Best travel insurance, which one to choose, and why is it necessary?

If you are planning a trip abroad , it is very important to take out the best travel insurance. Especially if you are traveling to North America or any country outside Europe.

Whether it is a pleasure or business trip, it is always necessary to protect yourself from injuries and accidents and to protect yourself in case of lost luggage or cancellation of departure.

In particular, health care becomes a real lifesaver and will allow you to face the trip in complete safety.

In this guide let's go to the discovery of the best travel insurance, analyzing three different policies. But first let's see why it is so important to take out the best insurance, evaluating all its features before buying.

Why buy travel insurance

I know very well that adding an additional cost when planning a trip to distant destinations can be frustrating, especially when it comes to insurance.

We always hope that during the trip everything will go well and nothing will happen to us, unfortunately there can always be some unforeseen event that, even if it is a minimum, can cost us a lot of money.

Especially in countries like the United States where most expenses are not covered, it would be foolish to go without adequate medical insurance.

Therefore, taking out insurance before an intercontinental trip is the best thing to do, you will be reimbursed in case of illness, accidents, theft, loss of luggage and trip cancellation, obviously depending on the type of travel insurance chosen.

However, taking out travel insurance is not enough, it is also advisable to choose the most advantageous one and not only rely on the commercial offer, but to analyze in detail each aspect and the different coverages.

Which travel insurance to choose

You have understood how important it is to be insured before traveling beyond the European borders. Now it is essential to choose the best travel insurance online.

It is not easy because the offer is wide, so I recommend you to evaluate the policy that best suits your needs and do not simply trust the cheapest one.

First you have to understand what you want to insure, in fact we saw in the previous article how travel insurance works and the three main policies: Accident, Baggage, Cancellation.

In particular, when deciding to take out a medical insurance policy, it is important to analyze several aspects. Beginning with the ceilingsWithout adoubt the main thing to consider, it is essential to have high ceilings for medical expenses. It is also necessary to know whether medical expenses are prepaid or reimbursed. You should also read carefully what is not included in the policy, such as previous illnesses or extreme sports.

Finally, there are some insurances that can be taken out (or extended) during the trip, and we will see which ones.

Best travel insurance

Let's see now which are the best travel insurances. I have selected some of the most reliable insurance companies that offer different coverage and prices for every need.


Best travel insurance, which one to choose, and why is it necessary?

Columbus is one of the best, offering different packages and extremely advantageous rates, especially for short trips. It is possible to purchase coverage for a single trip or for an annual multiple trip.

Keep in mind that if you only purchase medical insurance you will not have liability coverage. I advise you to select the best package by analyzing the comparative table with all the services offered.

However, you can customize your policy by adding several options.

Just a reminder that medical expenses are anticipated only for hospitalization.

For more information I suggest you read the article dedicated to Columbus Insurance, where I show you in detail how it works and all the offers it provides.

AXA Assistance

Best travel insurance, which one to choose, and why is it necessary?Axa Assistance is a travel insurance AXA Group global brand. Axa's added value is 24/24 assistance and direct payment of medical expenses.

Axa Assistance wants to satisfy all kinds of needs, that's why it has thought of 4 different offers:

Full single trip coverage: it is the best insurance for those who do not want to have problems. It covers medical bills up to 3.000.000 €,reimbursement for theft, robbery, loss of luggage, civil liability, etc. Optionally you can add trip cancellation.

Medium single trip coverage: coverage of medical expenses up to 500.000 €, baggage insurance and theft.

Low single trip coverage : reimbursement of medical expenses up to €100,000 and medical assistance.

Annual policy: Full coverage for those who travel extensively throughout the year. Medical expenses, baggage, liability, trip cancellation and multi-trip coverage.

Travel to Allianz

Best travel insurance, which one to choose, and why is it necessary?

We all know Allianz, it is one of the best known insurance companies in the world.

When it comes to travel insurance, Allianz offers 3 different policies:

Travel Care: travel insurance coverage for up to 45 days with unlimited expenses (for North America) and direct payment of hospital medical expenses.

Business Travel: ideal for business travel, with the ability to also protect your luggage, smartphone or tablet.

Student Travel: perfect for protection during study vacations around the world, with single or multiple trip options.

In addition to these, there are other products for every need: annual trips, stays longer than 40 days, trip cancellation, etc.


Best travel insurance, which one to choose, and why is it necessary?

Worldnomads is the best long-term travel insurance and is the one I use on my outbound trips.

It is possible to choose two main types: standard coverage and Explorer, the latter having higher ceilings and more options.

The advantages of WorlNomads are many. Starting with simplicity, taking out the policy is very easy and intuitive. Start by selecting one or more countries to which you will travel, you can also enter a continent or the whole world (Worldwide).

Then enter the country of residence, the number of travelers and your age. Then simply press the "request a quote" button and choose the desired option between standard and explorer. On the screen you have the possibility to compare the two insurance plans.

Then, you can add coverage for high value items, such as your laptop, camera or any sports equipment.

The great strength of WorldNomads is that you can stipulate it at any time, even while traveling. You can also extend it whenever you want, simply by logging into your control panel.

If we really have to find a flaw, the only one I found is that the claim is handled in English, but they have a multilingual staff to help in every emergency.

The point is that it is a sure thing for digital nomads, who should have some confidence with the English language.


In this guide I wanted to go deeper into the topic of travel insurance. We have seen why and how to choose them, but above all I wanted to share with you the ones I consider most reliable. The important thing is to choose the policy that best suits your needs.

However, I would like to remind you that there are several cases in which travel insurance does not pay, so before buying your travel policy, take some time to carefully read the contract and all the clauses.

I would love to know what you think of these companies if you have had any experience and how it went, or if you have other insurance to recommend.

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