London: what to see and what museums to visit

    London: what to see and what museums to visit
    According to statistics, it rains less in London than in Rome: 593 mm compared to 744 mm of rainwater

    If you think that a sunny day in London is rare, you are very wrong. According to statistics tiempo compiled by Weather Forecast on the BBC website, It rains more in Rome than in the city.. The figures speak for themselves: an average of 744 mm of water falls per year in the shadow of the Dome, compared to 593 mm in the british capital. However, Rome is confirmed by far among the least demanding cities. economically for tourist, compared to other European metropolises: visiting the Colosseum, along with the Roman Forum and the Palatine, costs 12 euros, compared to 20 euros for the Tower of London and 22 for the panoramic ride on the London Eye ferris wheel. Demonstrating the fact that the climate in United Kingdom is changing for the better, specimens of the Jersey tiger moth, an insect native to the much warmer Channel Islands, have recently been detected. It is difficult not to take advantage of these changes to include a trip to London in your agenda.

    Strong on his own new weather conditions, decidedly softer than the Victorian era and the times of great industrialization at the end of the 5000th century, the British capital winks at lovers of outdoor activities and adapts by making new services available to tourists such as rental of bicycles, thanks to which you can take advantage of one of the XNUMX Bike public, without the need to fill out forms or leave deposits, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cycle through the 7 hectares of Hyde Park, will not, therefore, be a privilege reserved only for the citizens of London, but an opportunity open to all.

    Don't miss a pleasant walk along the banks of the Southbank to admire the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Or on Oxford Street, London's most famous shopping street and a Convent Garden Where is San Martin Courtyard, London's new must-see destination for shopping, style and food. Here an exclusive experience awaits all visitors who can choose to relax in the green outdoor garden among international brands and delicious meals, a true oasis in the city center. At tea time the appointment is at the Orangery, immersed in the autumn colors of Kensington Gardens.

    However, if you find yourself having a typical British day you can always opt for a visit to one of the many london museums, many of which are free: the British museum, where the Rosetta Stone, the sculptures of the Parthenon and the mummies from the Ancient Egyptian collection are preserved; He Museum of Design, the world's most important museum dedicated to contemporary design; He Museum of Natural History, with a permanent dinosaur exhibition and a collection of the largest, tallest and rarest animals in the world; He Victoria and Albert Museum; The Tate Modern, the most visited modern art museum in the world.

    If you have a weakness for rock, it would be a crime not to stay in Sanctum Soho Hotel. L 'hotels was created specifically to meet the needs of rock stars on tour in London: the cocktail bar is open 24 hours a day, the security service is trained to keep the paparazzi away and the design is all "rock" style. ". Ideal for a holiday full of music.

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