The future of travel: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

    The future of travel: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism The future of travel: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

    Tourism is an ever flourishing sector for the world economy and despite the recent economic crises, the travel sector is one of the few that has not been particularly affected. The flow of people who move to other destinations every year is always higher and exceeds one billion people, thus bringing an important economic impact that often turns out to be negative from an environmental and social point of view.
    Often the countries that are visited, despite having considerable income in economic terms deriving from the consumption of travelers, are barely able to keep within themselves a small part of the enormous turnover produced and very often to the detriment of the environment.

    There is a "different" way of traveling that allows you to visit the countries of reference with a lower environmental impact and above all with greater respect for local populations: Sustainable Tourism trips.
    Sustainable or Responsible Tourism recognizes the centrality of the community that hosts it and respects its right to be a real protagonist in the tourism development brought about by travelers from all over the world, managing to socially reuse the economic revenues obtained in favor of the territory and local communities same. The term Sustainable Tourism is very generic but is often used to describe the rules that every traveler should follow: respect for the environment; ethical and virtuous behaviors, and which do not exploit the territory, a culture or a population; economically sustainable impacts for the host people; presence on the local territory that respects the interest of the host population. The future of travel: Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

    Sustainable tourism offers alternative experiences, creating interactions between the tourism industry, local communities, travelers and the environment in order to improve the living and working conditions of host communities, involving them in decisions that affect them and in opportunities. that present themselves, while offering tourists meaningful experiences through a deep connection with communities and their customs. This type of approach produces significant benefits and decreases the impact of travelers while respecting the biodiversity of the host country.

    Then there are some important rules to follow for those who travel in a sustainable way and we list them for you so that you can treasure them for your next trips:
    - Use a means of transport that exploits the historical and already existing communication routes, such as boats, trains, bicycles, a shared passage, avoiding air flights with a high environmental impact;
    - Use water and energy from natural resources sparingly because they are not infinite;
    - Choose an accommodation with low environmental impact, asking and looking for information about the structure;
    - Practice separate collection even during your travels;
    - Do not touch the plants, animals, corals and everything that surrounds you during the excursions, enjoy only with the sight how much precious nature gives us so that whoever comes after you or when you return can appreciate it again;
    - Avoid shows with animals, they are often exploited;
    - Strictly DO NOT buy items in ivory, coral, leather, fur!
    - Do not give sweets to children as they could create big problems for their teeth without the possibility of treatment;
    - Do not even give money to children, so as not to encourage the exploitation of minors;
    - Dress appropriately, respecting the customs of the country you are visiting, do not flaunt luxury items;
    - Avoid pesticides, for mosquitoes defend yourself with natural products.
    - Eat in restaurants run by locals, buy handcrafted souvenirs to boost their economy.

    There are several tour operators that promote this type of travel, we recommend Conscious Journeys for its particular approach to Sustainable Tourism and for the wide range of travels to Asia.
    On their website you will find useful information to choose the destination of your next sustainable holiday and with our help decide the most suitable destination based on the period in which you have decided to travel.

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