How to apply for India Visa

    Everyone who wants to make a trip to India they need to request and obtain the travel visa which can only be issued by diplomatic / consular offices.

    This is a small guide on what procedures you need to do to apply for a visa independently, without therefore having to go to an agency. In the meantime, it is necessary to make a premise: all those who want to obtain a tourist visa must apply for it for 6 months and with multiple entry. To fill in the form you need to connect to the Indian Government website through THIS PAGE  and click onOnline Application Link. The form that will appear will be filled in with our personal data, attention that it will also ask us for an address in India. I didn't have it and I'm not ashamed to say that I invented it from scratch and entered the data of a hotel in Delhi found randomly on the internet.

    Attention: it is NOT possible to obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport, you must do it before departure.

    The form that we will be asked to fill will be 5 screens like the following:

    How to apply for India Visa


    Finally, once you have reached the end of the very long online compilation, you must make a note of the definitive ID number (which allows you to retrieve it even if you cannot print the page immediately), print and then sign the application in the points indicated (2 signatures, one below the photo box and the other at the end of the second page).

    How to apply for India Visa

    The completed and signed sheets, accompanied by two passport photos in case you fail come me to upload the photographs, they will be delivered to the counter in Rome or Milan together with your passport which must have a residual validity of at least 6 months.

    Il tourist visa for India it takes about 8 working days to be delivered, 5 of them arrived at my house as I had requested to send everything to me (for the modest sum of 20 euros !!!) so as not to have to return to Milan a second time.

    Have a good trip!!!

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