6 reasons why you should choose a motorhome holiday in 2021

This year, even more than previous years, the camper will be the most popular way to travel and vacation in 2021. There are many reasons, but we will only list the first six. It will be a very exciting way to vacation and discover the nature and breathtaking landscapes Europe offer.

Renting a motorhome is an excellent choice to try this type of holiday, without having to bear the high costs of buying a motorhome and maintaining it: insurance, parking, maintenance, ...

Discover the reasons for the why choose to travel and go on a campervan holiday, where and how to rent a motorhome for an unforgettable vacation.

Why take a campervan holiday

Holidays are a great time to relax, but sometimes it can be difficult to manage the trip and find one accommodation suitable for the whole family or a group of friends.

To leave with complete peace of mind, a good choice is the rental of a motorhome, a simple and economical way to travel and that allows you to reach and discover beautiful places surrounded by nature, transforming a simple holiday into a magnificent adventure.

Unique experience

As there are those who love a cruise holiday, there are also lovers and enthusiasts of this way of traveling and going on vacation for the camper. Traveling by camper is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Traveling by camper means having the opportunity, during the same holiday, to live many different and unique experiences. Whether for the multitude of places visited or for the diversity of climates crossed or for the beauty of the landscapes admired, during a holiday in a camper no day is the same as another!

Autonomy and freedom of movement

Whether it's for a short weekend or a long holiday abroad, traveling by camper means you have awide autonomy and a big one feeling of freedom and independence.

You can travel at your own pace without having to run after buses, trains and planes. Once you arrive at your destination, there is no need to worry about the meal times that are very often imposed in hotels.

The camper represents the freedom to travel, being able to decide to change itinerary during the trip, stop where and when you want. There is no need to follow a rigid planned route, you can change your itinerary as you travel: take new paths, visit new destinations and destinations or stop for longer in a particularly beautiful destination, without being bound by hotel reservations or other.

Indeed, during the stay, it is masters of their own time. Nothing prevents you from going off the beaten track and embarking on an adventure in wonderful regions that are sometimes inaccessible due to lack of adequate accommodation or means of transport.

Cheap holidays

A trip in a motorhome also has a noticeable advantage from an economic point of view. Considering the costs of food, accommodation and if necessary also car rental, a holiday in a camper can certainly be a good economic alternative, especially in high season.

Choosing to rent a motorhome accommodation costs are eliminated, it will no longer be necessary to book rooms in hotels or B & Bs for holidays. In addition, cooking in the camper, you also save on meals, no longer having to shell out a lot of money to eat in various restaurants.

If you park in a designated area camper stop, parking fees and the cost of connection with water and electricity must be taken into account. However, these costs are lower than for a stay in traditional tourist residences.

Savings example

For example, if you want visit the north east of Spain and if you have to leave from southern spain or from the islands, you will most likely book a flight to the airports.

For the continuation of the journey there are two choices: book a rental car, the various hotels in the tourist areas you want to visit and bear all the costs of eating daily in bars and restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner; or rent a camper, shop at the first supermarket and continue the journey quickly.

Surely the second choice is cheaper, you don't have to bear the costs of bars and restaurants that for an average family of 4 they are at least 200 euros per day. With the money you would spend on eating in bars and restaurants, you can easily pay for the cost of renting a camper.

The camper, however, is not only rented to save money, but also for the beauty of this type of holiday, and especially for the convenience of moving quickly, without having to change hotels, check-in, unpack on arrival, re-pack in the morning, check-out and leave.

Traveling with all the comforts

Current motorhomes offer all the comforts a tourist may need during the trip, satisfying even the most demanding customers. In addition to the convenience of having the bathroom and kitchen always at hand, today campers also have excellent batteries and solar panels to keep the heating or air conditioning on even when the vehicle is stationary, wireless Bluetooth connections, possibility of transforming and use the interior space in a myriad of different ways.

Some models also offer plasma TVs, showers, coffee machines, ... One of the most interesting conveniences of traveling by camper is the possibility of being able to carry bulky items such as bicycles, skis, canoes, ...

Traveling with pets

Traveling with a motorhome is definitely a great choice for anyone who needs to traveling with dogs, cats or pets. For the owner and their 4-legged friends this type of holiday solves many problems.

For example, on the Goboony site among the filters you can choose, in the section House Rules by choosing I agree for Pets you will see in the search the list of campers in which it is also possible to take dogs, cats and small pets on the road.

Some accept pets at no extra cost, others charge a small additional fee. In any case it is always advisable before booking ask for authorization in advance to the owner.

Travel safely

Traveling by camper means many things: adventure, always admiring new landscapes, experiencing nature, making a different journey, but especially travel safely with social distancing.

Motorhome holidays allow you to sharing accommodation only with your family group or with a small group of friends. Before being delivered, the campers are cleaned with disinfectant products and sanitized with ozone treatment after each use.

An alternative to train, bus or plane, the camper allows you to deviate from traditional routes and avoid mass tourism, respecting the distances essential for the safety of one's own health and that of the whole family.

Where to rent the camper

For many, taking a trip in a motorhome is the dream of life, but many do not know what fulfilling this dream is much easier than you think. In recent years, various RV rental platforms have emerged that connect RV owners with those who want to rent one.

One of the best camper sharing services is the Goboony portal. On this platform you can choose between more than 2.000 campers scattered throughout the Spanish and European territory, made available by the owners and all carefully selected by Goboony.

Find and book an RV rental on Gobooy


Furthermore, i other advantages to rent a camper on Goboony are: rates up to 40% lower than the rental in the agency, flexible reservations in case of restrictions, tracked and secure payments, assistance service, ...

How the rental on Goboony works

Booking and renting a motorhome on Goboony is very simple, and thanks to the various filters you can set during the search you can easily find the camper that best suits your preferences and needs.

Searching for a motorhome

First of all, to carry out the search it is necessary to choose the country (for example France, Spain, ...), the rental period and the number of beds that the camper must have.

Then you can further refine your search by inserting various filters: free cancellation, type of vehicle, age of the vehicle, accessories in the cabin, accessories in the living cell, ...

After choosing and selecting the vehicle that best suits your needs, you can send the request to the owner who will evaluate it and send the answer. The submission of the request is free and without obligation.

Confirm the rental of the camper

To confirm the rental of the camper, payment of the rental must be made. All payments are made on the Goboony website and in total security.

Vehicle collection

Once you reach the place indicated for the collection of the camper, together with the owner you will inspect the camper to verify that everything is there and that everything is working. You will also need to show your driving license and leave the deposit, if you have not yet given it.

Return of the vehicle

At the end of the trip, when the vehicle is returned, the vehicle will be inspected together with the owner to verify that it is returned as at the time of delivery and the deposit will be returned.


After the trip it's time for reviews. The traveler will leave a review on the owner and camper, while the owner will leave a review on the traveler.

6 reasons why you should choose a motorhome holiday in 2021
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