Lanzarote, between volcanoes and beaches

    Lanzarote, between volcanoes and beaches
    The Canary Island is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The landscape is volcanic with cliffs over the sea and charming hidden coves.

    If you are looking for an unusual destination, where you can find sun and heat and have a dive into the sea, but also an unusual landscape, made of volcanoes, cave and an almost lunar setting, Lanzarote It is the perfect destination for you. Here you are five reasons to spend a vacation on the island. 
    1. Beaches
    Just a few hours flight from Italy, it is considered a cheap and stylish place to visit all year round. Here temperatures always exceed 20°C, with more ventilated areas in the north, towards He would do e Reef, the capital, and more temperate in the south, between Puerto del Carmen e Playa Blanca (where the ferries leave from Fuerteventura). The most famous beach in Lanzarote is Papagayo Beach, a cove of fine sand and crystal clear waters protected from the winds by the cliffs. AND' among the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located in a protected reserve that can be accessed by paying an entrance fee. Also in this area there are other beaches, a little wider but equally beautiful, such as Playa Mujeres, Well Beach, Conger Cove e Puerto Muelas.
    2. Lunar landscapes
    Lanzarote is a volcanic island, the result of an eruption that dates back to 1730 whose lava flows completely changed the appearance of the territory. The island's inhabitants have learned to live with an almost lunar landscape, making the most of the terrain. A tour of the vineyard area, called Geria, is essential, planted in black soil protected by dry stone walls to protect the plants from the wind. But above all what you have to do is the tour of Timanfaya National Park, also called Mountains of Fire, near the town of Tinajo, in the south of the island, where the mouths of extinct volcanoes are concentrated. A spectacular landscape with colors ranging from black to red. The tour is mandatory by bus, but you can also choose to do it by camel.
    3. cave
    Also a result of the telluric movements, in Lanzarote a visit to the caves is essential Jameos of the water y Cueva de los Verdes. The first is located under Mount Crown, which erupted about 3.000 years ago. It is a huge cavity with corridors formed over the centuries. The intervention of has been added to the natural formation. CĂ©sar Manrique, a Spanish artist who made a great contribution to the island, redesigning the landscape and enhancing its natural beauty. In fact, in the cave there is a splendid pool and a room excavated in the rock where it is worth spending an evening.
    The Cave, on the other hand, is made up of two overlapping galleries, with corridors, labyrinths, underground lagoons and seemingly bottomless chasms, all cleverly lit to highlight the shapes and colors of the solidified lava. The inhabitants took refuge in its bowels in past centuries during pirate attacks. One of the largest galleries houses a large auditorium where evocative concerts are held.
    4. Architecture
    Since 60% of the island is protected territory, Lanzarote's towns are few. However, they have one characteristic in common: low, white houses with green or blue window frames, stand out like white spots in the middle of the arid landscape. Only the capital, Arrecife, has some larger and more modern buildings. Among the must-see attractions of the island is the cactus garden, also designed by Manrique in an area burned by the volcano where a windmill stands. A cult address is lagomar, the House of Omar Sharif, a building created inside the rock with tunnels, small terraces and suggestive corners. The actor bought this house when he came to the island to film The Mysterious Island.
    5. Shopping
    The people of Teguise, on the east coast, is very lively, especially on Sundays when the market for local crafts and products based on Aloe vera, typical of Lanzarote, is held. Small shops, patios and restaurants are hidden among the alleys. Puerto del Carmen It is one of the largest tourist ports on the island with many attractions, a very long beach and a beautiful promenade to walk. Lime port It is the most chic area of ​​the island, It is a small port with shops where you can buy Spanish brands (Desigual, Custo etc.) and small restaurants.

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