Travel safety, choose the right destination

    Travel safety, choose the right destination Travel safety, choose the right destination

    Safe travel has become an absolute necessity in recent times.

    Traveling is the most overwhelming experience you can have outside the home, which should not be given up. During the journey of a journey people, cultures, atmospheres, scents, colors meet, and you live unique experiences, where the ability to adapt is fundamental, both during a journey on foot through the streets of the world, and lying comfortably on board of a luxurious ship. Because the comforts of home are always lacking; but the adventures that are lived, whatever they are, help the spirit to appreciate life.

    The news that reaches us every day could make many travelers change their minds, but the world is large and the destinations are many, the areas at risk are constantly changing over the years, so before traveling we must consult the maps on political situations. , social and climatic in the world. Naturally, we suggest the Farnesina Viaggiareidia website and the website of the World Health Organization, which reports the updated state of health, in the “news and features” section within each file of the various countries of the world. But we also found a constantly updated map on the Vision of Humanity website about the tragic terrorist events in progress and a map of the world with an indication of the most peaceful and peaceful destinations.

    Before leaving you can also take a look at the situation of cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes in progress, you will find constantly updated information on the site map.

    There is always a safe place in the world to rejoice, learn, help and assimilate new cultures and diversities. Travel and enjoy!

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