The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh it is the main tourist center of the Sinai Peninsula and one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. In fact, Sharm has become famous for its underwater wonders, in particular the waters of the Ras Mohammed Park south of the city, which continue to attract millions of fans every year.

But Sharm is not only one of the best diving destinations in the world: thanks to the top-level accommodation facilities and its beautiful beaches, it is also the perfect place for a relaxing holiday and for families

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of those tourist destinations that never go out of style.

Even today it manages to attract even those who consider it an inflated destination and manages to survive the defamation of the media that narrate the difficult Egyptian reality without distinguishing areas.

To leave in peace, however, you can always visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Safe traveling to ensure you can travel in total safety.

This coveted resort town is very well connected to the rest of the world and boasts dream hotels that are well suited to all budgets.

Best known as an ideal destination to relax by the pool and snorkel in its crystal clear waters, the area has a lot to offer for those who wish to explore its surroundings.

Whether you are here to relax or to observe the colorful marine life, Sharm el-Sheikh is a great choice for a break on your trip to Egypt, after exploring the temples and tombs in the rest of the country.

Where to book excursions in Sharm el Sheikh

Excursions from Sharm can be booked either online (see the links below), either through the hotel or the resort where you are staying, either by contacting alocal agency.

Let it be book online (i Sharm el Sheikh tours can be found here and here you will find all those of Get Your Guide) or through your resort you can rest assured. As for the local agency, however, my advice is to inform yourself well who you rely on: some are crafty, asking you for a higher price or making you a very low price. at the expense of quality.

I love to book directly with local agencies as I think I give money to the locals and most of the time you get a good deal (if you know how to bargain). Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable in Egypt.

For example, on an excursion I had agreed a tot (at a price) but in the end I had to fight like crazy: many things that had to be included (at least those that I had agreed) in the end were not. The driver only spoke Egyptian and did not understand English (or at least, this is what he led me to believe) and so while barking like crazy I didn't get anything.

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Obviously I complained to the agency who replied that I was right but that it was not their fault as they had subcontracted to a driver and therefore it was his fault (the one who did not speak English).

They called him, I heard them yelling on the phone, in the end they told me: sorry we can not do anything, he had misunderstood. To tell the truth it all seemed like a great staging.

Result: ruined day and pissed off at 1000. If you book online or through the resort, the excursion is guaranteed. Maybe you pay more for it, but don't take any chances and in any case you always have the option to either complain to the resort or leave a bad review in case you are not happy.

The agencies that the portals or resorts rely on are generally very serious and safe (also because if they are not, they take the order out and give it to someone else), even if the excursions sold in the resort are generally more expensive because the resort takes its own commission.

So let's see what to do in Sharm El Sheikh and what are the most beautiful excursions!

1 - Boat and snorkeling excursion to Tiran Island

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Di Kostenyukova Nataliya /

One of the most sought-after activities by visitors is undoubtedly theboat trip to Tiran Island, where it is possible to snorkel in a real marine paradise.

The island of Tiran is located in the Red Sea, right at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, and every year hosts thousands of visitors and snorkelers.

The island is totally uninhabited and is full of pristine beaches to dive into warm crystal clear waters of the Red Sea to admire the multitudes of fish of a thousand colors.

Excursions usually depart in the morning from the port of Sharm El Sheikh, although most of the organized tours also include transfers to and from the hotel, and return in the mid-afternoon

The boat trip to Tiran Island takes about an hour and, once there, you will have the opportunity to swim in this pristine paradise.

Many tours also include lunch, with typical Middle Eastern cuisine, on board the boat, to fully immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

⇒ See HERE the boat tour with snorkeling to TIRAN ISLAND

2 - Excursion to Mount Sinai and the Monastery of Santa Caterina

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

By Mildax /

Built in the sixth century and dedicated to Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, the Monastery of St. Catherine, which rises in the desert valley of Sinai, is the oldest existing Christian monastery.

It stands at the foot of Mount Horeb, a place where, according to tradition, Moses talked with God and received the commandments, as the Bible narrates in the episode of the burning bush.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Monastery of Santa Caterina has a Byzantine style structure and, inside, a large collection of icons and manuscripts.

This place is considered sacred by the three main monotheistic religions in the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and for this reason it is a destination for pilgrimages.

The area can be visited either by taking a guided tour or by walking along part of the route of the pilgrims, who usually come from Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, arriving here in the middle of the night to tackle the climb to the sacred mountain.

The path to Mount Sinai starts from the Monastery of Santa Caterina at 1585 meters, from where a mule track leads to the summit of Jebel Mousa (Mount of Moses) at an altitude of 2285 meters, which can be covered in about 3 hours.

During the day you will encounter numerous stalls along the way selling sweet mint tea and snacks.

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3 - Quad tour in the Sinai Desert

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

By Rostislav Ageev /

A trip to Sharm El Sheikh cannot fail to include a visit to the Sinai desert, a spectacle of nature nestled in the Sinai Peninsula, between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba.

If Mount Sinai and the Monastery of Santa Caterina allow you to immerse yourself in a mystical atmosphere, the Sinai desert allows you to enter directly into contact with nature, with its surprising landscapes and its pitfalls.

Each year the Sinai desert, with its timeless charm, attracts millions of tourists who wish to venture into its stretches of sand.

There are several ways to visit this golden valley. Among the most used methods we find the itineraries by motorbike or quad, at the end of which you will be completely covered with sand, or the rides on the saddle of dromedaries, to be tackled preferably accompanied by the Bedouins, expert connoisseurs of the desert and its dangers.

For adventure lovers there is also the possibility of trying to live in a desert camp, according to many an unforgettable experience but which requires a good spirit of adaptation.

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4 - Visit to Ras Mohammad National Park

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Di Dudarev Mikhail /

Il Ras Mohammad National Park it is located in the vicinity of Sharm El Sheikh, just 20 kilometers away, in the far south of the Sinai Peninsula. It extends for about 480 kilometers and offers the opportunity to admire breathtaking landscapes of the Red Sea.

This area was established as a national park with the aim of preserving the marine and terrestrial fauna of the park and keeping its beauty intact.

Ras Mohammad Park is an essential destination for nature lovers, who can visit it both by land and by sea.

This area in particular is a paradise for snorkelers and divers, who can admire more than 200 species of coral up close, a thousand different species of fish, 25 varieties of sea urchins, 40 varieties of starfish, 150 species of crustaceans and more than 100 species of molluscs.

Here too it is possible to join an organized tour to visit the area and explore the seabed.

⇒ See HERE the tour to the Ras Mohammad National Park 

5 – Snorkelling al Blue Hole

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

At John_Walker /

Near Sharm El Sheikh, a few kilometers from Dahab, is the Blue Hole, a large underwater sinkhole, a very popular destination for divers from all over the world.

It is a real natural wonder whose submarine depression develops for about 100 meters in depth and 50 meters in height. A real circular chasm whose walls are covered with stalactites and singular rock formations in which corals and microorganisms proliferate.

The Blue Hole, so called for the intense blue of its waters, is also known as Diver's Cemetery, that is the cemetery of divers, as many, distracted by the wonder of the place and driven by the desire to go deeper, go beyond the dive limits. In fact, going beyond 40 meters deep there is an arch-shaped passage of about 26 meters that flows into the open sea at a depth of 60 meters.

It is therefore no coincidence that the Blue Hole is known as the most dangerous dive site in the world.

The entrance arch is rather difficult to identify and the conformation of the cave tends to confuse people about the position in which they are located.

The strong contrary currents and the pressure six times higher than that of the sea make it impossible to overcome the arch with a single oxygen cylinder and making it almost impossible to go back.

A place therefore not suitable for novice divers, but perfect for snorkeling!


6 - Na'ama Bay

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Di Iren Key /

A few kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh lies the district of Na'ama Bay, which is the commercial center of the modern city.

Here you will find hotels, restaurants, shops, tourist villages and night clubs.
Na'ama Bay is now a renowned tourist destination, famous not only for its nightlife and shopping centers, but also for its enchanting coral reef.

Sadly famous for the terrorist attacks of 2005, today Na'ama Bay is back to its splendor and to be a destination for diving enthusiasts.

Its bay is in fact one of the best places in all of Egypt for snorkeling and diving. Here it is possible to swim in the crystal clear waters and admire not only the coral reef but also the colorful marine fauna typical of this area.

7 – Sharks Bay

Sharks bay, literally Sharks Bay, is a picturesque area near Sharm El Sheikh that still retains the original essence of the place and is one of the few places still untouched by mass tourism.

It is a quiet bay with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. From here it is possible to see the island of Tiran and the tourist port of the city.

Several stories circulate around the origin of the name, Sharks Bay. Some of these narrate that the bay until 12 years ago was a regular destination for sharks, others that some tourists had confused manta rays for sharks, and others that in the past the local fishermen used to unload the sharks caught right here.

Whatever the real origin of the name is, it is not known, but today there are none in this bay of sharks.

Here too, as in many other places around Sharm El Sheikh, it is possible to snorkel and dive, with marine excursions able to satisfy the desires of divers of any level.

You can also do many other activities such as banana boating, raft trips, surfing and water skiing.

8 - Dive to the wreck of the Thistlegorm

The Best Excursions from Sharm-El-Sheikh

Di Adam Ke /

THEdive to the wreck of the Thiselgorm remains today one of the most sought-after dives by divers.

The final voyage of the Thistlegorm ship took place in June 1941, during the Second World War, when it was loaded with an anti-aircraft and a large-caliber machine gun and sent to supply the British Eighth Army.

While at anchor in Sha'ab Ali, at 1.30am, two German planes dropped bombs on the ship, sinking it in less than 10 minutes.

The wreck gained tourist fame only several years later, thanks to its rediscovery by Jacques Costeau.

Today it is considered a war heritage and represents a paradise for diving enthusiasts who can still admire its intact cargo of motorcycles, tanks, trucks, rifles, clothing and much more, all surrounded by marine life.

Diving in this place is therefore made picturesque not only by the wreck itself, but also by the fauna that inhabits it: barracuda, moray eels, tuna, batfish and stonefish. Paying attention you can also see some crocodile fish and imbricate turtles on the wreck.

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