How to apply for a loan for travel and holidays: the best loans

Sometimes it can happen to be momentarily in a somewhat restricted financial situation which can blow up the long awaited holidays wait all year or that can create problems, for example, if you have to organize the honeymoon. To avoid not using the holiday period and missing the best time of the year, or to make your dream trip come true you can apply for a loan.

This is the best solution when in a year you find yourself with little liquidity due to a certain event or a momentary situation. If the holiday period or the honeymoon is lost, it can no longer be recovered, while the debt can be easily paid off in a year or with a longer loan.

In any case, it is advisable, in the event that the loan is used, to be thrifty on vacation and on returning from vacation eliminate unnecessary expenses in order to pay off the loan as soon as possible and not to have problems with the payment of the installments.

Best financial for a loan

Younited Credit

To apply for a loan for a trip or vacation the best financial at the moment is definitely Younited Credit, a "Digital Credit Platform" market leader in Europe active in France since 201.

The activity of Younited Credit is that of raise money from professional investors (individuals, companies, foundations, insurers, pension funds) and of granting consumer loans to borrowers through the funds raised, making the personal loan sector certainly more efficient and transparent.

In this way, Younited Credit is able to provide much more attractive personal loans than the competition for the following reasons or advantages:

  • cheaper rates: much lower than the market average and clearly expressed
  • reliability and safety: authorized by ACPR and registered with the Bank
  • speed in granting the loan: the financing process in some cases is carried out in less than 48 hours
  • transparency: there are no hidden costs / clauses and all information is provided in a clear and understandable way
Apply for a loan with Younited Credit

How to apply for a loan

The loan application is very simple and can be done directly online, filling in the various required fields.

At first it is requested: Choose the project (you can choose Travel and Holidays or other reasons as a reason), Choose the amount (you need to choose which amount of financing you need, from a minimum of € 1.000 to a maximum of € 50.000) and Choose the duration (the duration in months in which you want to repay the debt, you can choose from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 84 months).

Other data that may be requested when completing the application for a loan are:

  • last name
  • name
  • email address
  • phone
  • kind of employment
  • residential address and house number
  • country of residence
  • Province of residence
  • fiscal Code
  • nationality
  • marital status
  • state of the home (rent, mortgage payment or own home)
  • monthly amount of the rent or mortgage
  • net salary (or pension)
Apply for a loan with Younited Credit

Travel and holiday financing examples

For a trip or vacation, the request for a loan is small e normally it varies from 500 to 2.000 euros per person, while for a honeymoon, for a long trip or vacation abroad, or for a luxurious vacation in tropical paradises, the costs can be higher.

For a couple who wants visit a European capital even less than 1.000 euros can suffice for one cruise the costs are around 1.000 per person, while for a trip to New York or Thailand it takes about 1.500 per person.

For example, a loan of 1.000 euros can be repaid in 12 months with installments of 85 euros or in 24 months with installments of 45 euros; a loan of 3.000 euros can be repaid in 12 months with installments of 260 euros or in 24 months with installments of 135 euros.

For a honeymoon a week in a wonderful resort in dreamy places like Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean,… the cost is around 5.000 per couple.

For example, a loan of 5.000 euros can be repaid in 24 months with installments of 220 euros or in 36 months with installments of 150 euros. For the honeymoon, given that the most beautiful trip in life, it is possible not to pay much attention to the costs and defer the financing in a period longer than June.

For a large family who wants to do a tour of the American West it is necessary to budget around 2.000 euros per person, so if the family is 5 people it will take around 10.000 euros.

For example, a loan of 10.000 euros can be repaid in 24 months with installments of 440 euros, in 36 months with installments of 300 euros, in 48 months in installments of 235 euros or in 60 months with installments of 190 euros.

Apply for a loan with Younited Credit

How to Find Best Loan Rates

In our opinion, Younited Credit is currently the best financial institution to apply for a loan for a vacation or a trip. Especially if it is the first time you apply for a loan from this financial institution, you can take advantage of excellent interest rates.

However, search engines can be used to find the best loan which help to find, based on personal needs and requirements, the best bank or credit institution based on best interest rates or alle more advantageous conditions.

For example, the following search engines are widely used to apply for a loan:

  • Supermoney
  • Siprestito


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