Phi Phi Island, a paradise of bays and trails

    Phi Phi Island, a paradise of bays and trails
    An archipelago of six small islands south of Phuket with talcum powder-fine sand and angular rocks jutting out of crystal-clear waters.

    Take some white and deserted beaches, Add a transparent sea de a thousand shades of green, eliminate the roads and join some sharp rocks that come out of the sea, mix everything and behold Isla Phi Phi.

    It is, in fact, an archipelago made up of six islands, of which only two are open to tourism: Don Phi Phi, The biggest, e phi phi leh. Phi Phi Don is the most famous and frequented by most tourists from around the world. The islet can only be reached by boat after 45 minutes of navigation from the island of Phuket, another very famous tourist destination.

    Phi Phi is the paradise of Thailand. Surrounded andaman sea, is a succession of hidden and deserted bays. Furthermore, it is a completely pedestrian zone. There are no roads, only paths to explore on foot or with rental bicycles. The most famous beach is Maya Bay: The movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here. Protected by cliffs up to 100 m high, it includes numerous beaches, some only visible at low tide.

    The beating heart of Phi Phi is Tonsai Village, where the ferries dock. To the south you can easily reach Tonsai Bay beach and to the north to Loh Dalum. The latter is nothing short of impressive. The water is shallow and, warmed by the sun, looks like a bathtub. The sand is white and very fine. It's also a great spot for snorkelling - in fact, you can swim right around the corner. monkey bay, a small bay full of colorful fish.

    It is by Tonsai It is the Phi Phi area with the most spectacular panorama. In addition to the view of the long bay, it offers a view of Phi Phi Leh Island. A stone's throw away is the busiest beach on the island, Long Beach. Its seabed is the most beautiful, but it is not always possible to snorkel: between November and April the water is calm, but during the other months the tide is low and the water is rough and, due to the corals and sharp rocks, It may be more difficult to swim.

    In Phi Phi you have many options even in accommodation: you can stay in one beautiful luxury resort as in one beach hut. The choice is yours, the scenario does not change.

    When to go to Phi Phi Island? The best time is from January to March, when it does not rain, the weather is dry and hot, but not too hot.
    In April and May temperatures reach their highest levels. May is the month when the monsoon begins on Phi Phi Island and throughout the Andaman Sea. The rains last until November and are most intense in September and October. In August The weather is variable, rainy with sunny intervals or vice versa: in any case the statistics are somewhat unpredictable.

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