How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

In this guide I want to show you how to earn money online seriously, I will share with you the main strategies and activities that can be carried out comfortably from home.

I really am many methods to earn on the internet, some faster and others that require more time and long-term work but produce a steady income.

I'm not talking about tricks to supplement your salary, but about real jobs that will allow you to have financial freedom and work from anywhere in the world.

Making money online: 20 profitable businesses

Many believe that it is impossible to make money online, actually starting a business on the web is not that difficult, it just takes a little time and a lot of effort.

I have been working online for more than 5 years and the web has allowed me to completely change my life, to have more time for my passions and above all to live around the world.

In this article you will find well 20 ways to make money online. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and skills and you can easily combine multiple strategies.

So let's enter the magical world of online business and find out how to work from home.

1. Blogger: Start a Blog

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

The first way to earn money online it is through the creation of a blog. Blogging is in fact one of the most profitable sources of income online, in my opinion it is the starting point for most of the jobs on the internet.

The blog, if professionally created with a careful study of the market niche, the public, the contents and the right offer can lead constant and abundant passive income.

The first step is to produce quality content and build an audience of people who follow and trust you. Then you can think about monetization and the methods to make money are really many.

Find an article where I explain how to make money with a travel blog, with 10 strategies, most of which are valid for any type of blog.

In order to make money with a blog it is important to dedicate time and passion to the project and above all to do it immediately in a professional way. To better understand what I'm talking about, I suggest you read the article on how to create a travel blog.

2. Youtube

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

The second strategy to make money on the internet is through the most famous video platform in the world: Youtube.

The concept is similar to creating a blog, but change the format, instead of creating written content you will have to make videos. Also in this case it is important to choose the profitable niche or the main topic you will talk about on your channel.

Initially, most of the Youtubers earn through advertising on the same platform, it is in fact very simple, just set the monetization function and you will activate the advertising banners on your videos.

Caution: before you can activate monetization and earn from advertising you must have a minimum of views and subscribers.

So the most important thing is to create videos consistently (the ideal would be 1 per day) and to grow the channel, also because to earn a lot you will have to have thousands of views every day.

In any case, through Youtube you can also advertise your services or products.

If you like shooting videos, Youtube is still a good source of income and I recommend a great course to grow on Youtube, it's called Tubemastery and it was created by Marcello Ascani a young and famous Youtuber.

3. Google AdSense

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

One of the first sources of income on the web was online advertising and in particular Google AdSense, Google's program that allows you to make money by placing advertisements on your site or blog.

The advantage of Google AdSense is that no great skills are required, it is very simple to install and configure. Just open a Google AdSense account and install the codes on your platform. For the rest, Google does everything, offering users targeted advertising banners.

The only thing you have to do is create an online platform that generates traffic, so you will have to focus on creating content.

4. Write and publish an eBook

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Publishing an ebook has never been so simple and affordable for everyone. In particular thanks to the program Kindle Direct Publishing di Amazon you will have the opportunity to earn up to 70% on sales of digital products.

The important thing is create a product that gives value and that can solve a problem, the classic information manual (for example “the secrets for a perfect shape”).

Once the ebook has been created, it will be important to create a graphically appealing cover and get reviews that testify to the quality of the book.

The great advantage of selling ebooks is that once the manual is published, you will have a completely passive income.

5. Affiliations

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Among the best known and most profitable strategies for earn online there are certainly affiliations.

Simply put it is the sale of third party services or products on which you earn a commission.

You can promote affiliate products or services through social networks or through a blog or website.

There are many networks and affiliate programs, among the most famous we find Amazon thanks to which you can sell an infinite number of products, or there is the famous portal ClickBank specialized in digital products.

Thanks to ClickBank you will have the opportunity to earn a lot because the commissions are high, around 70%.

There are also networks that collect more offers such as Tradedoubler or Awin.

Council: every time you buy something online, be it a service or a product that has brought you a benefit, check if there is an affiliate program. In this way you can offer your users something of quality and value.

6. E-Commerce

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

If you have your own product, you might think about creating an e-commerce, or an online store.

First you will need to create a website with all the technical configurations for online sales. Even without special programming knowledge it is now possible to open your own e-commerce, thanks to WordPress and the integration of a simple plugin like WooCommerce.

The most difficult part is the promotion, you will have to generate traffic to your online sales portal. It will therefore be important to know strategies such as SEO for search engine optimization or start paid advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google.

7. Amazon FBA

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

When it comes to how earn money online we cannot fail to mention Amazon FBA.

The abbreviation Amazon FBA is the abbreviation for Fulfillment By Amazon ("performed by Amazon"), in practice the suppliers send the products to an Amazon fulfillment center from where they will be shipped once purchased.

So, unlike the management of an e-commerce, thanks to Amazon FBA

you will not have to think about shipments, Amazon will ship the material once the customer orders the product.

It is therefore an Amazon dropshipping service, all you have to do is find the right product and send it to Amazon's warehouses. To search for the best product and supplier, the site is generally used, where the various Chinese wholesalers are grouped.

The great advantages of Amazon FBA are mainly two:

  • Elimination of the logistic activity of a traditional e-commerce;
  • Less marketing and promotion work, as Amazon is the most used search engine for online shopping.

8 Dropshipping

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Remaining in the field of e-commerce, let's talk about dropshipping, one of the most used strategies in recent years to work online from the comfort of home.

Dropshipping is nothing more than a business through which you sell products without having to worry about managing a warehouse. In practice, once the customer has placed the order, you will have the material shipped directly from your supplier.

Often also in this case Chinese wholesalers are used, such as Aliexpress, so once the customer buys from you, all you have to do is send the order to Aliexpress who will ship the goods directly to the end user.

The most used platform for Dropshipping is Shopify, a simple but powerful way to create an e-commerce and sell online.

The difference between dropshipping with Shopify and Amazon FBA is mainly related to promotion, in the first case it will be you who will have to do the marketing work and convince users about the reliability of your products.

If you want to learn how to use Shopify to create your online store, I recommend the course Fast Ecommerce by Daniele D'Ausilio.

9. Consulting

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Another way to work online from home seriously it is through consultancy. If you are an expert in a particular field you can sell consultancy online through your website or blog.

It is a fairly simple way to make money on the web but it allows you to monetize effectively and quickly without large initial investments.

What you need to do is develop a web presence through the constant creation of content on the blog and on social networks. Initially it may be helpful to offer free support through webinars, videos or ebooks. In this way you will make yourself known and you will be able to sell your consultancy.

The beauty is that at the beginning just a few clients are enough to start earning well, if for example you get paid € 50 for an hour of consulting, you just need to do 1 consultation a day to earn € 1.000 a month.

Just keep in mind that it is an active income, in the sense that it will always be linked to time, so the more you earn, the more time you will spend working.

10. Online Courses

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Selling courses online is an alternative to consulting. The beauty is that it is a passive sale, once you have completed the course and created a sales funnel, you will have a constant and non-time-bound income.

As with consulting, you need to work on personal branding and build a web presence.

However, initially you can take advantage of platforms such as Udemy, o ClickBank where to upload your information products, in this way it will be easier to generate sales from the beginning.

Also because these platforms also have an affiliate program and allow anyone to promote and sell your courses.

11. Training with webinars

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Another strategy to sell your knowledge online is through webinars, which are online courses that can be followed live.

Many users prefer to participate in webinars rather than online courses because the webinar allows students to interact with the teacher, generally by asking questions via chat.

Among the most used platforms for webinars there is Zoom, a video conferencing tool that also offers a free plan.

Important: often those who work online offer free webinars, this is a strategy to then sell paid consultancy or infoproducts.

12. Freelancer

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

There are tons of freelance jobs that can be done from home, you just need an internet connection and that's it. The beauty is that you can work for clients from all over the world.

The activities you can do online as a freelancer are many: graphic designer, web designer, copywriter, programmer, social media manager, video editor etc.

If you have even one of these skills you can sell your services through platforms such as Fiverr,, 99designs, freelancer.

If you love to write, a site that allows you to make money through your passion is Write me, a portal where you can offer your copywriting services.

If you want to pursue a career as an online freelancer I recommend Silvia Pinna's course: Successful Freelancer

13. Dropshipping Service

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

As you will have understood, there are many ways to make money on the internet and even those who do not have great skills can make money.

A strategy that few people know about is the one called "dropshipping service". In practice, you can resell the freelance services we have just seen.

I'll give you a very simple example: you can create a site dedicated solely to the creation of logos even if you are not an expert designer. Once a user commissions you to create the logo, all you have to do is buy the service on Fiverr where you will find many graphics with prices starting from € 5.

What you need to do is create a professional website and act as an intermediary between the client and the freelancer.

14. Translations

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

If you are fluent in a foreign language you could work as an online translator. Depending on your skills you can find many opportunities: translation of e-books, blog articles or even transcription of videos.

There are many ways to work as an online translator, there are many companies looking for people to translate documents or web pages. You can sign up on platforms like and or Melascrivi itself and start earning online right away.

In any case, you can always create your own blog and use the power of social media to promote your services.

15. Teaching Languages ​​Online

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

If you know one or more languages ​​other than your native language, you can also teach languages ​​online in addition to translations. For example, if you know English well why not teach English online?

As we have seen in the previous methods, you could also sell an online course, do consultations or run webinars.

A very valid platform (which I use to study languages) where you can apply as a tutor is Fluentify. You will have to go through a selection process through questionnaires and interviews and submit documents and certifications for language teaching.

16. Repetitions and Tutoring

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

I'm sure you didn't know how many opportunities there are to make money on the internet. The beauty is that they are not over, another classic online job is repetitions.

There are various portals or marketplaces that sell tutoring online, so on the one hand there are teachers who offer private lessons and on the other, students.

Among the best portals for online repetitions there is, you can register, create your profile and apply as an online tutor.

17. Social Media Manager

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

If you are good at managing social media you could get paid to grow company profiles. In fact, most companies don't have time to manage social profiles and pay someone to do this job.

If you would like to work as a social media manager but do not have great experience, you can always train yourself through the many online courses. In particular, I recommend the course of Marco Venturini, a great communication expert.

18. Developing a software or app

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

In my experience as a Digital Nomad I have found that most of the people who work remotely are programmers and developers of apps and software.

The earning possibilities are really high, obviously you need to be competent and have high programming knowledge.

In any case, if you are passionate about software and apps, you can always study a particular language.

19. Selling videos and photos

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Did you know that there are many web portals through which you can sell photos and videos? Among the best online marketplaces we find Shutterstock and Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia)

If you are a photographer or a photography enthusiast you can take a look at the free videos of Daniele Carrer who teaches you how to sell photos and videos.

20. Influence Marketing

How To Make Money Online: 20 Methods That Work

Let's finish this list of methods to earn money on the internet with the online job par excellence: the influencer.

The influencer is the one who thanks to social media has built a certain reputation on the web and earns with advertising campaigns on behalf of big brands and companies.

The most used platforms to become influencers are Youtube and especially Instagram.

Earning Online Seriously: Conclusions

The jobs that allow you to earn on the internet are many, these are some of the best especially for long-term earnings.

Thanks to your skills and passions you could through one of these 20 ways, create a steady stream of income.

In any case, the advice I want to give you, regardless of which strategy you prefer, is to choose a specific niche, open a blog and start creating content in order to generate traffic.

To increase traffic to the site and make yourself known, I suggest you use social networks, starting initially with the best one for you. For example, if you know how to make videos, youtube will help you increase and generate more and more traffic.

I also recommend offering a free ebook, webinar or video course in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter in order to create a list of potential customers.

Remember that working online has many advantages, but it is still a full-time job, it is important to work consistently and above all to stay up to date on every aspect of digital marketing.

Now it's your turn… you just have to start making money online!

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