fly from Tobias Bolano airport, considered the main hub.

Responsible tourism in Costa Rica: local habits and customs

Il responsible tourism in Costa Rica it is absolutely essential to preserve local traditions and integrate perfectly with the inhabitants. Costa Rica is in fact a deeply religious country, mostly Catholic, but also joyful and festive, so much so that there is no shortage of sacred festivals and traditional events. Here respect for the family values and for the homeland it is sacred, so responsible tourism in Costa Rica means first of all knowing the local customs and respecting them. After all, you are always a guest in someone else's house and it is right to respect the inhabitants.

In particular, there are two most important anniversaries in the country: the first is September 15th, the day on which independence from the Spanish which occurred in 1821 is commemorated, the second is instead the11th April and corresponds to the day on which we celebrate Josè Santamaria, national hero and protagonist of the battle of Rivas which took place in 1856.

Not only that: if you travel in Costa Rica during the holiday periods like Christmas or Easter, we must take into account that for them it is a holiday in all respects just like here and that many places and venues could be closed. Each city then has its own local customs, its Patron Saint and its specific anniversaries which are celebrated adequately with songs, dances, fireworks and the participation of the entire population. Don't miss the characteristic one Lìmon Carnival which is held in October and allows you to learn more about the folkloristic customs of the country.

Conscious tourism: places to respect in Costa Rica

Do responsible and conscious tourism in Costa Rica it also means knowing well the specificities of its territory, its protected areas and all the regulations for frequenting or visiting them without disturbing the local ecosystem. In particular, the territory, which boasts numerous protected areas and surfaces, is truly rich and varied and ranges from beaches to volcanoes, from forests to mountains.

So even those who, for example, want to try their hand at the waters of Costa Rica with activities such as surf o lo snorkeling, he needs to know where he can dive, where he can surf and which of its splendid beaches he can access.

To the north of Costa Rica then there is the Volcan Arenal Natural Park, one of the most active volcanoes, dormant since 2010, which can be visited along already established paths that must be respected. Same thing for the Corcovado National Park, which contains a real jungle rich in biodiversity, and the Braulio Carrillo National Park, an uncontaminated oasis where various animal species live, including rare ones.

Even beaches require a conscious tourism in Costa Rica by visitors: among the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, Playa Grande must certainly be mentioned, where turtles lay their eggs during the night.

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