Error Fare Flights: What They Are And How To Find Them

One way to find discounted flights and offers at very low prices is through Error Fare. Surely if you are a real traveler you have already heard about the Error Fare: extremely affordable fares that airlines or online agencies post by mistake.

In this guide we will see in detail what Error Fare are and how they occur, but above all I will share with you all the ways to find a price error and how to book safely.

What are Error Fare?

Error Fare Flights: What They Are And How To Find Them

Error Fare or wrong fares are extremely lower than average airline tickets that occur due to errors caused by various factors. These airline tickets at particularly advantageous prices can be booked online through OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) or directly on the airline's website.

An example of Error Fare that I found last year is Milan - New York at € 159,00.

Why Do Errors Occur?

There are various factors that determine an incorrect price rate, usually the most common is human error, a wrong number or a shifted comma.

For example, a € 1.200 plane ticket could accidentally be published at a price of € 120.

There can also be errors caused by currency conversion or algorithm related problems, especially if the software is out of date.

Another common cause is the omission of the fuel surcharge. Usually the fuel tax represents a very high percentage of the cost of the air ticket, so you will understand that if you do not enter it by mistake, the fare becomes incredibly low.

It is still possible to Find Error Making

A Price Error is not so rare, indeed statistically I would say that the Error Fare are inevitable, given the very high frequency of air flights and the continuous updates of the search algorithm. The important thing is to understand how to find them.

How to find the Error Fare?

As these are random errors, we cannot predict when the airline will post an Error Fare. The easiest way is to follow the most experienced, there are several portals that publish the best flight offers every day.

Here is a list of the most popular sites for finding Error Fare.

  • Pirates in voyage
  • Secret Flyng

I recommend that you follow the facebook pages of these 3 portals and subscribe to their newsletters.

Alternatively the best is carry out continuous research on price comparators and monitor any anomalies and price changes. Often an Error Fare is found by chance, you don't necessarily need to be an expert traveler, you just need to know the right tools.

In particular I recommend Skyscanner where it is possible to do in-depth searches and search for the flight by selecting “the most convenient month” and the destination “Everywhere”.

The result will be a list of fares for any destination, sorted from lowest to highest price. This will make it easier notice particularly advantageous rates, unusual price changes and thus find the much desired Error Fare.

Keep in mind that the wrong fares are usually found more for the more classic routes, for example for flights to Asia or America because there are more companies that travel these routes and a possible error is more likely.

Council: During the research phase, you also activate the “Price Alerts” to better monitor the fluctuations in tariffs.

What should you do if you find an Error Fare

Error Fare Flights: What They Are And How To Find Them

Book: if you find an Error Fare for a flight that interests you, buy the ticket as soon as possible. The price error generally lasts a few hours.

Wait in silence: once booked, wait for confirmation and absolutely do not call the airline.

Do not book any more: wait 1 or 2 weeks before booking accommodation, car rentals or other services. Or book only if free cancellation is provided. This is because airlines can sometimes cancel the booking.

Error Fare: are there any risks?

As I said, the only risk is that the airline does not honor the reservation, the ticket will then be canceled and you will receive a refund. Although generally the wrong rates are respected in 90% of cases.

Important: the airline cannot in any way charge you the real cost of the ticket. They can only cancel your flight ticket and offer you a full refund or full price purchase.

Finding the Error Do: Conclusions

We have seen what the Error Fare are, summing up to find a price error will be enough:

  • Follow the expert portals;
  • Use Skyscanner or other price comparators;
  • Quickly book the Error Fare.

Now you know how to look for an Error Fare, with a little patience you too can find the best offer and experience the thrill of reaching distant destinations even spending less than € 200

Article revised and updated on April 28, 2020

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