Top 10 Best Jobs as a Digital Nomad, What are they?

Would you like to work from anywhere in the world, on a Thai beach, in a hammock in Costa Rica or in front of the rice paddies in Bali!

Today all this is possible, just find a job as a digital nomad and choose freely where and when to work.

In recent years there is a lot of talk about Nomadism and Digital, a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular and I'm sure it will grow more and more.

In a previous article we have seen how to become a digital nomad, in this guide we see in detail which are the jobs that allow you to earn money while traveling the world.

Working remotely while traveling the world and enjoying beaches and paradisiacal places may seem impossible for some people. In reality, this is not the case, there are tons of jobs compatible with the digital nomad lifestyle.

So let's take a look at the best jobs for digital nomads! At the end of the article, you will also find a list of very useful sites to find jobs online.

Categories of digital nomad jobs: freelance, employee or individual entrepreneur.

Before looking in detail at what jobs a Digital Nomad can do, it is worth noting that there are three categories of remote workers.

Digital Freelancer: a freelancer who offers his services to companies or individuals. He/she can work with permanent collaborations or on individual projects. There are many activities a freelance digital nomad can perform: translator, graphic designer, writer, journalist, video creator, programmer, etc.

Digital nomad employee: maybe you didn't know it, but it is possible to be an employee even working remotely. Now, more and more companies have also opened up to smart work and part of their employees work online. There are also companies that work completely remotely.

Nomade Digital Solopreneur: is in practice a freelancer, like a freelancer, but with a strong entrepreneurial talent. The term is, in fact, to identify an entrepreneur who works alone.

10 digital nomad jobs

Top 10 Best Jobs as a Digital Nomad, What are they?

Now let's look at 10 jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Digital Nomad: Niche Technology Jobs

1. Programmer

Most of the digital nomads I've met around the world are programmers. Certainly so is the job that more than any other can be done remotely, even in some cases, even offline.

The opportunities are so many to create software, websites or applications; the great advantage is that the figure of the programmer is increasingly in demand and well paid.

The important thing is to have the right knowledge of a certain programming language. Otherwise it is good to study, there are many online courses that allow you to acquire the necessary skills to undertake this career.

2. Web designer

The web designer is the one who deals with the creation of websites. There are many tools that allow you to create sites even without great programming skills. The good thing is that this software is very simple and can be learned quickly.

There are many free tutorials, especially on Youtube, that allow you to learn how to use programs like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.

In any case, if you want to become a web designer and work professionally, I recommend you to acquire one of the many courses that you find online, for example on Udemy.

You can work as a site creator as a freelancer, working on multiple projects or as an employee of a company. In any case, the web designer does not need to meet with the client and can work remotely anywhere in the world, like a true digital nomad.

Working as a digital nomad: content

3.Web writer

Top 10 Best Jobs as a Digital Nomad, What are they?

For those who love writing the best job as a digital nomad is definitely the freelance copywriter. A web writer has the task of creating content for the web for marketing and advertising purposes, generally writing texts for websites, blogs, landing pages, etc.

A good web copywriter, in addition to the creative aspect, must also take care of the technical one, the writing must be pleasant but above all it must achieve certain objectives, such as positioning or sales. It is therefore essential to know how to write SEO friendly articles.

The advice especially at the beginning is to choose a certain niche, it would be best to start with topics that you are passionate about and of which you have extensive knowledge. You can also create your own website or blog where you showcase your copywriting skills.

One advantage of copywriting is that most of the work can be done offline, you can write on the beach, in a park or on the plane - only when you have to submit content, you'll need the Internet!

I recommend the platform Escríbeme, where you can start earning your first money as a web writer.

4. Graphic designer

Graphic designer is part of my current job, I had a graphic studio in Rome for 15 years until I decided to venture into this new digital nomad lifestyle.

The beauty is that the designer can work safely remotely, in fact, more and more companies are looking for a freelance collaboration for the creation of advertising banners, brochures, logos, social media creative and much more.

You can become a graphic designer by studying on your own, following specific courses or through qualified study paths. In any case, it is important to specialize in a particular graphic sector, which can be corporate identity, photo editing or illustrator.

The graphic designer can work as a freelancer and be paid per project or can be hired by a company or an advertising agency.

Tip: also evaluate the creation and sale of graphic products, such as vector illustrations, typographies or logos, but also the creation of merchandising, such as T-shirts, mugs or paintings.

5. Translator

A translator must professionally translate content such as audio, video or text files from one language to another. This can be done as a freelancer or as an employee. In either case, a translator can work from anywhere in the world, so he or she can be considered a digital nomad for all intents and purposes.

As soon as I arrived in Koh Lanta, at the beginning of my experience as a digital nomad, I met a girl who has been translating video games and traveling the world for several years.

6. Blogger

The blogger is perhaps the digital nomad par excellence, especially the travel blogger. Blogging means sharing information about a particular topic, be it food, wellness, finance, video games or travel.

The blog can be a great source of income, especially thanks to affiliations but also through collaborations with companies or with the sale of their products and services.

Basically, the goal of a blogger is to bring traffic to the site, which, especially at the beginning, requires a lot of time and effort.

That is why it is preferable to choose a topic that you are passionate about, otherwise you run the risk of losing interest and quitting after a few months.

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7. Video Editor

Videos are among the most popular content online, not only on youtube but also on other social networks, such as facebook and instagram. Videos are perfect for promoting your business. For this reason there is a great demand for the video editor, the one who is in charge of editing.

To become a video editor, you must first learn how to use a video creation software, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Generally, a video editor works mainly as a freelancer and is paid on a project-by-project basis.

Working as a digital nomad: online marketing

8. Digital entrepreneur

The digital entrepreneur is the one who creates his own company earning exclusively online. There are so many options, usually starting from the creation of one or more websites that generate money selling products or services, own or as an affiliate.

The important thing is to offer valuable content and create an online community. However, to become a digital entrepreneur it is essential to know online marketing very well, to study every aspect of it and to be always updated on the latest news.

I myself, I can consider myself a digital entrepreneur, at the beginning I didn't have great skills, I had to study and read many books, learn how to create the blog, make it grow and position, manage social networks, newsletter, etc.

If you really want to become a digital nomad and want to create your own online business, you can not avoid reading the books of Russell Brunson, creator of a real millionaire empire with the ClickFunnel platform.

Top 10 Best Jobs as a Digital Nomad, What are they?

9. SEO Specialist

Don't you know who is an SEO specialist? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in practice an SEO expert is in charge of the positioning of websites on the main search engines, in particular Google. Their job is to optimize the site and content to generate traffic.

The ways to earn money for those who do SEO are many, they can work as freelancers or employees of companies, or they can use their knowledge to start their own business, as is the case of the digital entrepreneur. That is why it is a very recurrent figure among digital nomads, especially if you have a blog or a website.

Even if I don't work as an SEO specialist, it is still a topic I know well and use for my online projects.

I recently read what I think is the best book to learn SEO: Advanced Keyword Research, a manual focused entirely on keyword research, highly recommended for everyone!

10. Social Media Manager

Traveling around the world I met many digital nomads who managed social media and advertising campaigns for companies or individuals. One of them became a great friend and collaborator.

In fact, traveling is also a way of doing things. networking, meeting other digital entrepreneurs and initiating important collaborations.

If you want to become a Social Media Manager, you will need, even in this case, to study marketing, learn how to manage social networks and professional tools, such as Facebook's Business Manager.

In any case, experience in the field is the most important thing, that's why it is important especially at the beginning to do a lot of learning and to commit yourself as much as possible. Having your own social page as a portfolio can be a great business card.

Sites to look for work online as a digital nomad


Finally, I remind you that a very valid tool to find work and become a Digital Nomad are the Social Networks, there are many groups on Facebook related to digital nomadism and remote work. You can use these resources to get inspired or evaluate job offers.

Digital Nomad Jobs: Conclusions

In this guide we have seen 10 jobs that can be done online from anywhere in the world, but above all we have seen 10 fundamental skills to work as a digital nomad.

Specializing in a business is very important, but it is also true that the greater the skills, the greater the chances of working remotely and earning money traveling the world. While writing this article I realized that, except for programmer and translator, I do all the other jobs.

To begin with, therefore, I recommend acquiring as many skills as possible, always starting from what you are passionate about. I am sure that in this way you too will be able to join the great community of Digital Nomads.

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