Gift Ideas for Travelers

Looking for a gift for a traveler? Then this is the article for you. Giving a gift is never easy, but knowing your friend, family member or co-worker's passions will help. And if he or she is a traveler, know that there are many crazy gift ideas for those who love to travel .

I decided to list 30 ideas of all kinds and for every need: travel-themed home accessories, must-have items for the outing, original and fun ideas, in short, you're sure to find the perfect gift to make your loved one happy. !

Travel gift ideas: the classics

1.Give the gift of a trip

Gift Ideas for TravelersThe first gift idea for travel lovers can only be a trip! Today, thanks to the internet, you have several options, you can buy a travel voucher so that whoever receives the gift can use it whenever and wherever they want. For example on the RyanAir website it is possible to buy Gift Vouchers from 25 to 800 €.

Or there are the classic Smart Boxes, where you can choose the package that best suits the preferences of the gift recipient.

Finally, a very particular and original idea could be a surprise trip, your traveler friend will discover the destination just a few hours before departure, pure adrenaline!

As you can see, the possibilities are many and you can be sure that by giving a trip as a gift, you will never go wrong!

2. Travel gadgets

Gift Ideas for Travelers

What to give a travel lover if not travel gadgets: T-shirts, mugs, bags, backpacks and much more with travel themes.

Since I was a little girl my dream was to create a clothing brand, I finally made my wish come true, combining my two passions: travel and design! I created the traveler's store! There are so many cute and fun ideas that the true traveler can't miss.

3. Travel backpack

Gift Ideas for TravelersA useful and always welcome gift is definitely a travel backpack. There really are many options on the market, for every need. Personally, for my long trips I have chosen the fabulous Cabina Max Equator 2.0, perfect for traveling alone with hand luggage.

If on the other hand you are thinking of giving the classic travel backpack, I recommend the AmazonBasics ZH1508073, comfortable and very nice!

4. Guides and books

Giving a book as a gift is always an excellent idea, you can choose from the many travel guides, from the famous Lonely Planet to the books of important authors, one of all Tiziano Terzani.

In particular, I want to present three wonderful Lonely Planet manuals that every traveler would like to have.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Best Travel: a yearbook that shows the 10 best destinations of the coming year, divided into 10 countries, 10 cities and 10 regions. For each place it describes how to get there, what to do and when to go, all with beautiful photographs.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Where to go When to go: a very important manual to organize the trip and choose the right place according to the season.

Gift Ideas for Travelers

World: is perhaps the gift par excellence for travelers, a manual that describes more than 200 places in the world, perfect for getting to know new destinations but also for daydreaming.

Gifts for travel lovers: ideas for the home

5. Scratch off the world map

Gift Ideas for Travelers

A globe is undoubtedly a gift much appreciated by travelers. But this map has a peculiarity: it was created to mark all the places he has visited and to keep track of his travels around the world. Whenever he has seen a new country, simply scratch it on the map to highlight it.

An original gift idea for a friend or family member who travels, very nice also because it comes inside a cardboard tube, ideal as a gift box.

6. Cork globe

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Let's stay on the theme of maps and geographical maps, this time we talk about a cork globe, a nice object to hang in your room and keep postcards and travel souvenirs!

Moreover, for a traveler it is perfect because you can also apply to it any itinerary and program for the next trip.

7. 3d globe

Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you really want to make a great impression, a real 3D globe is the perfect choice. Always made of cork, your traveler friend will be happy to mark the many places he has visited thanks to the classic colored pins. A cute and non-bulky item, the small version measures 18 cm tall in total.

8. Suspended globe

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Looking for an original gift idea for friends, family or travel companions? With the suspended globe you can't go wrong! An elegant and above all very special gift, thanks to a system of magnets the globe remains suspended and illuminated by LED lights.

Travel gift ideas

9. Travel pillow

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Sleeping on a plane flight is not easy for everyone and when you fly for many hours, the trip can be exhausting. Why not think about a fantastic travel pillow last generation?

There are several models, they are made in a particular ergonomic shape that adapts perfectly to the contours of the neck. Some come with an eye mask and a smartphone holder.

10. Passport custody

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The passport is for a traveler the most precious object in the world, without it he would feel lost. That is why it is important to always keep it well protected, also because over time it is inevitable that it will deteriorate. For this reason, a good gift idea for those who travel frequently is a passport holder, perhaps with a beautiful globe depicted on the cover and the word travel!

11. Bag for travelers

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The baby carrier may not be the cutest accessory in the world, but it's really convenient for travel. It's light, not bulky, but you can put everything in it: smartphone, passport, boarding passes, etc. The advantage is that you have everything at your fingertips. In some cases, it can easily replace a backpack.

12. Money belt

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Have you ever been afraid of losing money or documents while traveling? Yes, I often maniacally check that everything is okay. A brilliant idea to keep money and documents safe is the money belt, made with a secret pocket where you can hide cash or travel documents. The perfect gift for the globetrotting friend!

13. Travel bidet

Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you are looking for an original and particular gift, you should evaluate a portable bidet. Definitely a useful idea but also strange, a way to bring the Made in Italy all over the world! It can seriously be a much appreciated gift for those who travel frequently or for those who have to move to another country.

Technological traveler gifts

14. E-book reader

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The e-reader is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to read while traveling. It solved a big problem for me, since I stopped carrying paper books on trips, allowing me to travel light and at the same time have thousands of books always available!

15. GoPro + accessories

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The GoPro is the best gift I could have been given, it's the best action camera ever. It's convenient because it's so small, it takes amazing photos and videos and it also allows you to shoot underwater, the best for those like me who love snorkeling.

Plus, there are tons of great accessories you can give as gifts if your traveling friend already has a GoPro.

16. Compact Camera

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Speaking of photography, for a true travel photography enthusiast, a nice compact camera is what you need. The advantage of a compact is undoubtedly the size, convenient to take anywhere without having to carry excessive weights and bulky cases.

The good thing is that there are models that in terms of quality are very close to a professional SLR. I have the Canon G7x Mark II and I must say it is fantastic.

17. Video stabilizer

Gift Ideas for TravelersFor the video-loving traveler, the perfect gift is a smartphone stabilizer. Now the best smartphones have incredible quality but to create the perfect video you need a stabilizer, a tool that thanks to advanced technology allows you to stabilize video images. The best is definitely the DJI Osmo.

18. drone

Gift Ideas for TravelersCome to think of it, this is the best gift I've ever received (it even beats the GoPro): the drone! The photos and videos above are something spectacular, plus driving a drone is just too much fun! I have the DJI Mavic Air, a fabulous drone with awesome video quality.

The Mavic Air is an upper-mid level drone, but it's simple to use, ideal even for a beginner, plus it's quite small and comfortable to carry on the road. The DJI Mavic Mini came out recently, even smaller and cheaper.

19. Travel Easel

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Keeping with the theme of photography and travel, why not think about a travel easel? A gift that can really come in handy - in addition to improving your shots, it's convenient to take self-portraits without stressing others!

The important thing is that it is lightweight and saves space, but can be widely expanded during use. A good model that reflects these features is the Amazon Basic, plus the excellent value for money should not be underestimated.

20. GorillaPod Gift Ideas for Travelers

I love the GorillaPod! For the uninitiated, the GorillaPod is a flexible tripod that can hold anything and, of course, stand like a normal tripod.

21. External smartphone battery: Power Bank

Gift Ideas for Travelers

When you are forced to stay away from home for many hours, a Power Bank allows you to keep your smartphone always charged. Therefore, it can be a very appreciated gift for a traveler. A quality Power Bank at a very good price is the EasyAcc.

22. Portable printer for smartphones

Gift Ideas for Travelers

A gift idea for the original traveler friend that will drive her crazy. A small printer that by connecting wirelessly to the smartphone allows you to print photos of the trip at any time.

23. An instant camera

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Remember the old Polaroids? The famous instant cameras of yesteryear are back in fashion! Obviously, these are not professional cameras, but they are a nice and fun idea, especially for a very young traveler!

24. Travel audio speaker

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Take a mini speaker, connect it with bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and listen to your favorite music wherever you are! There are several models that differ in size, audio quality and of course price.

25. Travel coffee maker

Gift Ideas for Travelers

You know those people abroad who suffer from the lack of a good espresso? We have the perfect gift for them, a travel coffee maker. Thanks to the travel coffee maker you can prepare a delicious espresso wherever you are.

Travel gift: Accessories

26. Electronic Weighing Suitcase

Gift Ideas for Travelers

A perfect gift for budget travelers! Knowing the weight of your luggage is essential to avoid running the risk of exceeding the allowed limit and paying a surcharge, often even high! The electronic suitcase scale is a fabulous object, very economical and that you can take with you anywhere, to keep under control the weight of your luggage.

27. Universal plug adapter

Gift Ideas for Travelers

The true traveler knows very well that many countries use different types of electrical plugs. Fortunately, there are universal adapters, another absolutely essential travel accessory, thanks to which you can always recharge your electronics!

I recently bought the SURWELL travel adapter: small, lightweight, with many types of plugs and 2 Usb ports, very useful for charging multiple devices.

28. The travel organizer

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Want to give a gift that will change the life of your friend or family member who travels? Then you have to buy a travel organizer, a set that usually consists of 4 bags of different sizes.

Thanks to the organizer it is much easier and faster to pack, you can put many more things, keeping them tidy. Perfect especially for travel trips where it is even more important to have everything well organized so you don't have to unpack your suitcase every time.

29. Travel bag for cables and devices

Gift Ideas for Travelers

Here at last an original and truly useful travel accessory, especially for those who travel with lots of electronic devices: camera, smartphone, drone, computer, etc.

In this magic bag you can store all the cables, batteries, adapters, but also power banks and external hard drives. The best way to have everything in order, always at hand and especially to avoid the risk of forgetting something during the trip!

30. Travel washing machine

Gift Ideas for Travelers

We conclude this list of gifts for avid travelers with a really original but at the same time very useful idea: a portable travel washing machine.

It's a bag for washing clothes while traveling, instead of scrubbing clothes in a sink, which is certainly not very hygienic. Plus, thanks to the convenient valve, it can also be used as a vacuum bag. I bought it for my long trips from digital nomad and I must say I'm thrilled!


I hope that thanks to these 30 gift ideas you can find what you were looking for. I remind you that you can buy most of these great gifts on Amazon. If you use Amazon frequently, I recommend you to subscribe Prime, which allows you to have fast and free delivery on many products. you can try the first month for FREE!

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