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When to go to Egypt, Best Time

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"At this time, WhenAndare.info advises against any travel to Egypt."

Following the death by torture of Giulio Regeni in February 2016, QuandoAndare.info advises against any travel to Egypt until there is truth and justice for his tragic death.

Egypt, land of the pharaohs whose history has fascinated and continues to fascinate students and adults around the world, was home to one of the first advanced civilizations in history. The Egyptians and their world will continue to fascinate you with the many archaeological finds and sites that still exist today.

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Egypt is also known for its wonderful coral reef of the Red Sea

, a very attractive destination for us Europeans because of its proximity and its often inexpensive cost.


You can visit Egypt all year round. There is little rainfall in the country , the climate is hot and dry during the winter and almost desert-like in the summer


Depending on the area you wish to visit, the best times to travel vary slightly. In the northern coastal area, for example in Alexandria, winters are a bit wet and sometimes rainy, but temperatures are still totally acceptable throughout the year, while from Cairo to Luxor winters are mild with hot, dry summers and temperatures reaching even 35-40 掳 C. But it is in the area from Luxor to the border with Sudan

that we encounter the desert climate that puts visitors to the test, with summer temperatures between June and August that can far exceed 40 掳 C, even touching 50 掳 C. It is useful to pay attention to the strong temperature variations between day and night, especially in desert areas.

For sea lovers, especially on the coast of the Red Sea

open all year round, to admire the wonders of the coral reefs, the best time is from March to November when the water has a pleasant temperature that facilitates swimming and snorkeling. In fact, during the winter, the diving temperature can drop a few degrees.

For more details on rainfall and average temperatures

consult the following data.



: Beware of continuing political tensions.

Suggestions: Always carry a sweater with you for the night in cool weather and for air conditioning, which in warm weather overcomes all indoor stays. Before leaving, also get a good medication for gastrointestinal problems that can sometimes interfere with vacations.

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