What to see in Ushuaia, the southernmost Argentine city in the world

    What to see in Ushuaia, the southernmost Argentine city in the world
    Travel to Ushuaia, capital of the charming Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, famous for being the southernmost city in the world and for its unique landscapes.

    The incredible city of Ushuaia It is located in the extreme south of Argentina and is the magical and charming capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego. This town is known for being the southernmost urban center in the world; It stands out for its incredible geographical position, immersed as it is between the sea, glaciers, forests and mountains. Ushuaia, with its almost sixty thousand inhabitants, is more than three thousand kilometers from the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. In addition, it is known for its characteristic fauna, populated by seals, beavers, orcas and birds of all kinds.

    The city of Ushuaia overlooks the waters of Beagle Channel, the strait that divides the territory of Tierra del Fuego, which was first explored in 1833. Ushuaia is crowned by the peaks of the Martial mountains, which at their highest points reach heights of more than 1.300 meters. One of the characteristics of the city of Ushaia is its position: this splendid urban center is located near the 55th parallel and, due to this peculiar location, on December days the sun never sets completely, guaranteeing light even in the hours nocturnal.

    The climate in Argentina varies greatly from one area to another; That of the city of Ushuaia, and more generally that of the territory of Tierra del Fuego, is characterized by fairly mild winters, with temperatures that are around a daily average of 2掳C. In it summer monthsHowever, average temperatures are around 10/12掳C, with fairly little rainfall. In the autumn months, rainfall is quite abundant.

    The area around the town of Ushaia is characterized by being a truly charming territory, rich in naturalistic attractions and exciting landscapes. Every year thousands of nature and gastronomy lovers Hiking They come to this town to practice countless sporting and exploratory activities. If you are one of those who love to discover the wonders of an uncontaminated landscape with unique views, this is undoubtedly your place!

    In fact, in the Ushuaia area it is possible to carry out numerous activities in contact with nature, such as trekking, diving, fishing and horse riding, but not only. Following signposted routes it is possible to admire the landscapes of Tierra del Fuego by bicycle or even by helicopter. However, there are numerous possibilities to visit the water: in fact, there are countless tour by mare and cruises designed for those who love to enjoy the incredible landscape of the Ushuaia coast!

    Among the most fascinating and exciting excursions, we highlight the one that can be done with the End of the World Train, a beautiful and characteristic train with which it is possible to travel through this wonderful territory, between lush forests and its splendid paths. This train runs along the routes that were used to search for wood in past centuries.

    We suggest taking an excursion to the Museum of the End of the World, an interesting institute that houses the artifacts and works created by native peoples of Tierra del Fuego, but also the rich documentation of the adventurous explorations that were carried out in this area over the past centuries.

    Among the most beautiful and uncontaminated places in the Ushuaia area we highlight the beautiful lapataia national park. This wonderful nature reserve is famous throughout the world for its incredible fauna and, in particular, for its hard-working beavers, who have built amazing dams here with the trunks of the lush forest. The forests that characterize this reserve are in fact dense and green. As for wildlife, you cannot ignore the entire coastline of the Beagle Channel, where you can admire penguins and orcas.

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