10 Useful Travel Apps

You are already planning the journey for the next holidays?

The following is a list of 10 travel app for smartphones that can be useful as an aid in planning the trip and also during its development.

Clearly the list is limited to some apps that I think are nice and interesting (I think everyone already knows the booking.com apps) and the list is not definitive, so if you know others you are warmly invited to let me know so that this list can be updated .

1 – WeatherPro

10 Useful Travel AppsAn intuitive and fast travel app, developed by a private weather company, which offers detailed and high quality weather forecasts for over two million locations around the world, providing a lot of information: from cloud information, to atmospheric pressure, wind speed, humidity.

The information provided is very accurate and accurate.

Available for iPhone (€ 2.99), Android (€ 2.99) and Windows Phone (€ 2.99)

Download WeatherPRO

2 – LoungeBuddy

I've spent enough of my life waiting in airports to know that basically all this wasted time sucks.

I usually fly low cost airlines with long layovers and terrible connections, so uncomfortable, tight seats and poor food are a sadly regular part of my life.

The only places that offer some respite are the lounges, but without a pass or business class tickets, but sometimes you can get in (free, begging someone) or for a fee.

LoungeBuddy helps you do all this. After entering some information (your credit card, the airline you are traveling with), the app tells you which lounges you can access at a particular airport. Even for people like me who have none gold letter, the app still lets you know if there are any lounges that are free or for which you can buy a day pass. It's nice, easy to use, and free!

3 – XE Currency

10 Useful Travel AppsGiven the multitude of currency converters present, both on the internet and as an app, the choice is often very difficult. XE Currency it's my favorite, free, easy to use and absolutely accurate and the 5 million downloads are proof of that.

But not only that, the app also allows you to transfer money in 65 currencies in over 170 countries, lets you monitor currencies, makes historical graphs to study their trends, you can set up notifications and much more.

Available and free for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

4 – Skyscanner

I believe this flight search engine needs no introduction. The good thing is that other equally valid ones are emerging that I am trying, but for now none, like Skyscanner he managed to get me to go to and from Japan with 285 euros.

Skyscanner is my favorite site for finding cheap flights. The mobile app searches millions of flights from over 1.200 sources and then gives you the best options available (whether it's the cheapest or the easiest route).

The handy chart feature lets you look at the cheapest days or months to fly to your destination and notifies you of price changes.

Available and free for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

5 – Air Help

If you have ever experienced the pain of a delayed or canceled flight, or have been denied boarding due to overbooking?

AirHelp will do for you. In fact, the law provides for compensation in such cases. It's a complicated process to do on your own, however, and apparently less than 1% of passengers eligible for compensation get it.

This app makes the process simple and something you can do in minutes while still waiting at the airport. Just enter your flight information and some details about the problem and AirHelp will take care of the rest.

If the request is successful, they take 25% of the refund the company will give you and you get the rest.

6 - Wi-Fi Finder

10 Useful Travel AppsWi-FI Finder is an app that can detect all free wifi connections in the surrounding area.

Thanks to the use of this program it is possible to find the free access network closest to your position in order to use the internet connection.

The program has a database with more than one hundred thousand free connection points from all over the world. Very useful given the disproportionate costs of data roaming connections abroad.

Available and free for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

7 - Tipulator

How many napkins have you sacrificed by scribbling to try to understand how much you had to leave a tip?

How many headaches did you get?

How many times have you tipped too high or too low because the effort to understand was simply too much, leaving the waiter very happy or very angry?

Relax, because theapp Tipulator is here to make all those moments of great brain tension disappear. Simple, fast and precise, Tipulator eliminates the fatigue.

Tipulator is a cute, fun and intelligent travel app that helps us understand, depending on where we are, whether it's a restaurant in Tokyo or a sushi bar in Manhattan, which tip is most appropriate. to leave.

To avoid the embarrassment of offending someone.

Available for iPhone ($ 0.99)

8 – TravelSafe Pro

TravelSafe PRO it is certainly one of the most useful travel apps out there that all independent and non-independent travelers should have on their smartphone.

A database of the most common emergency numbers (ambulance, police, fire brigade) and in some cases it may also be important to be able to quickly contact your embassy and consulates (pro version only).

Available for Android (€ 1.49)

9 - Waze

10 Useful Travel AppsWhen a navigator becomes social, Waze is born. To understand what it is, read the description from the official website: Waze is a “social mobile application” that provides free turn-by-turn navigation based on real-time road conditions.

Made for 100% users, the more you drive, the better it gets. In practice, in this application it is the user who creates the maps, by tracking his movements thanks to a client that interfaces with the GPS contained in the system. Very useful for those traveling on the road.

Available and free for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

10 – TripIT

TripIt helps you plan your next travel itinerary.

All you need to do is forward your hotel, restaurant, flight and car rental confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and the app will automatically transfer all information to your itinerary, so you can easily view them all. your next plans in one go.

You can access the itinerary anywhere, even without an internet connection.

If you upgrade to the pro version, the airline will find you alternative routes for when your flights are canceled, as well as send you automatic notifications from airlines about delays, cancellations and more.

These include real-time flight alerts, refund notifications, and the ability to track award points and miles, as well as a currency converter, plug and socket requirements list, and tip advice for 180 countries.

If you travel a lot and have a lot of reservations you need to organize, this is the best app to have.

These are just 10 travel apps which I have personally tried and which I recommend to everyone, but if you have any to suggest others do so in the comments!

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