The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Do you have a tech-savvy friend who loves to travel? Would you like to give him a gift only one that will surely make him happy?

Well, here I wrote a perfect (traveler's) guide of the technological gifts to give to a traveler. I love to travel and I love technology, so it seemed like a smart idea to combine the two passions to create this guide!

This gift list will help you find the perfect tech-themed gift for your friends. The gifts are all practical and useful, and most of them aren't too expensive either. So you should be able to find something that fits, whatever your budget.

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Of course, I've included some more expensive options if you're making a special gift for someone, but you definitely don't need to spend a lot to make a gift that is sure to be highly appreciated by the recipient.

I have personally chosen all the gifts below based on my experience as a traveler and tech enthusiast. Most of them I own too.

Without taking too long then here is my list of technological gifts to give to a traveler!

1 – Kindle Paperwhite

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

The absolute gift for me: I love reading and I love reading even more when I travel, both in hotel rooms in the evening, on the edge of a swimming pool, and during the long hours spent flying or traveling by bus.

Unfortunately, books aren't always the best travel companions - they can be heavy and bulky, meaning you can't typically carry more than 2 or 3 when traveling.

Furthermore, two or 3 books, for a traveler like me who sometimes stays away for a long time, are absolutely not enough to cover the whole holiday: for compulsive travelers and readers, 2 books will probably last a week at most.

Fortunately, technology invented the e-reader! Ok, we agree, even I was doubtful: I like the smell of paper, the sound of the pages turning, of being able to put them in a row on my bookshelves.

But when Massi gave me the Kindle 3 years ago, a world opened up: not only could I bring thousands of my favorite books into a small space, but by finding new ones, I could download them directly and read them, I just needed a Wi-Fi connection. fi.

Plus, I can carry my kindle straight into my purse or carry-on without worrying about the weight.

There are many e-readers on the market and there are also apps for tablets and smartphones that allow you to read. However, my recommendation would be to give away a kindle in "flesh and blood".

This is because they are specifically designed for reading, with screens that look similar to real paper, with varying degrees of brightness so as not to strain your eyes in different light conditions and battery life that will usually last for weeks.

They are also designed to be read even in full sun, where the screens of tablets and smartphones often struggle.

Massi gave me two Kindle of Amazon (I forgot the first on the plane alas) and between the two the one with which I found myself better was theAmazon Kindle Paperwhite: It has a built-in light for reading in the dark and is even waterproof - perfect when you want to read by the pool or on the shoreline of a tropical beach!

⇒ See all KINDLE options

2 - Subscription to thousands of audio books and podcasts!

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Un Amazon's Audible subscription it is the gift that I would like to receive sooner or later, but unfortunately no one ever gives it to me (whoever has ears to understand means ha ha). I have a smartphone and a Kindle… I have to fill them!

I love podcasts and audiobooks. When my eyesight is tired and I can no longer read, podcasts and audio-books come to my aid, especially during the endless hours of some long air travel.

3 - Portable charger

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Il portable charger it is a very useful gift, indeed I would dare to say indispensable!

When you are traveling, you often forget to charge your smartphone in the evening before going to sleep or, more simply, it can happen to download it completely between a photo, a video, the use of Google Maps to orient yourself and maybe a peek at the social network.

With a portable power bank you will no longer have these problems!

Before buying it, evaluate the battery capacity (I suggest you buy one that is equal to or greater than 10.000 mAh, if you don't know which one to choose I recommend THIS), its weight and the number of USB ports.

There are also portable chargers equipped with a solar panel: an object that can be very useful for lovers of camping or walking outdoors!

⇒ See other portable battery charger options

4 – Cuffie WiFi o Bluethoot

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

When traveling by plane, car or train, there will always come a time when a traveler will want to relax by listening to some music, playing with their smartphone or watching a movie.

At that point he will have to take out his headphones and ... start routing the cables!

To avoid losing endless minutes, there are WiFi or Bluetooth headphones: I find them very comfortable! No more wires and no more bulk.

Le Sony WH1000XM2 headphones offers external noise reduction technology, Bluetooth connectivity and up to 30 hours of battery life. Without a doubt it is one of the best products you can find around.

⇒ See other Bluetooth headphones on AMAZON HERE

5 – Electronic Organizer

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Speaking of cables… between headphones, smartphone chargers and cameras, when you travel you don't know where to put them anymore!

Among the gifts for travelers that I recommend most is the organizer for electronic accessories: in this way you can store cables, memory cards, chargers, adapters and power banks all in the same place.

I find it a great way to save space and avoid wasting time looking for what you need in the most hidden corners of the suitcase!

Personally I find the organizer a genius: when I travel between cameras, smartphones, gopro and kindle I have so many of those threads that half is enough. I used to use a bag but now I can't do without it anymore of my BAGSMART!

There are plenty of electronic organizers around, you can find lots of them HERE on Amazon, I got it big enough seen all the threads that I have to carry around with me.

There are however many other options available at a wide range of prices, including this cheaper option.

⇒ See other Electronic Organizer options

6 - Smartphone tripod

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Travel and photos often go hand in hand: when you are traveling the world it is difficult to resist the temptation to stop and take beautiful photos.

Whether you want to shoot

For this reason, a tripod for a camera or smartphone is always a much appreciated gift.

There are various types: from the most classic extendable to the Gorillapod, a compact and lightweight tripod that has the ability to adapt to any type of surface.

I have 3 travel tripods: one Benro Travel Angel (expensive, aluminum and light enough), the Gorillapod and the tiny tripod for the smartphone. The latter two are a perfect gift for a traveler.

Personally I find the tripod for the smartphone really useful and cute. Phones now have some crazy cameras, but to get the most out of it, a small tripod is what you need, whether it's for photos or videos!

THIS little TRIPOD HERE it is ideal just to be clear: it costs very little, it is small and light but stable enough.

even the Joby GorillaPod it's small enough to take anywhere and sturdy enough to support even larger cameras.

It is easily attached to various objects (such as railings or tree branches) and is small and light! There are different sizes depending on the camera one uses.

⇒ See tons of other smartphone tripod options here

7 – Travel Router per Wifi

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

It can happen to travel for work or to have to work during a trip (especially us travel bloggers now without wi-fi we feel a bit lost let's face it). In these cases the internet connection could be essential.

I find it very convenient to buy a small portable WiFi router: you just need a data SIM that works in the country you are in and that's it!

Wherever you are you can work without problems: in the hotel, in a bar, but also by the pool or by the sea. Not bad, right?

Speaking of security, a travel router also offers significant security advantages over connecting directly to public networks. It basically creates a barrier between itself and the devices you connect to, offering an extra layer of security to protect your browsing data.

There is a practically infinite choice of travel routers (WHO knew Amazon did not find a po ').

One of my favorites is THIS device from RAVPOWER, which offers a number of features (as well as being a travel router), including the ability to act as a media server and portable battery.

⇒ See other travel WI-FI router options HERE

8 - Frame for The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

La digital frame it is a beautiful gift for those who go on a long journey, but also for those who stay at home. The space is that of a classic frame to put on the bedside table, but the advantage is that inside you can upload all the photos you want! Friends, relatives, boyfriend, dogs and cats: all in one frame to keep close!

Furthermore, for photography lovers, the digital frame can mean a great saving on printing: you can choose to print the most beautiful images, but it will no longer be necessary to send them all to print!

Friends will be able to show all the shots through this convenient digital frame.

Nowadays the frames for

9 – Dreadlocks


The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

If you want to give a gift to someone who loves shooting videos on their travels, then you should definitely buy one dreadlocks, i.e. a travel stabilizer for your camera or smartphone.

This space-saving, selfie stick-like tool will eliminate any kind of shaking from hand-held shots.

There are all kinds of them around, from professional ones for cameras to cheaper ones for smartphones.

You will see how the video quality will improve thanks to a simple gimbal!

At the moment I don't have one (for now) but if I had to choose one, from the reviews and research done on the internet I would choose the ZHIYUN SMOOTH 4 for smartphones, which has a convenient case and which, in addition to being a 3-axis stabilizer, also converts into a very comfortable tripod when needed.

The cost is quite low (around € 110), not very low but a good price for what it offers. 

If, on the other hand, the traveler you want to gift is a professional video maker then you have to focus on something truly more professional. Camera stabilizers are generally larger, bulkier, and more expensive.

Among all I would recommend the Zhiyun WEEBILL S 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for those who have a mirrorless camera or otherwise not as heavy as a high-end digital SLR.

10 – Action Camera

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Always staying on the subject of photography and video, among the best gifts for travelers I include the Action Cam.

This is one of the best surprises to have for those who, like me, love adventurous travels and unique and exciting experiences, but also for young people, sportsmen or simply for those who will spend a few days at the sea snorkeling.

The Action Cams are small video cameras, also very comfortable to carry in your pocket, which allow you to record any type of adventure, even in the most extreme situations!

To see some of my videos made with the GOPRO 4 HERO Black you can go to my post on snorkeling in Marsa Alam (where there are 2 videos of snorkeling with dolphins and turtles!).

The limit of my gopro is that underwater I don't see what I'm recording because there is no digital screen behind it. The digital screen was added in the GOPRO 8 HERO BLACK, next purchase I'm going to make (absolutely worth it!)

If you don't want to spend that much there are tons of action cameras (ne you can see a lot by CLICKING HERE) which cost much less but which are still of the highest quality.

With such a gift you will become an idol, wish I had someone willing to give it to me!

⇒ See HERE many ACTION CAM options (of all prices!)

11 - Accessories for GoPro (or Action Camera)

If you already own an Action Cam, then the gift may divert to accessories to make the most of it!

There are really all kinds of them: selfie sticks, tripods, floating handles, bands to attach the action cam to the body or head… There is really plenty of choice!

⇒ See many accessories for GOPRO

12 – Dome per GoPro

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Il Dome for GoPro it is a nice and very useful accessory for those who love swimming and snorkeling.

This dome-shaped case, in fact, allows you to take photographs and shoot videos simultaneously in and out of the water.

The effect is really special ... perfect to post on social media, especially on Instagram!

⇒ See other DOMES for GOPRO

13 - Small drone

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Still a gift for those who love videos: a small drone will help to shoot spectacular images, different from the usual shots that can be made with a smartphone or video camera. If you have a large enough budget this will surely be an appreciated gift!

There is a bit of everything on the market, but if you are looking for a product with an excellent value for money you should aim for DJI brand drones: great video quality and perfect flight functions!

If the traveler you want to give this gift to is a beginner to drones, I recommend that you take a look at the DJI Mavic Mini. This won't dry out your bank account, but it offers great video and photo performance and is also compact and takes up little space so perfect for packing.

⇒ See other drone choices (various price ranges)

14 - Lenses by telephone

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Often a reflex, with its weight and its size, can be really cluttered when traveling, especially during adventurous experiences, trekking and camping.

Today, given the excellent qualities of the cameras of our smartphones, it is possible to do without a camera and thanks to a own lens kit for mobile phone you can take excellent quality images.

Most of these kits feature telephoto, macro and fish eye lenses: with a small tripod, that's it!

See other cell phone lens kits here (highly recommended)

15 - Telephone lamp

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Sometimes while traveling you want to take photos or videos even at night or in the absence of low light.

An excellent gift idea if you want to spend little (but it will be a very appreciated gift) is there smartphone lamp, an easy and convenient LED light to take anywhere. They usually come with an adapter that allows you to simply mount them on your mobile.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, this small object is very convenient for taking beautiful photos of dishes in restaurants encountered during the trip!

⇒ See HERE other lamps by phone

16 – Travel Compressor Vacant


The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

This is one of the most useful and coveted items for those who travel often, for a long time and only with hand luggage.

I've seen people use vacuum bags and vacuum cleaners to pack their clothes and fit them all into cabin trolleys, but I've always wondered what happened to all those objects once it was time to go back: it's not easy to find a vacuum cleaner in a hotel room, if not by borrowing it from the service staff!

To avoid various headaches, there is a fantastic solution: a portable luggage compressor, the Travel Compressor Vacant.

Small, light and very comfortable. It is 77 mm long and weighs 86 grams so it doesn't take up any space in your suitcase… especially if you think it will save the traveler about 50% of space! Great, isn't it ?!

17 – Smartwatch

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

The Smart watch is another of the best gifts for travelers.

It will be useful for people who love sports, but also for those who prefer quieter trips to the cities of art.

Most smart watches can track distance, heart rate and speed in order to monitor our activity at any time for the happiness of sportsmen, but also of those who simply want to keep an eye on their daily movements.

In addition to this, however, through an app the smart watch can be connected directly to the smartphone allowing you to manage the main functions of our phone including calls, messages and emails.

The smartphone will be safe in a backpack pocket, while it will be possible to use it remotely.

If I still haven't convinced you, know that through the smart watch it is possible to control the phone's camera and take photographs that portray you… instead of the usual selfies!

Beware that the Smart Watch depends on the type of smartphone you have. If the person you want to give it to has an iPhone, definitely go on one of the Apple Watch series.

Android owners have a wide choice, but personally I think the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 be the best option on the market right now.


18 - Adapter

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

How many times does it happen to travel to a new country and once there you discover that the socket near the bedside table is not suitable for the smartphone charger?

To prevent this from happening again, why not give away a universal adapter ?! This will certainly be a very useful and much appreciated thought.

The main thing you need to know is which countries the adapter will be used in, as not all adapters cover all countries. THIS ADAPTER it's a great option that covers many countries, and it's a really great choice!

⇒ See other universal travel adapters HERE

19 - Portable Projector

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

The portable mini projector is a useful gift for anyone who wants to stream movies without the limitation of the small smartphone screen and want to do it in any place.

If the hotel room does not have a Smart TV and you do not have a cable available to transmit the phone screen to the television screen, the portable projector is an excellent solution. It can also be used outdoors, on a campsite or in a garden!

The small size, then, makes it perfect to be carried in a suitcase.

A portable projector is still a great gift for any movie lover who wants the big screen experience but with minimal weight.

There are a few options on the market, but for image quality and portability, my current choice would be Anker Nebula Capsules Max.

It offers bright output, built-in speakers, 2,5 hours of battery-powered playback, and is also compatible with major streaming platforms.

⇒ See other portable PROJECTORS on AMAZON

20 – Tablet

The tablet is a worthy replacement for PCs and smartphones making it a perfect gift for frequent travelers… alone or with children!

The tablet, in fact, will be useful for those who have to work while traveling: the larger screen than the smartphone, for example, will be more comfortable for reading and sending emails.

Likewise, the tablet is perfect for watching videos or getting distracted with some games.

This makes it an ideal item to take with you if you are traveling with children on long car or plane journeys. The little ones can watch cartoons or play for a few hours without getting bored!

⇒ See TABLET here

21 - Camera

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

The camera is by far one of the most coveted gifts for all travelers.

I have already said it, but I repeat it: travel and photography go hand in hand! There are certain places in the world that it is impossible not to photograph and that you have to immortalize with a good camera, rather than with a smartphone!

In fact, even though smartphones have made huge strides in taking pictures, they still can't compete with a camera. There are also situations, such as in the case of the Northern Lights in which using the smartphone is practically impossible.

Usually the photos you take with the camera are of better quality.

In addition, there are now cameras that work in a variety of situations where using a mobile phone is difficult, such as waterproof cameras (such as THIS for example) or shockproof cameras suitable for excursions.

The camera market is quite large and there is a wide choice ranging from cheaper to professional cameras. The camera you decide to buy as a gift will depend on your budget and the level of photographic interest in the person you are buying.

If the budget is high enough and the friend in question is a good photographer, you might think about giving him a DSLR, but also consider mirrorless cameras which are perfect for travelers.

These cameras are smaller, more compact and therefore less bulky: perfect to fit even in hand luggage.

⇒ Check out some great travel mirrorless cameras here

22 - Waterproof Phone Case

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

La waterproof case for smartphone it is an inexpensive gift (even less than € 10), but very useful especially in view of the summer holidays.

There are many on the market like this one which is universal and, therefore, perfect for any type of phone. This simple object will make you forget all sorts of worries about sand and water.

There are also cases dedicated to certain phone models such as this one for the Iphone which I absolutely recommend, but before buying it check that the model of the mobile phone matches.

Remember that the waterproof case can also be an excellent idea for those leaving for a holiday in the north or in areas where it rains a lot!

See lots of waterproof cases for smartphones here!

23 – Camkix Bluetooth Remote Control

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

Il Camkix Bluetooth Remote Control is a small remote control that allows you to remotely control your smartphone through bluetooth and wireless technology. In this way you can take excellent selfies, night photographs and videos without the need to click on the smartphone.

The photographs, thanks to the remote control, will be less blurry and can be taken in any position!

24 – PACSAFE Travelsafe 12 L

The Best Tech Gifts to Give to a Traveler (in 2020)

This bag is a real portable safe! The canvas has a steel net inside and on the outside the cable to close it is always made of metal: let's say that if a thief really wanted to take what is inside he would need a lot of time to take it and ... a lot of patience!

Il PACSAFE Travelsafe 12 L it is a real safe place to store your valuables: from the camera, to the tablet and to the smartphone!

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