What to see in La Plata, an orderly city in Argentina

    What to see in La Plata, an orderly city in Argentina
    Tour of the city of La Plata, created according to a rationalist order, which has interesting museums, cozy squares and attractions for children.

    Let's discover the curious city of When making payment, the capital of the province of Buenos Aires, which is located about 60 kilometers from the great metropolis and capital of Argentina. When looking at a map of the city, you will be surprised by the shape of the urban road network. In fact, when it was founded in the second half of the XNUMXth century, Dardo Rocha was commissioned to design the city plan and a spectacle emerged.

    The climate in which he entered was rationalist and this influenced the urban planning of La Plata. In fact, from above the city looks like a ordered grid of streets and squares, parks and buildings. The skeleton of the city is made up of two large streets perpendicular to each other and a series of diagonal streets creating an orderly network, whose support point is the most important square, Plaza Moreno.

    In front of Plaza Moreno is the silver cathedral, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. It is an extraordinary architectural product, just by looking at the façade you can capture part of its greatness. The pink, black and gray granite stone comes from different cities. In 1999 the two towers were completed and it reached such a height that it reached 112 meters and became one of the tallest churches in America. It is a particularly important church, to the point that its name was printed on the floor of the church of San Pietro in Rome in the 90s; and it is also loved by the citizens who deposited the remains of the Rochas here.

    Along 51st Avenue, starting from Moreno Square, you will find the Argentine Theater of La Plata. It would be great to take the opportunity and visit the second most important opera house in Argentina; The country has a large number of followers of good music and in small and large urban centers, such as CĂłrdoba or Rosario, there is no shortage of dedicated venues. The numerous rooms are dedicated to the greatest composers.

    In La Plata it is very pleasant to walk streets of the city that after a certain number of blocks always lead to a green area, wisely artistically positioned within this rationalist urbanism of the genius of Rocha. If you continue north along Avenida 51, you pass the first green plaza of San MartĂ­n and then the Plaza Rivadavia park, you will reach the important silver museum.

    In the La Plata Museum you can discover numerous gems of the city in its numerous sections related to different periods and peoples. They tell the story of the Cenozoic eras and show fossils of large and dangerous animals from that time. But we also move on to other faces of the history of these places, such as the exhibitions of ethnological news and important finds from archaeological excavations, some dating back to the 0th century before the year XNUMX. Then there are sections dedicated to the Egyptians, the Incas, even the Europeans of more recent times.

    If you want to delve deeper into the cultural tradition of La Plata, visit the Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art and its interesting and always different exhibitions. In its large exhibition rooms you can see the works of local artists and others. Then there is the library, with around 4.700 volumes on contemporary art and illustrating the history of the country, useful for those who must carry out research or studies, but also for the public interested in learning more about some of the topics explored. here, also making use of numerous magazines, as well as books. But this place is interesting and dynamic even for the little ones: various educational courses are offered for young students or older university students.

    Just 8 kilometers from the center of La Plata, a truly unusual attraction awaits you. Furthermore, if you are in the company of children, this will not only be one of the possible destinations to visit, but visiting it will become a necessity. Let's talk about Children's Republic, a miniature city where all the institutions of a real city are reproduced here in a playful and colorful format, suitable for children.

    You will find an airport, a church, the port, restaurants, but also the theater and, if that were not enough, the government palace, the parliament and the courthouse. There really is everything a real city needs here. And let's think that in memory of its foundation back in 1951, every year the parliament of the children's republic proposes to advance legislative initiatives: these are effectively evaluated by the government of La Plata and, if they are considered useful, applied in the region.

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