The beaches not to be missed during your holiday in Santorini

An island of volcanic origin, Santorini is famous for the beauty of its views and sunsets.

Santorini Island It has a volcanic origin: it is this origin that gives it the curious shape that distinguishes it, that is, a horseshoe, with the boiler which is located right in the center. Although it was formed after a tragedy, an imposing volcanic eruption, now this curious shape makes it one of the most beautiful and particular areas of Greece, also thanks to the impressive views that can be enjoyed from the edges of the caldera.

Among the most beautiful things in Santorini are the beautiful beaches, all unique and different from each other. There are some Red, black and color White grey because of the stones. Find out where to find the most beautiful beaches on the Cyclades island.

How to get to Santorini

The island of Santorini can be easily reached from Italy by plane or boat. lSantorini National Airport It is directly connected to Italy and flights are operated by many companies, including low-cost ones such as Easyjet and Volotea. You can also easily reach the Cyclades island. in the ship: it is necessary to embark in one of the Adriatic ports to Patras and from there transfer to port of piraeus. Numerous ferries leave from here to the Greek islands. You can also choose a cruise that stops in Santorini for a tour of the Greek islands.

The most beautiful beaches in Santorini.

The peculiarity of Santorini is that it has a particularly steep internal side, with rocks more than 400 meters high that dominate observing the sea, and a much softer exterior, where the hill gently descends towards the sea, forming splendid beaches, all different from each other, thanks to the volcanic nature of the island. But let's see which are the most beautiful beaches on the Greek island of Santorini.

Red Beach

The beaches not to be missed during your holiday in Santorini
Red Beach

And the famous Red Beach, or red beach, is one of the most popular bays in Santorini. Its peculiarity is deep red color, the result of a mixture of sand and pebbles, which further highlights the crystal clear water. The imposing lava cliffs that rise behind are also red. You can reach this beach in boat or walking through a pathway quite steep for about 10 minutes. On the beach you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, but there are no refreshment points.

White Beach

From intense red to pure white. Near Red Beach is the White Beach, a nice small beach surrounded by white cliffs. To get to the beach you can hop on one of the boats that come and go from Red Beach, or walk up the steep mountain path. The beach, due to the difficulty of access, is not suitable for children.

Kamari Beach

The beaches not to be missed during your holiday in Santorini
Playa de Kamari, Santorini (123rf)

Black beach is not missing: it is Kamari Beach, the largest in Santorini, more than 5 kilometers long. The black color of the lava pebbles that form it make it unique. It is a beach equipped with hammocks and umbrellas and in its surroundings you will find numerous restaurants, taverns, refreshment points and hotels. This beach is also very popular among young people, who come to see their neighbors at night. night clubs.

perissa beach

One of the most popular beaches on the island is perissa beach: Also here the sand, of lava origin, is black and dominates a dark blue sea. The seabed is deep a few meters from the shore and for this reason it is not suitable for families with children. Here you can practice many water sports and diving. The area offers a relaxed atmosphere and the center of the town of the same name that overlooks it is full of nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.

Agios Georgios

Do not miss Agios Georgios Beach, famous but little frequented. The Blue Flag beach is far from most hotels, which is why few tourists travel so far. The area is full of excellent restaurants, where you can have a quick lunch or dinner with fresh fish. It is also known for the possibility of practicing water sports, such as windsurfing and diving.


The beaches not to be missed during your holiday in Santorini
Vlychada beach

La Vlychada beach, located at the southern end of the island, is presented with white rocks with strange shapes and an extension of dark gray sand, due to the presence of pumice stone. Here the sea becomes deep just a few meters away, making it an area suitable for those who know how to swim, although not recommended for families with children. The places that emerge around it are also very suggestive.

Bahía de Ammoudi

The beaches not to be missed during your holiday in Santorini
Bahía Ammoudi, Oia (photo 123rf)

La Bahía de Ammoudi It is a rocky beach, the only one on the western coast of Santorini, which is otherwise entirely occupied by boiler with rocks overlooking the sea and without beaches. Ammoudi is therefore the only exception and can be reached from the small port of the nearby town of Oia, down a steep staircase.

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