Siam Park - The best water park in the world is in Tenerife

Siam Park is currently the largest water park of Europe and is also considered the number 1 in the world by Tripadvisor users for quality and services. This park is a must for water and fun lovers.

Opened in 2008 a Costa Adeje (Tenerife), on its 185.000 square meters, hosts a great variety of slides, swimming pools, shops and numerous restaurants in a small paradise of incredible and exotic Thai decoration.

There are attractions for all tastes and a multitude of thrilling slides in which to spend an unforgettable day with family or friends.

You will find from the more relaxing attractions, such as the river Mai Thai, to those of pure adrenaline like the Tower of Power, the highest slide in the park with a height of 28 meters and a spectacular aquarium full of tropical fish and sharks.

Beach lovers will not leave the Palace of the Waves, a huge space with a magnificent swimming pool where the largest artificial waves in the world are formed (up to 3 meters high) and a beautiful beach with white sand.

Most of the attractions are a lot of fun and exciting, practically for almost all ages (starting from 1,20 meters high). There are also two exclusive areas for younger children with water activities and miniatures of the large slides.

The attractions of Siam Park

The Dragon – sitting on a dinghy, you will pick up speed until you face the jaws of the impressive animal, experiencing a truly zero gravity experience, and then make your way to a giant funnel. It is one of the most impressive attractions in the park.

Tower of Power – the main attraction of the park. Thrilling slope, 28 meters of vertical drop into a mysterious aquarium full of sharks. Only suitable for the most daring.

The Jungle Snakes they are represented by 4 slides that intertwine with each other, very fun for children and adults, and being four, they form fewer queues. Try them all.

Mai Thai River - relax on a peaceful dinghy ride along a river of gentle curves, lush greenery, and tranquil waterfalls.

The Giant – adventure and fun for young and old as you glide through a giant funnel.

In Vulcano the adrenaline rises rapidly, a lot of speed and darkness interrupted by the laser lights.

For the little ones The Lost City, waterfalls, slides, jets, water guns, with a water temperature of 24 degrees, and Sawasdee new area with slides designed for running and to test the ability of children.

Singha - Our favorite park attraction which can be done in two or three people. More than a slide, it is an aquatic roller coaster with high-speed turns and 14 changes of direction, a real injection of adrenaline and fun. 6 m / s uphill and 18 m / s downhill.

Kinnaree – in this incredible 200-meter attraction you quickly enter a funnel, and then glide dramatically towards the upper edges of the slide. The strong emotions you feel will lead you to come back a second and a third time.

Naga Racer – if you like to compete grab your mat and slide along these fun water lanes.

The Wave Palace – do you want to see the biggest artificial waves in the world? In the wave pool you can enjoy waves of up to 3 meters.

But if you prefer to relax, just lie down a Siam Beach, white sand, plenty of sunshine, snacks and total relaxation. The water has an ideal temperature of 24 degrees.

Siam Park - The best water park in the world is in Tenerife
Siam Park Tenerife -

You can also enjoy a quiet stroll and buy some souvenirs or food at the Thai-looking floating market, where you can enjoy all kinds of shops and even get a good massage.

Each of its attractions combines a perfect mix of excitement, adrenaline and fun for unique experiences in the world.

When to visit Siam Park

The island of Tenerife enjoys excellent temperatures throughout the year and this allows tourists to visit the water park every day of the year, even in winter. In addition, the water of the attractions in Siam Park is heated and is also great for the little ones.

in the summer months, however, the park is quite crowded, reaching between 7.000 and 10.000 people, therefore, as far as possible, the ideal is to visit it in months other than July and August.

If this is not possible, we recommend that you be there very early, around 9 am. This way you can get in early, take a seat and be in the front row at the most sought after attractions.

To avoid the queues you might as well purchase one Speedy Pass, it costs 15 € per person and when there are many people it is worth it. It allows you to skip the line at the attractions and allows you to repeat what you liked the most without waiting too long.

Opening hours

Siam Park is open every day:

In summer (May 1st - October 31st) - from 10am to 00pm
In winter (November 1st - April 30th) - from 10am to 00pm

Siam Park ticket prices

Siam Park Tickets

Adults - 37 euros
Children (ages 3-11) - 25 euros

Twin Ticket (Siam Park + Loro Parque)

Adult admission - 64 euros
Children (ages 3-11) - 43,50 euros

Where to eat in Siam Park

The park has several restaurants and bars to enjoy oriental food, have a coffee overlooking the sea lions, a cocktail watching the waterfalls or eat quietly on the beach.

It is not allowed to bring drinks or food from outside like sandwiches, but you can grab a snack, like chocolates or chips. However, the park offers numerous spots to buy a sandwich, a drink, or even more elaborate dishes at reasonable prices.

Siam Park is a unique place also to celebrate birthdays, private parties and all kinds of corporate events. The size of the structure also allows you to organize special events such as barbecues on the beach for several thousand people. It has an amphitheater with a capacity of 1.500 people, five bars and restaurants, including one Thai and one on the beach.

Le VIP luxury cabins immersed in tropical islands, they are ideal for small groups, are equipped with minibar, Wi-Fi, and privileged access to the park's attractions. Among other advantages, the possibility of spending a day in a unique and exclusive environment.

Don't miss the chance to visit Siam Park on your next trip or holiday to Tenerife.

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