Hurghada tourist resort on the Red Sea in Egypt

    The tourist resort of Hurghada in Egypt was the first holiday destination on the Red Sea coast. Hurghada was initially a small fishing village, then the growing increase in tourists started the growth of a residential city with beachfront hotels, always full of tourists with the promise of sun, crystal clear waters and diving. throughout the time of the year.

    The beaches and the sea provide entertainment during the day while at night the city lights up with flashy restaurants, bars and shopping centers. There nightlife ends at the first light of dawn, when the warm sun of Egypt returns to shine the splendid waters of the Red Sea.

    Most tourists arrive directly with charter flights and stay in hotels, residences and tourist villages in international chains offering a wide range of entertainment, as well as a stretch of beach.

    Most hotels offer safaris or snorkeling to get a closer look at the reef. Many also have the opportunity to visit the island of Giftun, located about 40 minutes by boat from the coast. This protected area can be visited by up to 100 people per day.

    Diving is the most popular sport in Hurghada. There are ten coral islands with a large number of marine species including giant sharks, rays and moray eels and a formidable number of small, brightly colored fish.

    For the less adventurous, there are glass bottom boats that allow you to see reef life while sitting comfortably in an air-conditioned cabin, or you can choose a submarine which goes down to 20 meters deep and sails among fish and all the flora and fauna of the Red Sea.

    A trip to Hurghada is a great idea to escape the heat in the winter, especially taking advantage of the very affordable prices of the last minute.

    Hurghada tourist resort on the Red Sea in Egypt
    Hurghada, Egypt -
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