Kimolos, everything on this Greek island

    Kimolos, everything on this Greek island
    All the information you need to spend a stay in Greece in Kimolos or CimĂČlo

    kimolos it is a small island Greek which is part of the archipelago of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It is a territory of volcanic origin climate quite dry, in fact in summer temperature They can easily reach 40 degrees. The best time to visit the island or stay there on vacation includes the months of May and September. The main activities carried out on this island are sheep farming and fishing, but in ancient times Kimolos was known for its particular chalk and kaolin, used to make precious stones. porcelain.

    Among the Cyclades, Kimolos is not a purely tourist destination, but its features Rural, reserved and not at all modern, they are truly particular and beautiful to look at. The only town on this small island in the Cyclades is Chora, a small town nestled on the crest of the mountain, where there are many small taverns and local craft shops. In the taverns you can taste some of the dishes Typical of the Greek culinary tradition. We remember, among these, the pita, a kind of sandwich filled with pork and lamb, topped with the famous yogurt sauce Tzatziki and fresh vegetables, feta cheese, moussaka and typical dishes souvlaki, skewers of pork, lamb or chicken, marinated in oil, lemon and spices and then cooked over hot coals.

    You can reach Kimolos Island by boat from the port of Piraeus or from the nearby island of Milos with a special shuttle service. Public transportation is limited to a single bus numbers that makes transfers between Chora and the port. On the island there is a rental scooter to be able to move freely during your vacation. The most beautiful beach on the island is requires Beach, and it is also the only one equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas at really affordable prices. You will totally love the Caribbean Sea. Show off Beach It is another very popular beach in Kimolos. tranquilla and located in a place sheltered from the wind, whose shallow waters are also ideal for children.

    Lovers diving Divers can dive to admire the submerged archaeological remains of the ancient city of Ellinika. Another very interesting excursion to do is to the island of Milo, where you can admire the Sources warm and multicolored rocks Typical of the island, still sheltered from the mass tourism that crowds the Greek islands throughout the year.


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