Tourist visa for Argentina: where to apply for it, costs and duration

    Tourist visa for Argentina: where to apply for it, costs and duration
    Tourist visa for Argentina: when is it needed, where to apply to obtain it, what are the costs and duration of this permit to go on vacation

    Il tourist visa for argentina It is not available to citizens holding an Italian or EU passport who wish to go on holiday for periods of less than three months. In situ, the permit can be extended for another three months without any special procedure and the same conditions also apply to neighboring countries. In any case, the visa can be requested directly at the airport of the country of arrival simply by presenting the passport at the border. This document must be valid for six months from the date of entry in Argentina.

    All the necessary information to know which countries are exempt from presenting a visa can be found at the Argentine Embassy in Italy in Rome, in Piazza dell'Esquilino 2, or at the consulate General in Milan in via Agnello 2. The visa is necessary if you are going to Argentina for reasons other than tourism, such as a business trip. In this case you must contact the Embassy or Consulate to submit the application. Application forms must be attached. passport, photocopy of the same, two passport-type photographs, the return plane ticket, bank credentials and the letter from the company.

    The same happens if you intend to work in Argentina. Also in this case, you must request a work visa from the authorities and 3 recent passport-type color photographs, the passport, the birth certificate translated into Spanish by a recognized organization and copy of the employment contract. If you cannot go to the Consulate, you can use one of the many accredited agencies. The cost will be slightly higher but the procedures will be carried out by competent and reliable personnel.

    In case of problems with your documents, once you have entered Argentina, you can go to the Italian Embassy or the Italian Consulate in Buenos Aires. Taking advantage of a vacation in Argentina you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful and spacious Iguazu Falls that the country shares with Paraguay and Brazil. A unique place, perfect for a day surrounded by the virgin nature of this area. The most adventurous will prefer to take an excursion to Patagonia, a region divided with Chile, and climb the volcano Cress Bayo to admire the view.

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