How to list an apartment, hotel, holiday home or B&B on

More and more are those who decide to enter an apartment, a hotel, a holiday home or a B&B on, the first and the largest portal in the world for accommodation reservations. More than 1.550.000 rooms are booked on the site every day.

Therefore, relying on the world leader to attract more customers to your apartment, hotel, holiday home, B&B or guest house is the best choice. allows you to choose the prices, conditions and rules to apply to guests. Plus, it offers great support around the clock.

How to register on

Record any type of accommodation on it's very simple and can be done in less than 20 minutes. You will be asked for your name and surname, your telephone number, an e-mail address, a password and what type of structure you want to enter.

Then you will be asked for some information about the structure such as where it is located, how many rooms it offers and what services it offers. To complete the registration you must also insert photos of the structure.

Once this is done, the information entered will be checked and then you will be able to access the control panel of your facility. From here you can update the calendar, availability, rates and everything else. At this point you will have your property online on the largest accommodation portal in the world.


Among the main advantages of placing a structure on this gigantic port, is to have a 'excellent visibility not only nationally, but internationally, and especially to have the structure always full.

Have one great flexibility. You can choose to have the structure open or closed, and you can also choose the number and which rooms to make available for reservations

How much?

Registering on has no cost, it's free. You only pay a small percentage that goes by 15 to 18% on the rate paid by the customer. Therefore, in this way you will not have to worry about advertising online, risking not to receive revenues.

With Booking you pay only on the earnings effects, so you do not risk undertaking an incorrect marketing campaign.

Plus there is a great one promotion in progress. Those who register the property through the following link will not pay the commission on the first 5 bookings.

List your property or accommodation easily on


The management

Managing the reservations of any hotel on is simple enough. After registering, you can access the extranet and update the calendar, set prices and configure all settings.

If you initially have doubts you can count on assistance service that will guide you not only on registration, but also on management, giving you useful tips to have the structure almost always full.

How to list an apartment, hotel, holiday home or B&B on
How to list an apartment, hotel, holiday home or B&B on
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