The Best Excursions from Hurghada

After a fantastic couple of weeks since Cairo until Aswan, Karnak and Luxor, and after my second Nile cruise exploring temples, tombs and pyramids, we spent our last week in Egypt a Hurghada, on the coast of Red Sea.

Understanding how to get there was very easy: there are various buses of the Gobus who make the journey daily between Luxor and Hurghada but also between Cairo and Hurghada.

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most famous seaside resorts of Egypt.

The city develops for tens of kilometers along the coast of the Red Sea. This is the perfect destination for those who want to experience a relaxing holiday, perhaps in one of the many all-inclusive resorts, or for those who intend to alternate moments of relaxation on the beach with sports activities and trips to the surrounding area.

If Hurghada, in fact, does not offer great opportunities from a cultural point of view, it is an excellent base for exploring some of the most beautiful places in the country.

In this article I recommend which are the best excursions from Hurghada to organize. My advice is to take part in guided tours by booking the tours in advance or through local agencies.

I advise you not to book it in the resort: me this snorkeling tour to Giftun Island (to do absolutely and that on the web costs about 20 €) I paid 35 € after crazy bargaining !!!

Are you in a hurry? Watch all the TOURS FROM HURGHADA here now

1 - The Red Sea

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

I already mentioned to you, Hurghada is one of the most popular Egyptian beach resorts among tourists from all over the world. Its beaches, crystal clear water and its wonderful backdrops attract more and more people.

In front of the city there are some small islands of sand and rock, most of which are uninhabited, which entice tourists to spend long days of idleness disturbed by no one.

If you are going to spend a holiday in Hurghada, my advice is to take part in at least one boat excursion: you will have the opportunity to admire the city as it recedes before finding yourself in the midst of the pristine beauty of the Red Sea.

Most of these excursions include a series of stops that will allow you to snorkel: the seabed is full of life and will leave you speechless.

If you don't like snorkeling, there is also the possibility to rent or join a tour on a glass bottom boat to admire the beauty of the seabed without necessarily entering the water.

Giftun Island

The reason we chose this snorkeling tour was that, after some research, we realized how insanely beautiful it is.Giftun Island! From Hurghada it is very close, about 45 minutes by boat.

In short, if it is the most famous snorkeling excursion there is a reason.

The best part of Giftun Island is definitely the white one Mahmya beach, where there are no resorts as it is a protected area. Along the way, you can spot dolphins everywhere and snorkel with them!

This day trip is perfect thanks to the coral reef, the white and clear sand and the pristine and crystal clear water.

See here ⇒ GIFTUN island snorkeling tour 

Among the snorkeling and diving excursions I absolutely recommend this one to Giftun island, but also a tour to swim with the dolphins (I swam with them freely and I assure you that it is an exceptional experience!).

> See HERE the snorkeling tour with DOLPHINS (highly recommended)

If you prefer to dive there is THIS tour with two dives and lunch!

2 - The desert

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

Behind Hurghada lies the Eastern Desert, the part of the Sahara East of the Nile.

Your stay in the famous Egyptian seaside resort can turn into an opportunity to see for yourself one of the most inhospitable places on earth.

Various desert tours are organized from the city: from the quad bike ride to experience the thrill of driving immersed in landscapes seen only in a film, to the more peaceful jeep excursion.

Which one to choose depends only on your preference, but I assure you that quads are really fun!

⇒ See here the QUAD TOUR at sunset - at a SUPER price!

⇒ Here you can find the QUAD tour in the desert (the best seller)

⇒ Click instead HERE to see the TOUR IN JEEP

Some tours like this they also offer the opportunity to take part in a typical Bedouin dinner in front of a sunset that you will hardly forget. Once the evening falls, you will be able to observe the greatest number of stars ever seen before!

Choose carefully the tour you decide to participate in: there are many and all different.

3 – Luxor and Karnak

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

Luxor, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Egypt, the cradle of the pharaohs, it is one of the most majestic archaeological sites in the world.

Hurghada and Luxor are about 4 hours apart (309 km) and deciding to take part in this excursion means waking up at dawn, but believe me, it will be worth it: Luxor is one of my favorite destinations in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings and its temples are truly to leave you breathless!

In Luxor you can admire temples, necropolis and palaces: this is where the Luxor Temple, Great Temple of Amun, the sites of the Valley of the Kings and Queens, Hatshepsut temple and the (beautiful) tombs of the nobles.

One day will not be enough to visit everything, but i tour da Hurghada a Luxor generally include the Valley of the Kings, the temples of Karnak and Luxor and the temple of Hatshepsut: practically all the major points of interest.

In fact, among the huge choice of tours, I recommend that you choose one that includes all these things.

⇒ This TOUR is one of the best you can find around (GetYourGuide certified)

⇒ By clicking here you will find another great TOUR (slightly cheaper)

4 - Pyramids of Giza

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

Among the things to see absolutely in Egypt there are certainly the Pyramids of Giza, the symbol of pharaonic power.

If you decide to go to Giza you will be able to admire the pyramid of Chefren, Menkaure and the majestic Pyramid of Cheops, but that's not all. In fact, in Giza there is also another of the Egyptian symbols: the Great Sphinx.

Generally from Hurghada trips to Giza are organized which also include another stop: the Egyptian Museum of Cairo (unmissable).

Click here to see the recommended Giza tour (by plane)

Here you will find the best-selling bus tour (Cairo + Pyramids of Giza)

⇒ Here you can find the panoramic tour of Cairo (+ Egyptian Museum and Pyramids!)

5 - Cairo

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

The journey from Hurghada to Cairo (and the Pyramids) is very long and can take between 5 and 6 hours.

There are, however, different solutions to reach the capital from the seaside resort on the Red Sea.

As I told you, you could take advantage of a coach excursion from Hurghada to Cairo and Giza: in this way you will have the opportunity to visit both the magnificent Egyptian Museum of the capital and admire the imposing pyramids.

However, I want to remind you that the distances are very long and the tour could be very tiring.

Alternatively, you could reach Cairo by domestic flight from Hurghada: the price will be higher, but you will travel more comfortably and save some time.

There is the possibility to book this excursion in advance including a guide who will accompany you to Giza to admire the Pyramids and to Cairo to visit the Egyptian Museum.

Il Egyptian Museum of Cairo is the largest and richest in the world: here is the famous Treasure of Tutankhamun. A visit not to be missed.

During the day trip to Cairo by plane, you should also have time to take a walk and some shopping at the Khan el-Khalili market. Don't forget to buy some spice!

Click here to see the recommended Giza tour (by plane)

Here you will find the best-selling bus tour (Cairo + Pyramids of Giza)

⇒ Here you can find the panoramic tour of Cairo (+ Egyptian Museum and Pyramids!)

6 - Monastery of Santa Caterina

The Best Excursions from Hurghada

By Mildax /

On the slopes of Mount Horeb, where according to tradition Moses received the 10 Commandments from God, the Monastery of St. Catherine.

The building was built in the sixth century. BC and in 2002 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Monastery of Santa Caterina rises 1500 meters above sea level and is a very important place for three religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The structure is surrounded by a wall and inside there are several buildings including the Katholikon, the Byzantine basilica erected at the behest of Justian and a beautiful white fly.

The excursion from Hurghada generally provides a stop in Sharm el-Sheikh and the evening departure for the Monastery in order to reach the top at sunrise. They are 2 days tours.

This excursion is not suitable for everyone: there are about 750 steps to climb (2 - 3 hours of walking).

Honestly, I don't know whether to recommend it, in fact I would say to No.. After all, there are many of those wonderful excursions from Hurghada to make a week full that cost less and in my opinion do not involve all this hassle. Although a beautiful tour (and what I recommend among the excursions to Sharm El Sheikh) from Hurghada in my opinion is not the best.

In any case, if you decide to participate, remember comfortable shoes and lots of water.

⇒ Here you can find the tour to the Monastery of Saint Catherine from Hurghada (2 days)

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Now that I've recommended some of the best excursions from Hurghada, you just have to choose the ones you prefer and organize your trip in detail.

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